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Found 15 results

  1. 2 Vehicles 1 Garage?

    So i have both a car and a dirt bike but only one garage with space for one car. Where do i store my dirt bike when my garage is full cause of my car?
  2. What do you think?

    So the Town Square module(beta) is about to come out and I was just wondering what everyone thinks about the game and the footage that's been released so far. I cant wait because I'm a really big fan of MMOs like GTA. I was wondering if anyone knew the limitations of the game, vehicle and weapon wise or/and how you make in game currency in the game(missions?).
  3. Car Mechanic

    Is there going to be any jobs/careers where you can be a car mechanic?
  4. Hi, I have a suggestion for a potential business in Identity. Assuming that car customization would be implemented in the game, rather than allowing players to perform these actions themselves, there should be businesses that specialize in car customization. Even if customization is performed by players on their own vehicles, it would cost money to do them, so it would make sense if the money went to a business. Also, on the Identity website it already states that car building and tunning would be a feature and this could also be performed by the same business and although the players could make some changes to their own cars, the business should have access to more parts or features to change on cars. I truly believe there would be demand for this so it would make a lot of sense. This is just a simple idea and suggestion and somebody may have already made a thread about this but if any of you have any ideas just add up to this, tried to make it as simple as I can. Thanks
  5. Parking vehicles

    Do you need a garage to store your vehicles or can you park them at the side of the road as well? If you can park them on the side of the road, will they disappear after a server restart?
  6. Tow Truck/ Body Shop

    Just wondering if this type of job has been considered as a coded career? The tow truck drivers/ body shop owners could be paid by players who need repairs or vehicle mods, or be paid by the "city" if towing and storing a vehicle that was damaged or confiscated during a police action.
  7. Longboards

    I believe it would be a great idea to have a personal vehicle, like a longboard, that doesn't require a license. I know there's bicycles, but I would really enjoy seeing longboards with downhill races and possibly even a skate park. Just a though, but I want to see what everyone thinks!
  8. Bus system ideas

    Bear with me because this long reading will be worth it! Now I just posed a topic around if buses are going to be in the game. The answer is yes, city buses and buses that go between cities. I just wanted to add a couple suggestions or ideas for a bus system because I LOVE BUSES! Although I don't want that as my career in real life (I want to become a pilot in real life), I always loved RP-ing them. Unfortunately there are no online games that have buses to RP with until this game! Just a little information, I live in Santa Monica so we have a fairly advance system of buses. So I have some ideas to make the bus system better for passengers and bus drivers (me) to enjoy! I will only be talking about city bus ideas, not between city buses. 1. Different bus routes - this is an obvious one but this depends on the size of the cities. If the cities are fairly large, it would be great to have 2-3+ routes on the buses. 2. Bus functions - I would love to see some functions including: Putting money into the dispenser to buy a ticket, walking around in the bus, controlling lighting inside the bus, controlling doors, choosing what seat to sit in or standing around. 3. Bus time estimator - Now this one is a fun one. In my city, we have a board showing a route number and its route as well as a screen above it showing the times that the next bus will arrive in. If you guys have the app Transit on your phone, it shows the real-time next bus. So I think there should be a system where it calculates when the next bus will arrive by using some formulas which I don't know what they are. Something to do with how far away the bus is and how long it would take to get the station by using the average speed the bus will drive (here's something to start off with ) But I have an example of what type of "Bus Time estimation" I'm thinking in the file (picture) I have attached. 4. Bus Times - Now I want to leave this open for you guys. How often should the bus go? If it is often, then the majority of buses will most likely be AI. But if it is rare, or enough time for a player bus driver to complete his route and start again, it will be basically player based. I want to have people ride my buses! It will be boring just driving around with no passengers. I think the buses also should go more common around the peak of travel (start of work or end of work hour) and should be pretty rare like maybe once per hour around 2am. Can some one tell me how time will work in game, is it real time or like every minute is 3 seconds long? 5. The famous "Stop Requested" - I don't know if this happens in your city, but whenever someone pulls a cord along the top of the windows there is a "Stop Requested" voice (computer generated voice). This should also illuminate a light on the car panel to let the bus drivers know to stop. 6. Same with #5 but... - But there should be a voice saying where the next stop is to let passengers know instead of having them look at the route and figuring it out. 7. Different bus passes - There should be different bus passes for a greater price. Example: $1.00 one way pass. $7 for an unlimited one day pass. $14 for an unlimited one week pass. $75 for an unlimited month pass. I would like the passenger to tell the bus driver what pass she/he wants so that the bus driver would have to select it manually, more fun! 8. Farebox - use an example of the picture I have attached as an idea for #7 9. Different buses - Now I'm not crazy about this idea and honestly it'll be tooooo much extra work for the devs, but maybe smaller buses for shorter routes and bigger buses for longer routes? 10. Your Ideas - Please write in the comments for any amazing ideas! And if anyone knows the devs personally could you please, please pass this on. It would mean everything for them just to take 5 minutes to read over this. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. Have a wonderful day!
  9. Bus as transportation

    So I always loved to roleplay as buses. But when I sent a tweet to Identity's twitter, one of their followers that knows the game really well said most likely not. Why not! I think that buses should be made! For example, you need to get somewhere across the city. You don't have a bicycle (and it's too far for a bike), you can't afford a taxi, and obviously can not buy a car. What would you do then. Walk? I think that this game should have buses that are low fare. I would love to be a bus driver and you can also make AI drive them if there is no one available. Take Bus Simulator 2016 as a baseline for building a bus model and interior. Does anyone else think that having a bus system is a genius thing in the game?
  10. I saw somebody asked about tow trucks before, but the conversation spiralled off into parking tickets. As somebody who's very interested in the vehicle portion of this game, and the direction this game has towards realism, I'm sure there will be car malfunctions, and that of course means that there's a chance your precious vehicle might decide to stop working in the middle of nowhere. So that begs the question, will there be a tow truck which players can drive to go respond to calls and tow the cars back to a lot or garage or something? Would be interesting to know, and would be a pretty convenient system in my opinion!
  11. Possible cab company

    I would really like to start a cab company operating manly around the city area. And after we earn enough money maybe start expanding out towards the outskirts etc.. what would you think?
  12. Police Vehicles

    So.. In some pictures there was a Crown Victoria Seen & a dodge charger. So.. I think there should be more like: Ford Taurus 2013 Police (Marked/unmarked) Chevy Impala Police Ford Explorer Police (maybe) Ford Mustang Police + Mabye for like Ranger of Forrest Cops a Ford F150 Raptor SVT For SWAT: Stanislaus SWAT Van FBI: Dodge Charger (undercover). Chevy Suburan (undercover) Bomb squad CSI: Camaro SS (Undercover(

    Constantly I'm seeing threads from new citizens who are asking if there will be functional vehicles in the game and everything is really scattered. As the Street captain of Underground Racing, I will archive all the threads which will answer questions or suggestions concerning vehicles in this thread only. Feel free to discuss anything around the vehicles implemented in the game. -SilberDrachen893, Elexis Karina @ Underground Racing
  14. Unique Car Mods

    If you're like me, you'll want to find that perfect car and drive it everywhere; show it off, take care of it, and eventually modify it to the max. To do this, we will need access to some custom, highly unique modification options. I'm talking supercharger blowers that go higher than the roof of the car, and slamming your ride's suspension so low that it hurts. Why? Because it looks cool! The inside of the car should have options as well, from roll cages and racing seats to steering wheels and digital speedometers. Ambitious? Yes. Crazy? Absolutely. What do you guys think?
  15. Vehicle Customization

    This is more a question than a idea, but im just wondering what are your thougths are about vehicle customization at the moment?