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Found 35 results

  1. 2 Vehicles 1 Garage?

    So i have both a car and a dirt bike but only one garage with space for one car. Where do i store my dirt bike when my garage is full cause of my car?
  2. Right so I really want to upgrade my package now, but I'm not sure if I want too just yet as I won't be able to use the stuff like the car or that, so will/ or will you think of, when the full game comes out, can we have like a week to buy stuff like cars/bikes and that cheaper than none backers? I understand we are already getting a good deal now as the prices will go up when it's out, but do I buy a bigger package now or leave it and just pour my money into it when it's out? Need some help, unsure of what to do! Haha
  3. Car Mechanic

    Is there going to be any jobs/careers where you can be a car mechanic?
  4. Show your car!

    Hey guys! Well, its no lie that I have a big passion for cars! In fact, I own one myself. So, any other car-lovers out there? Show me/us your car! Or even a car, you would like to own?? Heres my car! A Suzuki Swift Cruise 2013 A car I would like to own, would be this one: A toyota Avenzis. I'm excited to see yours!
  5. I have seen previously, in other ARMA mods that you have had the ability to store people in the trunk of your car, for example in Takistan life, where you would cross a border and you could store a person with drugs on them in the trunk of your car to avoid being caught. This could be expanded on taking taking hostages or hiding a person. Obviously the police would be able to open your trunk if they had probable cause. Also if you had a bigger vehicle like a truck, maybe you could have multiple people in the back, maybe growing weed or cooking meth. This could also be expanded into storing physical entities in the back of your trunk such as a weed bag or little bag of meth. Pretty much just a way for drug traffickers to hide they're wares. Let me know if you think this would be a good addition
  6. So looking at the founder packs, I tried to deduce how the garages where working, and I'm left with a question. I heard somewhere that idle vehicles would despawn and be brought back to your garage meaning you probably can't own more vehicle that you have parking space, I'm guessing. And in the most expensive founder packs there give you a "two car garage". Which probably mean that you can only fit one vehicle per parking space. Now the founder packs also give you a rusty car or some motorcycle. My question is: What if you want a vehicle that's not rusty? Do you have to sell your founder car first for parking space? Can you even sell it? What is going on there?
  7. Hi, I have a suggestion for a potential business in Identity. Assuming that car customization would be implemented in the game, rather than allowing players to perform these actions themselves, there should be businesses that specialize in car customization. Even if customization is performed by players on their own vehicles, it would cost money to do them, so it would make sense if the money went to a business. Also, on the Identity website it already states that car building and tunning would be a feature and this could also be performed by the same business and although the players could make some changes to their own cars, the business should have access to more parts or features to change on cars. I truly believe there would be demand for this so it would make a lot of sense. This is just a simple idea and suggestion and somebody may have already made a thread about this but if any of you have any ideas just add up to this, tried to make it as simple as I can. Thanks
  8. i was wondering will a car break down randomly like ur driving down a highway and engine light turns on and ur car starts to smoke and slow down and stop?
  9. Will there be any public transports like trains, busses or cars in the game?
  10. Parking vehicles

    Do you need a garage to store your vehicles or can you park them at the side of the road as well? If you can park them on the side of the road, will they disappear after a server restart?
  11. Drivers license cost?

    Hi, I'm Lynnerup! I just wanted to ask, if anyone knows the price of the driver license, which you will need in order to drive legally. Also, is there going to be people teaching others how to drive, or is it an automated process (You still have to pass the test, but you won't need someone else to tell you what to do)? Any information is appreciated. Much hugs, many nice. Lynnerup
  12. Pictures of Sport car?

    Hi fellow pledgers! Does anyone know, if there is a illustration of the ''Sports car'', which you can inherit if you pledge enough? Thanks in advance, I know it is kind of an irrelevant question, but If anyone has the time, I would appreciate any information. - Lynnerup
  13. Tow Truck/ Body Shop

    Just wondering if this type of job has been considered as a coded career? The tow truck drivers/ body shop owners could be paid by players who need repairs or vehicle mods, or be paid by the "city" if towing and storing a vehicle that was damaged or confiscated during a police action.
  14. car shop

    Hey i want to start a car shop as the first so i need to buy money pack. how many money do you thing i need??
  15. Controller support

    Hi! I just saw the Identity's overview and when talking about cars, it says ,,vehicles are going to handle like real vehicles [...]", I was thinking about that how nice it would be, if we could use/add steering wheels to the controls, or even shifters. I know it is not that important, this game is not a racing simulator, but I thought that can give a little plus for some player. Anyways it is just an idea, let me know what do you think about it. Thanks for reading it!
  16. As long as you will need licenses to drive (legally) maybe they could implement the tutorial while you are doing it, for cars, trucks, buses, ships... So at the same time you get the license you learn the basics of the vehicles. Its a minor idea but I think could be interesting to be in the game.
  17. our own music in cars

    im wondering if we will be able to listen to our own music mp3 files in game? and if everyone can hear it around our cars if we put down the windows?
  18. Car Design

    Hello dear identity community, I and my friend want a car for our own server and for the admins and moderators. For example, BlueLights or other things will do it? PS. Can you blink? LG BukkitYT
  19. Will there be ATVs?

    Hi, I would like to know if you guys have any idea to put ATVs on the game, in my opinion it would be very cool
  20. car gear

    hello everyone, its my first post after seeing this game today. i'd love to have choice between buying an automatic or manual gear car. please don't make it like GTA or ARMA where it's only automatic, some of us likes to change gear manually to feel the realism. let there be different prices for manual and automatic cars also. sorry for bad english but it will be nice
  21. Car Parts

    I've tried searching for the idea but didn't see any (maybe my eyes weren't working) lol, I Think having like Auto Parts store Business would be a very cool concept if i could like start one but not the same as Napa lol would be my own name, i used to work for Napa Auto Parts and all the body shops/mechanic shops are very demanding on parts. Basically owners of the shops can have their customers bring back vehicles if they hear noises or if parts break on the vehicle or the owner of the vehicle can come to the Auto parts store buy parts like filters, Rotors, Brakes, parts, tools etc. Also would be nice if they could have this and being able to set up the store to my own liking and put stuff on the shelf for customers to come in and buy or if i didn't have something they needed i could use the (In-game) Computer to lookup parts to order in for them. I Have a lot of ideas for this haha Sounds like a good idea to me
  22. Can you become a mechanic?

    I was wondering if you could become a mechanic in this game. Also if you can become a mechanic how would fixing the cars be like would it be like my summer car or like car mechanic simulator? My last question is would we be able if we were a mechanic to do things like engine swaps and other things that would increase the performance of the car?
  23. Licensed Cars

    A cool thing would be, if you guys would have licensed cars. i mean real brands. if thats too expensive, maybe try to do it like GTA
  24. Car clamps

    Greetings, all. So basically I had this idea.. adding car clamps for Police officers to apply onto someone's car. If you are unsure what a car clamp is: I could not find any other suggestions for this. Thoughts?