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  1. CO Founder of a Company

    Does the OBN in your name stand for Obnoxious?
  2. Car Customization Company

    This is why I am suggesting that this could be another type of corporation that could be somewhat easily implemented as customization is already a thing that has been brought up. If this was already announced I would not be suggesting it.
  3. Car Customization Company

    The way I see it is if the customization is there, it should be easy to implement it where a normal person may not be able to do many things on the car and instead theres a garage or a business that specialises in this and using their equipment available just for somebody in this career, they can perform more complex jobs on the cars. That's just my thought though, im not game developer xD.
  4. CO Founder of a Company

    Anyone wanna be a CO Founder of a business with me, not decided on what yet but if anyone is interested we can plan together. Some information about me: Age: 20 From: UK / Birmingham Speak: Fluent English and Fluent Latvian
  5. Hi, I have a suggestion for a potential business in Identity. Assuming that car customization would be implemented in the game, rather than allowing players to perform these actions themselves, there should be businesses that specialize in car customization. Even if customization is performed by players on their own vehicles, it would cost money to do them, so it would make sense if the money went to a business. Also, on the Identity website it already states that car building and tunning would be a feature and this could also be performed by the same business and although the players could make some changes to their own cars, the business should have access to more parts or features to change on cars. I truly believe there would be demand for this so it would make a lot of sense. This is just a simple idea and suggestion and somebody may have already made a thread about this but if any of you have any ideas just add up to this, tried to make it as simple as I can. Thanks