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Found 14 results

  1. Will clothing design and sell be available, that would be cool to be able to make your own brand name
  2. Introduction National Graphics™ is a Design and Marketing company founded in 2018 to provide aesthetically pleasing and cheap advertising solutions - posters, video adverts and banners - to its clients. We here at National Graphics seek to create opportunities for our employees and investors alike. Funding In order to raise the necessary financial requirements used to fund the company, we will acquire bank loans and sell shares that will provide dividends. All investors who are interested, please get in contact and we will arrange a deal. At the moment our startup cost has been forecasted to be approximately $987,020. *All Values Are Estimations All investors will be paid a weekly dividend out of Net Profit. Current Investors One 10% Share Costs $98,702 10% : Investor 10% : Investor 10% : Investor 10% : Investor 10% : Investor Available for Sale : 50% left out of 50% Design Process Products Video Advertisement : 15 seconds 30 seconds 1 minute Posters : 40 x 60cm 60 x 80cm Banners : Hanging Banners 1 x 1.5m Flat Rectangle 2 x 3m Flat Rectangle 1 x 2m Flat Rectangle 2 x 2m Square Display X-Banners 1x 1.5m Website Adverts : Top Pointers 728 x 90px 468 x 60px Sidepanels 120 x 600px 160 x 600px Organizational Structure Samples Clipart : Medicine Packet Sidepanels : 120 x 600px Option 1 Sidepanels : 160 x 600px Option 1 Option 2 Discord
  3. Hello I want to thank everyone for this insane good designed and coded website. So many neat little features which pop to your eyes when you click on them and you be like wow, they even have implementet this thing. Alone the privat message box. All other things. I cant just explain it, you need to discover it yourself cuz ive already forgot half of them again.
  4. Designing&Creating 3D Models

    Are we able to create our own models (and textures) and import them into Identity to sell them in-world? Such as with 3DS Max, Maya 3D, Blender etc.
  5. So, I want to create my own line of clothes with some funny design and french quotes but how the drawing session work , (in the game, with png images)
  6. Hey-o, peoples of Identity. Trist (Triste), Here Decided to actually make a forum/main site account and prepare to pay for one of the packages, and get ready to suit up and get to trying out the Town Square module when it arrives. With that, I've come to ask a few questions and at the same time introduce myself so at least in my mind, I'm not stranger. So I'm not sure as to which Thread (immigration or Q&A) to put this under. My name is Tristen, 22, and my real life occupation is that of a Vet Technician, schooling for said job in progress as well. My hobby is actually in visual design (freelancing for people who want work done for small if any amounts of $), I see myself as amateur-ish, but if this game can utilize that skill and actually open up possible jobs in-game, I'll take that. Actually have quite a few friends with the same skills who are interested in the game as well, most likely we're looking to utilize it. Or even as a EMT/Paramedic, since that lands in a medical job field. (Just saying this for possible job offers in the future?) I'm still not sure if this is the right thread for it, since this is a mixture of things. Brand new to the forum part of Identity, Anyways, lets get this started if anyone's interested in filling me in. I haven't looked into what features/aspects will be implemented, so sorry if I seem dull. - Servers. Wealth, all items acquired, character skills/jobs, businesses, player owned homes. Are they all cross-integrated between official servers? Meaning, business buildings, home location, money, etc; stick to certain servers or available in all? Or is it that important to choose a server to have your business HQ? Or is there a whole character/bank/bundle benefits dedicated to a server? This part is what confuses me the most. - It seems like there's a ton of stores/businesses/services already being setup, well beyond than I even expected. How am I even going to go about starting something I'd be interested in if there's already large groups? As a job that can utilize someone experienced in visual design/medical fields? Which also leads me to my first question about businesses being tied to a certain server, and if I would have to look out for ones already populated with entrepreneurs. -It seems like there's a lot of talk about ladder structures for careers, IE, Police, Government, Store management, employees/employers. Are those positions created and filled/hired by the leaders/owners of those establishments, or is there some sort of skeleton that the players organize around? -And last one, Am I too late too this party?
  7. I think that it would be nice if you could design the format of your house, or in other words the blueprints. You could pick where each room would be, where the doorways would be, and measurements, etc. -O*S
  8. Custom Boxing Gloves!

    I think it would be cool if you could customize your boxing gloves to your personal liking. I mean they let you customize your clothes, why not boxing gloves? Maybe adding a certain pattern or your own logo, or if you're really creative you could do something like the pictures below. Maybe not as complex but it would still be cool to design your boxing gloves in some way. Let me know what you guys think! I believe this will let people express themselves a bit more.
  9. Car Design

    Hey guys, so I am relatively new to Identity and I am curious about something. So it seems like most everything in the game will be made by players in factories type systems. I am assuming that you will be able to do this with vehicles like cars and so I am wondering if the devs have mentioned much about this and how people producing cars can design or customize them. I have not really found a thread about this so I am sorry if this is a duplicate forum post. Thanks
  10. Car Design

    Hello dear identity community, I and my friend want a car for our own server and for the admins and moderators. For example, BlueLights or other things will do it? PS. Can you blink? LG BukkitYT
  11. Hi, Will players be able to upload or design a logo/decal in game witch the player can use for different things? Perhaps get a custom made gang tattoo, put a gang logo on you car and clothes. It would also be cool if you could tag or spray paint walls to show that you own that turf. I guess the last one can be quite hard to implement, but it would be cool. Will there be other things we will be able to design/customize with like a devtool with limited access or something like that? I am sucker for design and customization and i can see so many opportunities in Identity. Thx for creating my dream game! Best regards Hultnbultn
  12. Will players be able to design their own tattoos and tell the tattoo artist to give them the tattoo, or will we be strictly limited to the tattoos the developers make for us? It would be really cool to see gangs be able to have certain tattoos representing that they are a part of that gang. Also, would tattoos be permanent to a point where you must pay to have laser surgery to get them removed or will there simply be a menu that says "No Tattoos" or "Remove Tattoos"? Thanks in advance for your answers, Capped, CEO of Best Stop Supermarket
  13. For Fashion Designers

    I was going through Pinterest and I stumbled across this beaut of a site. If you plan to be involved in the clothing design scene in the game or are already in it in real life, I'd recommend checking this site out. You won't regret it. Also, while I'm at it, why don't I just plug the Identity business Discord server.
  14. Building/Design

    I have a suggestion. I think there should be the job of Architect, Contractor, and Construction Worker to allow a more unique view of a world to exist. Every server could be different with the ability to construct houses and other buildings. There could even be additions to houses to raise land value! This would provide people with more jobs, a more destructive environment, and a diversity in jobs.