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Found 2 results

  1. Furry Walls - House customization

    Where's the furry wall customization? Definitely needs to be implemented! When I roll into my crib turnt I need to just stroke the furry wall.
  2. Actual gameplay(firefights)

    So, I seen the hunting video but I'm curios as to how firefight gameplay will appear- can I jump from my police car, crouch and head towards the cover I'm aimed at or aimed near? I'd image this is FPS only and not 3rd person, so does that mean the Gtav style of firefights involving cover will be diminished to a fallout 3 type of coverage, where you never actually apply yourself to cover but instead jump up or move to the side to shoot and duck to hide again and take cover that way? Because although it was a fixed cover system, I enjoyed it up most. Just a wandering thought in the field of questions.