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Found 14 results

  1. Swat module

    When will we be seeing trailers or gameplay for the swat module it's been a while now and no information about it. And I say hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I say hey what's going on?
  2. German kind of SWAT

    I would wish that these uniforms/equipments are in thr game. The SEK is the SWAT of Germany. They look epic, have good armor, and the helmet is the most good looking part.
  3. S.W.A.T

    Im thinking about pursuing the S.W.A.T role and i want to know will the Swat be Open to join at the same time the law enforcement open?
  4. SWAT Training Place

    Hi Would be cool to have such a place to train the Swat, for example on an island. Sorry for my bad english ~BukkitYT
  5. Hello everyone, Welcome back to my Suggestions Blog. Today I was wondering if I could suggest some cool ideas that I have came up with over the week since the last time I have posted. Todays Topic is Police Jobs and Police/Swat Vehicles. I love sharing inspiration with people so lets start suggesting. Police Jobs 1. FBI/Secret Service. FBI/Secret Service specializes in different types of missions and other stuff. FBI are body guards of the Government and protect him from any danger that comes their way. FBI Also drive unmarked Police Cruisers and escort famous VIPs to places. 2. Corrections Officer. Corrections Officers specializes in guarding Prisoners at prisons across the map. They have 2 different shifts they can take. One from 6am to 8pm In Game Or 8pm to 6am In Game. They scout the prison and patrol. They cannot leave the prison unless they go off duty. If there is a Prison Escape Corrections Officers will contact the nearest police station and they will send police off to find these Prisoners. They will tell what the Prisoners wearing and where he was last seen. 3. Detectives. Detectives Solve Crime Scenes and can examine fingerprints and can trace fingerprints back to people by the computer. They can also investigate Police Shootouts to murder scenes. 4. Coroners. Coroners respond to crime scenes and examine people to see if they are dead and take photos and confirm their death certificate and transport the body back to the Human Labs to examine the body. Police/Swat Vehicles or Other Types of vehicles 1. lenco bearcat. lenco bearcat is a Vehicle that is used in swat raids and armed Pursuits. They weigh 7,960 kg and have Bullet proof tires and thick windows. They can fit 10 Swat Members in the vehicle 8 in back 2 in front. They can also be used as medical transporters and transport injured officers and injured civs to the nearest hospital. They are 4 wheel drive and nothing can stop them. To Drive or Buy one of these you need to be either chief of swat or police or a high ranking officer but you still need to pay for them so they range around 100,000 dollars-300,000. Devs can change the price but that was my best answer. 2. Police Motocyle. Police Motocycles can manoeuvre through traffic and have a really sensitive steering. They are built to chase after Motocycles or Fast moving cars. Only Motocycle Cops can use these. 3. Prison Buses. Prison Buses are used to transport Prisoners from police station to prison or from prison to court. They are not fully bullet proof so they rely on Police Escort or FBI Escort. The Dangers of Escorting a Prisoner is that a fellow friend of the Prisoner might try to stop the convoy and try to free the prisoner. 4. Unmarked Police vehicles. Unmarked Police Vehicles allow Police Officers to get a bit closer to scenes without being noticed by anyone. They allow you to no be spotted by any crim. I also like the idea if you could ring up the police and ask for a escort if you are trying to get to a important meeting with the government or you are just needing to get to a place without getting killed. Thanks for Reading this Suggestions please head over to my account and follow me to not miss any of my future suggestions thanks anyway. Subscribe to ProtectedSquid On YouTube
  6. Hey all, I haven't been on here for a while but let me introduce myself. My name is Chris, and since the Kickstarter of this game, I have wanted to be a SWAT Team Leader/Trainer. Why may you ask? I've played a lot of Garry's Mod and other RP intensive games, and all the more common I see people running in guns blazing, dying, or just looking completely idiotic. There would be no tactics, no gear for tactics (as it may not be supplied by the game or server) and just idiots running around shooting everything. While I know for a fact the idiots running around shooting everything won't be a problem, I still have a problem with the thought of people not knowing what they're doing and completely screwing up a situation. Let me start off by saying that I am familiar with how SWAT gets deployed, so let me explain how that will work in case people are confused or unfamiliar with how it's going to work. When a standoff or dangerous situation occurs, a SWAT van will be deployed outside the situation area. There, on duty or off-duty police officers who are a part of the SWAT division will go to the van and "suit up". No one is a permanent SWAT member and runs around with military grade weapons, you're a cop when SWAT isn't needed. Here are my questions for the developers and people who are familiar with this information. Will there be someone whose job is to specifically train members on SWAT? Training will include how to properly use certain gear, how to properly breach and clear a room, how to handle hostages, as well as how to handle certain specific situations. Will the police headquarters have a shooting range, as well as will there be a location for a killhouse? For those who don't know, a killhouse is a specific location designed for training SWAT members on breaching and clearing, as well as to practice shooting. It's literally a house made to be breached and shot in. What kind of gear will SWAT have available to them? Will it be anything like the game SWAT 4? I bring up SWAT 4 because it's one of my favorite games of all time, and is highly regarded as one of the best tactical shooters of all time. I would like to know if a good amount of gear will be available to SWAT. Specifically: Flashbangs, CS Gas, Stinger Grenades, C2 Breaching Charges, Breaching Shotguns, Optiwands, Drones, Door Wedges, Tasers, Pepper-Ball guns, Less-Lethal Shotguns, and lastly the ability to pick locked doors. Will members of SWAT have their own private communication system, where a team-leader can communicate with his squad, vice-versa, and with each other? Will the police and SWAT have access to cameras located inside situation areas to get a view on the hostiles, the layout, and possible hostages? Will they also be able to get a blueprint of the map/situation area? These are all my questions I can think of right now. I realize there is a lot, and I don't expect a dev to answer all of these, although that would be amazing. If anyone at all is able to give me an answer that is confirmed by the devs up to now I would very much appreciate it. I take this job seriously and I want to have a lot of fun with it, thank you all for reading!
  7. Helicopters

    Hello, to start off, I want to become a helicopter pilot when enter the military. After the Army, I want to fly for my local hospital as "Care Flight". I watch videos all the time over helicopters (mostly the UH-60) and the army all the time, as well as fly helicopters on advanced mode on Arma 3 so I can better prepare myself for the future. I've been watching the development of Identity and am very excited for its release, however I saw that there wouldn't be any air vehicles. The reasons seemed to make sense but that really hurt. Therefore, I would like to bring up some reasons that might change your minds. 1. Many people like to fly. Including me, but more realistically, this could make people that fly or want to IRL more interested in the game. That, of course, results in improved revenue. *insert "smiley face" and "dollar sign"* 2. More jobs. I'm not sure how many jobs will be available to the players in the game but incorporating helicopters would provide at least three more. Discussed more below. 3. Fire/EMS and Police. Not recreational. If we make helicopters limited to jobs, you won't have to worry about hundreds of helicopters flying around the server, maybe three at most. Not to mention Heli Tours. 4. Realism. From what I've observed of this game, one the main goals is realism. However, whats a city without tin cans flying around? I can already imagine it, driving my car to the hospital when in the distance I hear that sweet and familiar chopping sound fast approaching. I look up to see my co-worker, a responsible/aviation loving lad like myself, making a final circle around the helipad as he comes in for a landing. As I get inside the building, I see a severely injured player on a stretcher that needs medical attention immediately. I sign in for my shift of the day and walk outside to see her sitting there, the beautiful flying machine I am thrilled to call mine for the next six hours. I take a brief moment to observe her glory, the early morning sun reflecting off the windshield and the hospital logo and can almost smell the jet fuel through my computer screen. I give my copilot a fist bump and open the cockpit door. I sit down and begin the start-up procedure and listen to that turbine whistle rise in pitch and then the blades slowly begin turning. Suddenly, we get the call to help out another unfortunate Identity player, and we roll. "Fortunate Son" begins playing in the background as the camera begins to pan out to get a view of the city then the helicopter flies by and then the picture fades out revealing the Identity symbol. (good trailer idea!!) With the above information/reasons, I urge you to implement helicopters into the game for my sake and pilots everywhere. Our love for flying runs deep and we want to be able to express our talents in an amazing, reasonable, role-play game like yours. I can't wait for the game to be released and to be flying my helicopter to the next scene, reminding me of what my future holds. Thank you, DustRain365.
  8. Can you swat someone in game?

  9. Hi, My questions about the SWAT in-game: 01. Will they be given Riot Shields and Bulletproof Vest? 02. Will there be a indoor gun range in the SWAT/Police headquarters? 03. Will there be an armory for hey SWAT/Police, so they can choose what weapon they want Like between a Desert Eagle or a Beretta M9? 04. Will there be different Headquarters for SWAT/Police, if not will there be different armories or clearance levels in the armory for different weapons. @Motown, @LuckyDuck, @JamesLuck01, @HairyGrenade any answers?
  10. So someone asked me what the SWAT would be doing in the game then if there were no police raids on houses. I couldn't really find a good answer so does anyone know more about this? If you can give me a list of some things the SWAT could do in game then that would be great! Thanks!
  11. SWAT Module Game Modes

    I'm putting this here just to see if anyone has any ideas on game modes for the swat module. An idea I have would be a 100 v 100 cops and robbers you have one life on the entire map and the robbers have all kinds of illegal objectives and the cops are trying to stop them. Try to say any ideas becaue people are pvp thirsty and they need some pvp action.
  12. Police Vehicles

    So.. In some pictures there was a Crown Victoria Seen & a dodge charger. So.. I think there should be more like: Ford Taurus 2013 Police (Marked/unmarked) Chevy Impala Police Ford Explorer Police (maybe) Ford Mustang Police + Mabye for like Ranger of Forrest Cops a Ford F150 Raptor SVT For SWAT: Stanislaus SWAT Van FBI: Dodge Charger (undercover). Chevy Suburan (undercover) Bomb squad CSI: Camaro SS (Undercover(
  13. I have heard a lot about how indepth the police will be, but I would love to know, and I am sure many other would like to know; how do we become things like SWAT, or Detectives? I myself already have the goal of becoming a Detective, yet still I have no idea how it would be possible. Another thing... What will sperate the SWAT and Detectives from the normal patrol officers? Maybe weapons? Maybe the Detectives can wear normal clothes, but have a badge and a gun (that would be amazing), and the SWAT have tactical gear? Also would the different branches have different training? One final question: How will the detective system work when it comes to finding evidence and crime scene investigation? Kind Regards - TOMA
  14. SWAT Training

    I want to be a SWAT member, however I don't want this to be like GMod where people go SWAT, and run into a combat situation untrained and end up getting shot. I was wondering, will there be a training academy with player instructors for members of SWAT? This would be incredibly immersive, realistic, and just flat out helpful. I'm also wondering the same for regular cops, but SWAT is mostly my focus.