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Found 14 results

  1. Identity Insider #4 - Prison Life

    The latest Identity Insider is now live on the website's about page! You'll find more detailed explanations of what's going on inside the walls of the prison. Do your best to avoid getting arrested, but those on the wrong side of the law are bound to end up in there eventually. Learn more about how Identity makes your time served fun and interesting. We expect that some people might just choose to stay in prison even when their sentence is up -- it's a whole new world in there. Check out the new Insider release, Prison Life, right here. There's still more cool information to come on prisons in the future, too! A new developer blog is also scheduled to go out this week with some exciting news!
  2. KIngPin

    If im a big KingPin how will they be able to run there Organizations while in prison? If he has to of course.
  3. What is the maximum time we will spend in prison?
  4. Hello everyone, Welcome back to my Suggestions Blog. Today I was wondering if I could suggest some cool ideas that I have came up with over the week since the last time I have posted. Todays Topic is Police Jobs and Police/Swat Vehicles. I love sharing inspiration with people so lets start suggesting. Police Jobs 1. FBI/Secret Service. FBI/Secret Service specializes in different types of missions and other stuff. FBI are body guards of the Government and protect him from any danger that comes their way. FBI Also drive unmarked Police Cruisers and escort famous VIPs to places. 2. Corrections Officer. Corrections Officers specializes in guarding Prisoners at prisons across the map. They have 2 different shifts they can take. One from 6am to 8pm In Game Or 8pm to 6am In Game. They scout the prison and patrol. They cannot leave the prison unless they go off duty. If there is a Prison Escape Corrections Officers will contact the nearest police station and they will send police off to find these Prisoners. They will tell what the Prisoners wearing and where he was last seen. 3. Detectives. Detectives Solve Crime Scenes and can examine fingerprints and can trace fingerprints back to people by the computer. They can also investigate Police Shootouts to murder scenes. 4. Coroners. Coroners respond to crime scenes and examine people to see if they are dead and take photos and confirm their death certificate and transport the body back to the Human Labs to examine the body. Police/Swat Vehicles or Other Types of vehicles 1. lenco bearcat. lenco bearcat is a Vehicle that is used in swat raids and armed Pursuits. They weigh 7,960 kg and have Bullet proof tires and thick windows. They can fit 10 Swat Members in the vehicle 8 in back 2 in front. They can also be used as medical transporters and transport injured officers and injured civs to the nearest hospital. They are 4 wheel drive and nothing can stop them. To Drive or Buy one of these you need to be either chief of swat or police or a high ranking officer but you still need to pay for them so they range around 100,000 dollars-300,000. Devs can change the price but that was my best answer. 2. Police Motocyle. Police Motocycles can manoeuvre through traffic and have a really sensitive steering. They are built to chase after Motocycles or Fast moving cars. Only Motocycle Cops can use these. 3. Prison Buses. Prison Buses are used to transport Prisoners from police station to prison or from prison to court. They are not fully bullet proof so they rely on Police Escort or FBI Escort. The Dangers of Escorting a Prisoner is that a fellow friend of the Prisoner might try to stop the convoy and try to free the prisoner. 4. Unmarked Police vehicles. Unmarked Police Vehicles allow Police Officers to get a bit closer to scenes without being noticed by anyone. They allow you to no be spotted by any crim. I also like the idea if you could ring up the police and ask for a escort if you are trying to get to a important meeting with the government or you are just needing to get to a place without getting killed. Thanks for Reading this Suggestions please head over to my account and follow me to not miss any of my future suggestions thanks anyway. Subscribe to ProtectedSquid On YouTube
  5. Prison Life

    It would be super cool if you got into jail for example. 2 weeks IRL time, in identity and you made the prison realistic so it would be realistic and it would make people more grateful for their lives so people do not just think, "f*ck it, i will kill him and if i will get caught then im out of jail about 45 minutes"
  6. The Prison System

    I remember hearing a while back from the developers that prison would be more than just a place that you go to when you break a law. It'll be a thriving society. if that's the case, what features will be added to prisons? Will there be commissary for prisoners, will prisoners be able to get visits from friends or whomever, will you be able to sell contraband within prisons....... will you be able to break out? These are only a few of the many questions I have about the prison system.
  7. As of now the developers have indicated that the maximum jail sentence is 45 real life minutes. This to me is too short to seriously discourage trolls from ruining the realism of the game by randomly killing other players. Since the real life penalty for murder or other major crimes is either life sentence or death there should be some more serious penalty in the game in order to discourage trolling and to increase the risk of committing major crimes. In my opinion the penalty for murder should be at least 2-3 real life hours. If the developers still insist on keeping it at 45 minutes, I suggest enabling private servers to adjust this time as a default setting or through mayor/government decision.
  8. Custom police for servers.

    I would like to suggest mod support for custom vehicle designs and police uniforms, so that you could have a custom server or something with your local or favorite PD. (If I had this option I would make Las Vegas Metro police and a Kenosha county sheriff designs for my car, and kenosha county sheriff uniforms.) Same with FIre & EMS. Anyone else agree?
  9. Prison Breaks

    Hey! Im pretty new to this game and i can't imagine how many times you have got this as a suggestion, but being able to break out of prison would be amazing and a fun thing to do. If 1 person in my gang is in prison, why not break himk out of there with som kind of heist? This would allow for longer sentences in jail. You will also have to be smart and have a high IQ to acctually come up with a great master plan to escape. Thanks for reading. - Tobbetobster
  10. Prison Break?

    If you were to go too jail and serve a long time, would there be any chance of breaking out?
  11. Prison

    So i heard there is a jail system in the game, Any idea what time lengths will be like and do you have to go through court to get there? Like, if you go jail for say "2 years" will the in game time for that be like 10 mins? Sounds good though
  12. Break out of prison?

    So first of all i am freaking excited for this game, especially when i saw it had a prison. I have always liked the idea of breaking out of a prison, is that a possibility? That's it
  13. Police Vehicles

    So.. In some pictures there was a Crown Victoria Seen & a dodge charger. So.. I think there should be more like: Ford Taurus 2013 Police (Marked/unmarked) Chevy Impala Police Ford Explorer Police (maybe) Ford Mustang Police + Mabye for like Ranger of Forrest Cops a Ford F150 Raptor SVT For SWAT: Stanislaus SWAT Van FBI: Dodge Charger (undercover). Chevy Suburan (undercover) Bomb squad CSI: Camaro SS (Undercover(
  14. Prison Alternatives

    Not that I plan on going to jail anytime soon, but I was just thinking about possible alternatives to prison. Maybe if you commit a pretty minor crime, instead of(or on top of) going to jail, you would have to do some sort of community service such as helping out around the cities, cleaning up highways, volunteering at businesses, or doing some sort of good deed. I don't know how they would implement this, but I'm just kind of thinking out loud here. If anyone has any ideas on how to shorten someone's prison sentence or anything like that feel free to add it ^.^