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  1. Government Customization (for private servers)

    I think it'd also be fun to create a dictatorship or communist server
  2. Gotcha, this does clear up some confusion for me Thank you.
  3. So from what I understand, for the meantime during the making of the game it'll be 3 standalones. Once the full game releases, all the content of the modules will be compressed into a single game, right? Or is it kinda like "instances" when you're in certain locations or doing certain things, you'll be playing "that game"?
  4. Interesting, so when the full game is released it won't be a single game, it'll be 3 standalones. I guess I'm confused, is it going to be the full map on all 3 modules but just different game modes? How is that going to work?
  5. Ofcourse, thank you for the clear answer So during the current alpha, we might get a expansion to the map+interiors, gotcha
  6. I'm 100% sure that'll sky rocket if the game was fully out and would stay high for a long time. Keep in mind that the beta is mainly for socializing and trying out the stuff that they implement and report the bugs we find to them to help deliver more value. personally I just wish there was more stuff to do and explore in the beta. I think it'd be more entertaining if they let us punch and knock each other out in the town square lol absolute riot at the fountain would be hilarious
  7. Hi everybody So I recently have been playing the Town Square for about 3 days and I love it but it kinda gets old if I'm being honest here. I understand the shooting range, tattoo shop, etc. will be added to town square but I really don't want to be stuck in a small space for another year. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge supporter of the game and sure they're hard at work but being trapped in a small space all day makes me feel like a goldfish in a bowl swimming in little circles all day So my question is this to the Identity team, Do you plan on ever expanding the map (at least a bit more) during the beta? Also another question to the other fellow Identity supporters out there, what do you think? Should they expand the map (even if it's a few blocks more of places to go)? Personally I wouldn't mind if we had a huge map and had to walk during the beta, at least we have more places to explore and check out Sincerely, @Mastahakill
  8. Game "running"

    I'm having the same issue at the moment.
  9. I may be asking for everyone.

    Not that this might work but I've heard you can contact steam to remove a game from your library and maybe they can get a refund? But yeah, you're right, they did already get their steam key and stuff and probably stuck with it. Let's hope the devs address the issue though. I still have hope for this game : )
  10. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    I was a little disappointed about the release, but I still have hope for this game as well. : )
  11. I may be asking for everyone.

    I agree that the release was kinda disappointing, but I'm sure the devs will fix the problem. I believe you can contact support through email or something like that for a refund but I'm guessing it may take awhile because the devs are probably addressing the current issue, don't take my word for it though. Have a nice day, brother.
  12. Was a good run but I'm not waiting anymore.

    Won't lie. I had really high hopes for this game too but I'm thinking about throwing in the towel. I'll still try to hang onto the hope I have left for this game. You know that episode of south park when Cartman gets his own roller coaster park and won't let anybody in but talks about how great it is? That pretty much sums up how I feel. I want in but they won't let me, they talk about how great it is, but I'm not allowed in. I love the people who are trying to make this game a reality. I'm sure you guys have been really hard at work. Hanging onto hope, keep up the good work, and please deliver asap (Clip from South Park, Season 5 , Episode 6. ((I do not own this.))
  13. what guns would you people like to see in ?

    I want a 2.7mm Kolibri (Just kidding )
  14. Bands and music

    I feel like instruments are gonna be really, really hard to play on keyboard, especially guitars. I think this because of chords, fast picking, two hand tapping, pull offs and hammers on, etc. I think our choice in music we want to play will be very limited. I think it'll be cool if we had a choice of playing it our self on the keyboard or like we can set a pattern and how we want it to be played, an idea would be like the APB Reloaded music maker but with guitar or every other instrument. This might take away the interesting part of music because if we set a pattern, it's pretty much just click play and sitting back while it plays.. I wonder what they're gonna do with the music. This is all just brain storming.