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  1. Hi, I am a 25 years old graphics and UX designer from Sweden and i am looking for a cartel or a biker gang who are need for a cook. Doesn't really mater if its coke, meth, extacy or designer drugs. Ever since i watcher Breaking Bad i have wanted to make my own drugs in a van and create chaos. I will of course also help out with the development of the cartels website, logotypes and anything else i can come up with.
  2. The ICA (Coming Soon)

    Love the name and if you didnt attent to have the name as the swedish supermarket ICA, i love it even more Best regards Hultnbultn
  3. Hi, Will players be able to upload or design a logo/decal in game witch the player can use for different things? Perhaps get a custom made gang tattoo, put a gang logo on you car and clothes. It would also be cool if you could tag or spray paint walls to show that you own that turf. I guess the last one can be quite hard to implement, but it would be cool. Will there be other things we will be able to design/customize with like a devtool with limited access or something like that? I am sucker for design and customization and i can see so many opportunities in Identity. Thx for creating my dream game! Best regards Hultnbultn