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  1. Legal Big Money

    If the economy is done realistically. There are many things you can do in my opinion. Something that is known to make a lot of money in real life is entrepreneurship, which can be investing into companies, starting companies, etc. Government jobs are good pay (from what I've seen in California, USA) depending on your role. Trucking I heard makes a good amount after experience and time.
  2. Police ranks?

    Will private servers have the ability to allow different ranks to have different power? is it the same for businesses and other organizations?
  3. [FAQ] Police Department

    They said they don't want you to miss the immersion and experience with everyone else on the ground. They don't want people to be flying around and causing trouble as experienced on Arma 3 servers.
  4. GPS / MDT Ideas

    Do you happen to know if there is any possible for it being voice navigated?
  5. GPS / MDT Ideas

    GPS -Fully voice navigated (if at all possible, this would be amazing!) -Ability to punch in a address, landmark, or custom area (custom area to be like GTA V where you place a marker). MDT -GPS functions with a map. -Fully voice navigated GPS and MDT for directions, new calls, new assignments, your status, etc. (if possible, this would also be amazing).
  6. Vehicle Mechanics

    I feel the following vehicles may add to the immersion of the game. The thing I didn't like with GTA V and Arma 3 RP is the vehicle mechanics. If the following are already planned, please let me know. -Realistic steering degrees (900 degrees), which can be toggled by players / private servers. This is to allow smooth turning instead of tapping the key-bind. But also allow for those to enjoy moving around with less steering movement. -Realistic acceleration and braking for each vehicle. Each vehicle should have their own benefit and downside. Also to allow realism when it comes to things like racing, police pursuits, etc. -The ability to steer the vehicle and it keeps it position when you leave the vehicle or turn it off. -Realistic hand movement while in the first person point of view. -Realistic handling during conditions (terrain, type of road, weather, etc) and speed. -Realistic towing mechanics when towing something with having to learn the vehicle properly with steering. -Realistic gas consumption based of the vehicle, upgrades, and your driving.
  7. Police Mechanics

    Maybe the police mechanics can be based of the following videos/channels? LivePD: CopsTV: Officer401: Donut Operator: Miami Police Department: Academy/Training: - - - - - Videos: Viewer discretion is advised! Content contains shootings, pursuits, etc. This is being suggested because the game will have similar content, especially with a police role.
  8. When you buy a business do you purchase a building to be able to start a business or start a business then buy a building? Can any business buy a building or any company assets like vehicles, equipment, etc?
  9. Police & Criminal Features

    These suggestions I think would add immersion to the roleplay in-game. If any are already planned, I apologize! Traffic Stops 1. Ability to see and "smell" items in a vehicle. 2. Ability to give citations, impound a vehicle, and give verbal/written warnings. Felony Stop 1. Ability to put hands up. 2. Ability to throw keys out of the window. 3. Ability to show waistband for weapons. Searching 1. Add a cool searching system where you actually look for items instead of a mechanic doing it for you. This can lead to things not been seen and stuff. This goes for people, vehicle, and property searching. Patrol 1. Many areas to patrol and escape. 2. Places to have realistic response times (a few minutes or more). Case Law & Procedures 1. To base mechanics for police from real life procedures used by real life departments. 2. To base police mechanics from case law and other laws like searching a person, arresting, etc. 3. Make the academy a big challenging to pass. This is to filter people who are there to mess around and who actually want to be a police officer. Force 1. Ability to drag people. 2. Ability to remove people from a vehicle and put them in a vehicle (must open the door first then remove/add)) 3. Ability to cuff/uncuff people. Other officer can add his cuffs and then other cuffs are removed to transfer someone in cuffs. 4. Ability to fight and tackle. Can be a fist fight, baton fight, etc. 5. Add peperspray (can spread to other people and yourself depending on the weather). 6. Animation for upholstering gun. Ability to put hand on holster to remove faster. Have any of your own suggestions? Comment them below!
  10. Where will all government departments or agencies be based of? Will it be New York City, New York? Atlanta, Georgia? Also, where will state laws be based from?
  11. steam

    Yup! They'll send you the steam key once the Town Square is released.
  12. steam

    If you buy the $30 option or higher you will be given a steam key for Town Square and everything in your package.
  13. Will there be a email mechanic in-game?
  14. Police Equipment

    What I am hoping.