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  1. RIP Mac Miller

    I thought Mac Miller was the official name of Mackelmore but turned out to be a completely separate artist who I never heard of before. These guys need to stop using drugs "bcuz muh depresshion" and face the fact that they are way more successful than most of their listeners and everyone wishes they could live as well as them.
  2. Street Racing?

    The devs would say "you can roleplay it" I honestly doubt there would be a separate mechanic for street racing unless they copy the system NFS Underground 2 and Payback had that you could challenge a driver to a race and it becomes an outrun mode.
  3. Engine sounds?

    Electric cars especially in games have this "wheeee" noise coming out of them. Some brands made their cars have these artificial sounds so pedestrians could hear them coming. Even if the sounds are horse arse on release, we can always wait for updates.
  4. Headphones

    Yes but ARMA is a full out military game. It simulates all aspects of combat- including health and safety to a degree. Identity isn't ARMA now is it?
  5. Headphones

    Do you just want the accessory or do you mean blocking out all sounds around you and only listening to music?
  6. what guns would you people like to see in ?

    Dead Rising approach. Everything is a weapon.

    So you're in prison for an amount of time and by some law formula your character is sentenced to death? "How would you like to die? Electric chair? Lethal injection? Firing squad? Gas chamber? Hanging? Mauled by a bear? Seppuku? Beheaded by ISIS?" All ending with the ROBLOX death sound of course.
  8. Section for Spanish-Speakers

    In the future Identity will have a forum for all the big languages, but right now it's too small to reach beyond the international language barrier.
  9. Combat/Detail Idea's to add realism

    I hate health bars and would rather see a damage model for characters. Firefights are more intense when you're in the risk of being disabled and have to fight laying on the ground. Kinda like the last stand in Saving Private Ryan.
  10. Mini Activities

    If it would be seamless like Duke Nukem Forever or Doom 3 or PREY, I'd be all for it.
  11. Cars & Mechanics

    I have a feeling it will be like Gmod: >crash car >smoke comes out the hood >All part values of the car are at 0% Wait another 50 years and it will be like BeamNG at 120fps 4K
  12. National Flags Decoration!

    " I A M A N I N T E L L I G E N T I N D I V I D U A L B O I "
  13. Earlier Release

    If Benzies would ad AI which would act like agents in a game like STALKER with their own schedules, it would seriously add more life to the game.
  14. Earlier Release

    Crowd funding is truly a gamble. Most of the time you have people begging for cash, and you get some half-assed .exe file, but Asylum Entertainment has so far created believable content. I admit I have questions about guns and vehicles feeling realistic, and how far you can go with character customization. I doubt it's gonna be close to a SQUAD, EVE Online character customization, DIRT Rally formula. But so far considering it's only a small team taking the weight of Star Citizen on their shoulders and experience of ARMA 3 Life, I'd say they're quite ambitious for now. I'll just live my life as is for now. I do have a little wishful thinking about Leslie Benzies hiring Asylum Entertainment for the "Everywhere" project. And hopefully the two emerging as one.
  15. National Flags Decoration!

    *Uses first jet planes as bombers and sends the Luftwaffe to Russia without winter gear lol* *Fails the war, commits sudoku*