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  1. Favorite Car?

    Most 4 bangers are faster then a lot of cars lol
  2. Favorite Car?

    That's because many of the people can't afford Master Flows and Glass packs to make it sound good. Exhaust is Super expensive sometimes.
  3. Hello from Norway

  4. player interaction

    Who Know's they might have it.
  5. player interaction

    Their Should be a lot of player interactions, not sure about hugging, their possible could be dancing since they've talked about have a karaoke place.
  6. What all will be assessable in the town square

    I'm Guessing the Town Square will be like the main hub for everything and everybody, maybe a place for you to open shop, you can check out on how they are doing it on the 'About' tab
  7. G'day

    We Welcome you, John
  8. Would You Rather

    On this I'd have to listen to justin bieber, cause then after i can still hear unfortunately lol
  9. Would You Rather

    To be Honest if i wanna i could bring up something from a year ago bud lol, you seem in General to be a douche bag
  10. Governor Questions

    Im sure you would, being elected would probably be your main job.
  11. Real Life Jobs

    Hey man thats not bad, i see jobs like that i stepping stone, worked at Napa for 8 months at the counter, pulling parts and answering the phone/dealing with customers and also drove a forklift to unload stock, now i'm moving over to a RV factory strictly only using forklift and will get certified. So then if i wanna go to higher paying jobs that require you to be Forklift certified i'm right in the ball park lol.
  12. my new signature

    Wasn't me haha, i was just looking at what was going on.
  13. my new signature

    isnt this the hangout forum tho?

    I kinda liked the need for speed but it definitely lacked a lot of stuff, it was fun beating people in maxed out cars and winning hella money.
  15. Real Life Jobs

    Anybody Here Work At A Job?