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    They just said they shut down server for upcoming client update.
  2. Memes for Town Square Release

  3. About that latest video

    In my mind i was thinking a town square video but i forgot they were gonna do a crime like video. But straight to the point i wasn't expecting a top quality gameplay video with everything perfect. So this video wasn't surprising in prediction. Nice house, nice cop car, interesting ui on the police computer, the place holder running animation still looks funny but again its a placeholder. Not bad gunplay so far, can't really complain but hope to see more with different weapons so see how it'll play out. They weren't kidding when they said that we had to maintain when cooking meth otherwise it'll explode. So its interesting to see the drug wheel (at least thats what i call it) and the options are. Some animations seem to need work but other than that,its a decent gameplay video. The only thing i see as a con is the voice acting.
  4. This was made as a joke from the first gameplay video for identity. I have no ill will for the devs behind the game since im a backer myself. Peace! Wait till the end
  5. Do you guys like the release date?

    The first module will be out on march 21st.
  6. Can you be a Arms Dealer/Gunrunner

    From what i watched on a Q&A, you won't be selling guns but you can buy them at a gun store from a npc vendor.
  7. Nintendo Switch?

    I really cant see this sort of game coming to the switch. When i think of a game coming on the switch, i see it where people take their game on the go. I can't see that with identity especially for a mmo. Plus a game like this requires interaction, with no text based chat. We all know that Nintendo is up to par with voice chat....
  8. Similarities?

    Unlike unsung story, the devs here are actually showing progress screenshots, dev blogs, doing Q &A streams, and just recently got a community manager. The unsung story dev team hasn't done jack squat and left backers in the dust for months and even years, not even mentioning as to what was going on, just your "were making good progress well keep you updated." They couldn't even do updates, which is sad. But nah i hardly see the similarities, one is making progress(taking a while but still) and showing it, while the other went quiet and peaced out, giving it to a random studio.
  9. Artist with too much time on her hands

    Looking forward to see your masterpiece in the art gallery in identity! Expect me to be the top bidder
  10. Cinema Copyright

    Well if your thinking your gonna watch movies like captain america civil war then that won't be happening. They'll be playing old movies.
  11. Black Hairstyles (African) for Identity

    I hope to god they add dreadlocks.
  12. Little information needed

    There will be no vehicles in town square, you'll be walking around and interacting with people and try out some features in the town square. If your still talking about town square in this case then yes roleplaying will be there. Again you can walk around, interact with others, and try out some features. But no vehicles in time square module, there is a driving module but that hasn't been worked on yet. You can choose your career, but if im still guessing that your still talking about in the town square then no. There is no link to the swat module at the moment, only the description in the info tab.
  13. DevBlog #010

    Good to know
  14. DevBlog #010

    First off, do they seriously have identity pamphlets? Nice! Secondly, i give them mad props for moving on up, getting a nice office, getting pamphlets (im just impressed ok?), on top of that getting more people onto the team. Im surprised they have the budget to hire more people, i mean hey thats good, more firepower the better. Looking forward for this Brandon fella.