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  1. Community Survey

    I'd love to hear your feedback still! Thanks for all the responses so far!
  2. Community Survey

    This form has been updated! I'd love to hear your opinions!
  3. What kid of businesses can I create?
  4. MDC (Mobile Data Computer) -Ability to remove it from the mount and use it outside the car. -Ability to run a person's information with their full name and date of birth (gives driving history, driver's license status, owned vehicles, owned firearms, criminal history, gang affiliations, probation/parole status, and warrant status) -Ability to check a vehicle's information with the license plate (gives if stolen, information of vehicle, and registered owner) -Ability to run a residence history with the address of the building (gives owner & tenants, previous contacts/arrests at place, and registered firearms at the place). -Ability to set yourself on lunch break, out-of-service, in-service, and busy (ten codes could be implemented for these). -Ability to see the map of the city with all streets and the current location of all officers. -Ability to activate emergency mode which will beep the radio and give your radio priority and give your location to all officers and dispatchers (same on radio). -Ability to take notes on the computer (or you can use your notepad on your person). Dispatch could do suggestions 1-5 for you, if you request it. They also have access to suggestion 6. Computer Aided Dispatch -Viewable by all officers on their MDC. -Maintained by dispatch, can create/edit/archive calls (calls are given call numbers). -Dispatcher must add the first person to the call on the CAD and can add more. A officer can add themself if there is at-least on person on the call. -A officer can remove themself from the call or dispatch can do it as well. -The main screen will show all calls with the call type (officer report, 911, etc), crime/reason, location, and officer(s) assigned. It will also show all on-duty units with their badge number. When you click on a officer you can see all their information. When you click on a call, you can see all the detailed information provided by dispatch. Dispatcher can also set emergency mode for emergency reports. 911 System You will call 911, a dispatcher will answer and get the information, and then create a call on the CAD with all information, and dispatch officers via the radio with some information on the call and they will see the CAD for more information and respond.
  5. I am horrible with making up names, so I'll leave them as numbers, but if you got ideas mention them below! County #1 -City of Roseport -City of Turtle Beach -Incorporated Cities (2-3) County #2 -City of Ash Hill -Incorporated Cities (4-5) Jails/Prison Each county would maintain their own jail. The jail will be for misdemeanor violations and people awaiting trial. There will be one state prison in the world which will for people convicted of a felony crime. There should be more activities to do in the prison than a jail but that's because your there for a longer time. Local Government Each county will have their own set of board of supervisors and each corporate city will have their city council and mayor, vice mayor, etc. The county will oversee the sheriff's office (also manage the county jail), district attorney's office, fire department and other county agencies. The city will have their agencies including a police department, fire department, etc. Both city and county agencies can work together, for example the sheriff's office helps the police department with scenes, etc. State Government There will also be the state government which will include three branches and the proper checks and balances system. -Executive Branch -Legislative Branch -Judicial Branch The executive branch oversees state agencies like corrections & rehabilitation, transportation, etc. There should be a superior court house in each county and then one appellate and supreme court. Why? Allowing people to be involved with their government allows the server to be fully player driven. They can ruin or improve the culture, economy, and all those aspects of the game. But with the proper checks and balances system, abuse of power can be prevented. This also gives more opportunity for people to take a position, it expands the politics a lot within the game. Not anyone can take a position, executive and legislative branch must be elected. Judicial officers must be nominated by the Governor and then have to be approved by the senate with majority vote. But of course, for some mechanics there has to be one at all times. So for example, if there is no judge online, then it will be done by a AI judge or something.
  6. Government Customization (for private servers)

    Whatever you want to do. Thank you!
  7. It would be great for private servers to be able to customize their government to a system where they feel is best. Some places will want a casual server, a serious RP environment, or even a hardcore RP environment. Maybe a game mechanic can be created where you can create a branch / agency and add what power that position or department has. Or they can choose just to modify the current agencies or positions. The person can set divisions specific roles as well. Like a CFO can fire anyone in the finance department or the Captain in patrol can fire any officer in patrol or whatever. The following are examples of options you can add (if possible). They can be added to the organization as a whole or a specific role. -Ability to remove people from the organization or another organization. -Ability to hire people for your organization. -Ability to give strikes to people in your organization. -Ability to give written warnings to people in your organization. -Ability to arrest and detain a person (and if using official server system or not). -Ability to fine a person. -Ability to file charges on a person. -Ability to accept or deny a person's charge(s). -Ability to veto or accept a bill. -Ability to create and vote on a state bill. -Ability to create and vote on a county ordinance. -Ability to create and vote on a city ordinance. -Ability to accept or veto a city ordinance. -Ability to override a veto with 2/3 vote. -Ability to have final vote during a vote tie. -Ability to impeach another government official. -Ability to nominate a judicial officer. -Ability to accept or deny a nomination to a judicial officer. -Ability to control and manage sales, income, and property tax. -Ability to view income of a organization. -Ability to manage prices of a organization. -Ability to manage and add/buy assets to a organization (vehicles, inventory, drugs, weapons, etc). -Ability to manage employee salaries. -Ability to manage the organization's social media (in-game social media). -Ability to control gang or cartel locations. -Ability to access (a specific) police station. -Ability to access (a specific) fire station. -Ability to access (a specific) government building. -Ability to access certain police uniforms (detective, SWAT, etc). -Ability to access certain assets and those types of assets (weapons - glock 17 or glock 22 , vehicles - dodge charger or honda civic, etc) -Ability to accept or deny driver's license application. -Ability to revoke / suspect driver's license. -Ability to start / manage elections and votes. -Ability to pronounce someone dead. If I were to create a private server, I'd want to have a realistic checks and balances system (to the US / California), California based laws, etc. And other private servers may want something else. And this would be too hard to make happen on official servers. Which is why I suggest for just giving the option for people to customize the internal positions and departments within the game.
  8. Community Survey

    Of course! I am using this to decide if I do want to open my own community, right now I really do want to, but still have time to see!
  9. Community Survey

    I am still looking for feedback! Thank you guys for the great feedback so far!
  10. Community Survey

    I'm just looking for the option they prefer best. I will look into it though, thanks for the feedback!
  11. Police Roll Call...

    I'm just looking for a immersive and realistic experience. To get this, I'd probably spend maybe some time on the official servers and then as communities develop look into a good community. The main thing I want is just realism. Having petty theft, shoplifting, traffic stops, domestic violence, etc. Just you can find these calls very fun with a proper investigation and criminal justice system. Knowing that you will have to write a report and may have to go to court, but not all the time, depending on your investigation and report written. And then knowing this is stuff law enforcement officers deal with very often, which is a profession I want to get into, allows me to experience a tiny bit through a video game. What I love about the game right now, is the fact that there is 99% players, with the exception of some mechanics. And hopefully, the opportunity to have 200-300 players per server. Being able to interact with so much people, all people who are taking their RP seriously, will a really good immersive experience for all roles within the server. And make all roles so much better, as we all depend on each other for RP. Anyways, hope to see you out there!
  12. Community Survey

    Still accepting feedback! Would appreciate any feedback!
  13. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    You must have already claimed your key already? Try looking into your steam library?
  14. Community Survey

    I would appreciate if you fill the following survey! It will be about your interests and wants in a private community on Identity! If you have any further questions or concerns, or even feel I am missing something, please contact myself via private message! Note: You must have a google account to submit on this google form!
  15. Police Employment System

    I made this a suggestion to see if the community and developers would like to add it. If not possible or wanted, that's perfectly okay!