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Found 14 results

  1. I have some questions, So when you are at work (any job such as Police, Fire, EMS, Logistics, ETC...) And it is around time for your shift to end is there a game mechanic that as soon as you leave and store your vehicle at the depot or station are you able to change into civilian clothes in a locker room then get your car and drive it home. And live as a firefighter that is off duty. I want to see something like this because I will be on duty a lot and would like to get a chance to leave some times. Maybe even have a farm or other hobbies. Also will you be able to buy buildings and have an office setup (Created by people) for my logistics enterprise or something. and be able to store vehicles somewhere. And have logos on everything. For example Fedex Freight or UPS (But not these names for copy right reasons). I want to see all of the following - Fully Custom Logos (Created By player) - Work Vehicles (Box Trucks, Semis, pickup trucks W/Trailers,) With Logos on them - Work Uniforms (Custom For The Job or Business created by CEO/Owner) - Radios/Handheld (Operational In Vehicle/on foot) - Full Vehicle Customization (Work And Personal) - Full Setup on Paychecks For Workers (Managed by CEO/OWNER, Based on the money earned and work labor) - For farms (Operational Tractors/Equipment, Livestock, Fields) - Realistic Gas Prices (Diesel and regular) - Game Mechanic where your car/truck could break down or need repairs - Fully working Speedometer/Meters in car/trucks - Cold Weather To where cars/trucks/tractors have problems starting or cold start -Working garage to where you can buy parts and install them yourself/ Fix stuff yourself - Lessons or licences and schooling that teaches you how to Fix things or Do pretty much anything - Being able to bring coffee in your car ( Drinks) And Eat at any restaurant and eat and drink at your desk [ This is just a short list of what we all hope to see in the game] [ Hope the game comes out soon]
  2. Drivers license cost?

    Hi, I'm Lynnerup! I just wanted to ask, if anyone knows the price of the driver license, which you will need in order to drive legally. Also, is there going to be people teaching others how to drive, or is it an automated process (You still have to pass the test, but you won't need someone else to tell you what to do)? Any information is appreciated. Much hugs, many nice. Lynnerup
  3. Identity Racing League

    Hello, my nickname is Paradelton. And yes, this is my painting for my future plans of Identity Racing League. I want to remain hidden in the shadows, since these will be street races, hence you will only need my nickname for now. Dear driver, if you are interested in exciting racing competition to spice up your day in Identity, you came to the right place and should contact us via Discord or this thread. I am not good at paintings but I have expierience in running tournament scenes. Let's get in contact and maybe you show me your driving skills on Town Square~ -Delton. Identity Racing League Season 1 Event #1Registration: - IMPORTANT: a player has to be in the official IRL Discord Server at #tournament-events and be able to contact with the organizers & opponnents - IMPORTANT: drivers are responsible to report their scores correctly via Discord - IMPORTANT: drivers will have to pay an entry fee, which most of will flow into the total prize pool of each event - stream @ - Discord @ - number of participants per race: not yet identified - excluded from the Identity Racing League are tournament's hosts, managers, helpers and casters - game devs are allowed to participate! Tournament dates: TBA General Rules: - Registration: Possible until one day before the event starts at 11:59 pm CEST - Point / league system Formula & Seeding: - start seeding via official league point system - new people will be seeded randomly behind Disconnect Rules: - If a player disconnects it counts as a crucial crash and set player is out of the race.General Rules - If a player is unresponsive or does not show up for 10 minutes from the first available start time for their race they will be disqualified. - If the manager / stream may request players to wait before starting their race, if players do not wait when told to do so the race will be voided & replayed. - All vehicles are available and allowed to use. IRL Ranking System: At every event players are able to obtain so called "Cup Points (CP)" for a seasoned ranking system. Prizes in Season 1 Event #1: - 1st place will earn 25 CP + 50% prize pool cash - 2nd place will earn 18 CP + 30% prize pool cash - 3rd place will earn 15 CP + 20% prize pool cash - 4th place will earn 12 CP - 5th place will earn 10 CP - 6th place will earn 8 CP - 7th place will earn 6 CP - 8th place will earn 4 CP - 9th place will earn 2 CP - 10th place will earn 1 CP Good luck drivers!
  4. Controller support

    Hi! I just saw the Identity's overview and when talking about cars, it says ,,vehicles are going to handle like real vehicles [...]", I was thinking about that how nice it would be, if we could use/add steering wheels to the controls, or even shifters. I know it is not that important, this game is not a racing simulator, but I thought that can give a little plus for some player. Anyways it is just an idea, let me know what do you think about it. Thanks for reading it!
  5. Realistic Driving Rules?

    I was actually wondering yesterday about this question, and now I decided to ask on here, 'cause I can see the logic on both sides of the answer, but are still wondering what the excact answer is/would be. We're going to have cars, and we're going to have player roles as police, so I was wondering, do you have to stop for traffic lights, as a citizen? On one side, the police will have a lot to do all the time, and will always kept busy with atleast something, if they have to stop citizens running the red light. But on the other hand, it will maybe be too much, when they also have to catch thiefs from robberies etc. So do we know if you have to stop for red light, or if you just gonna do the same as you do in GTA V, says "Fuck it" and cross it?
  6. So, I'm wondering how the driving in this game compares to real life. I ask because I don't even have my license yet (have to be 17 where I live), and would not enjoy injuring myself and/or others with my driving skills.
  7. Will there be a proper system for using the gas pedal for both forward and reverse, with a gear switch to choose which one? Because I personally hate when games throw brakes and reverse on the same button.
  8. Tickets/traffic violations like if you go past a police officer going fast and or running a red light or a stop sign he can pull you over and ask for you id or maybe insurance (you could all so use insurance if you git in to a car accident or someone steals your car) and he can ticket you or let you go when you git a ticket you go to the court and have to pay it and if you don't you can git a warrant out for your arrest this way the players that want to be officers can have more to do or if an officer see you with a gun out he can pull you over and see if the gun is yours or stolen and if its you he can ticket you for brandishing it would make the ones that want to be officers have more to do and be more realistic I'd like to see this put in the game.
  9. Steering wheels

    I Have Two Questions 1. Will all steering wheels be supported? 2. Will you drive using a steering wheel?
  10. How will the driving physics/mechanics be in the game? I saw a youtube video by Cobra TV where he said it might be like GTA IV driving, which in my opninion is far more superiour and fun than any other driving game ever made. Each car has a different feel and way to handle, and the suspension of some cars made it fun to drive in every terrain.
  11. Electric Cars?

    Will there be electric cars in Identity? I recently drove the Tesla Model S, and i loved it. I think it would be both fun and cool to have electric sports cars like the Tesla Model S, X and 3. Because these cars an insane acceleration, which would be cool to experience in a game like this. Let me know what you guys think

    Constantly I'm seeing threads from new citizens who are asking if there will be functional vehicles in the game and everything is really scattered. As the Street captain of Underground Racing, I will archive all the threads which will answer questions or suggestions concerning vehicles in this thread only. Feel free to discuss anything around the vehicles implemented in the game. -SilberDrachen893, Elexis Karina @ Underground Racing
  13. Steering Wheels

    They are going for a realistic driving model and my correct? if so, they probably already promised this, but will the game have Wheel support? I would love to be able to use my Logitech Driving Force GT in game. It would immerse me even more into this already realistic game.
  14. About Driving Cars ingame

    Hi community. I wanna know if it's possible to know how it will be the driving in the game. Do we need to do some drive tests before getting a driving license? In the roads we will drive like we want or we have speedlimits, signals to follow and do we need to stop on the traffic lights? I may have some more questions but this ones will clarify the others.