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  1. The RISE CEO position is still open. If you are interested please follow the instructions in the job listing. 


  2. News outlet

    You can do a magazine/paper about business news and politics, then when if a stock market gets going, that could be added.
  3. Some questions about business

    Regarding your first questions, some people will start off with more money than others depending on what package they bought (I'm not sure if there will be private servers and if this would be true for them, but this is true for the main servers). Even if everyone started off with the same amount of money, people would spend their money differently. As for your English, I'd rate it at a 3.5. Your English isn't that bad. I posted my grammar edits to your questions below and I hope they help. 1. How will the whole concept of an economy work if everybody has the same amount of money at the beginning of the game? 2. Can the government own a business? 3. Will there be buses in the game? 4. Can you be a mechanic in the game? 5. Will there be an unlimited amount of cars for sale?
  4. News outlet

    I thought of possibly starting something like Bloomberg but in the future. Also, @Anonymous_Citizen you should join the Identity business server, we don't have any news companies yet and would love to have you. Identity Business Server:
  5. Redwood Holdings: Identity Business Server: Redwood Holdings Website:
  6. RISE

    Company: RISE Position: Chief Executive Officer Application Status: Open Description: The CEO would run and manage the company under the guidance and direction of Redwood Holdings. The CEO will be in charge of ensuring the company runs smoothly in all areas including, but not limited to, marketing, finance, operations, and human resources. The CEO may build a team in each of the areas stated previously so that the workload is not as heavy for him/herself. Skills: - Excellent written and oral communication skills - Some knowledge of standard business operations If interested, please contact Josh Redwood (@Kore#9305) or Amechi Siwanda (@BioHaze#6075) at
  7. Business Discord Server

    The server is still up and is being revived for the anticipated launch of the first module. I'm actively trying to get more business owners to the server to expand the network. If you have questions about the server please contact me in my pm's. Thank you.
  8. Bob Ross INC: Promoter of Fine Art

    Awesome! I look forward to seeing you there.
  9. Bob Ross INC: Promoter of Fine Art

    @KingBen1223We'd love to have you in the Identity Business Server. We already have a few business owners in the server and are always looking for more. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. It's a great place to network and meet other business owners. Thank you.

    My goal in identity is to fund great and forward-thinking ideas as a venture capitalist or angel investor.

  11. The Identity Business Server (IBS) is a place for everyone to network, get a job, hire talented individuals, and form business connections in real-time voice and text conversations.
  12. Joel Keys for Governor

    Even with that though, I don't believe that he can get rid of all the debt, just slow the rise of the debt.
  13. Joel Keys for Governor

    Unfortunately, I highly doubt Trump could rid America of its 19 trillion dollars of national debt.
  14. Fair Market Merchant Bureau

    But what of a company that uses just regular resources and uses it in a "different" way and because of the different of style and the brand they charge more. How would you factor ingenuity in your model?
  15. Joel Keys for Governor

    I believe that the power of the citizens is immense and can sway the decisions of politicians since politicians want to please their constituents. With that being said, people are who they are and that will influence how they will be in their position. To answer your question, I believe that Trump has many promises to keep with the people that voted for him and supported him after the election and he will try his best to keep them. He is a businessman though and will probably use what he learned in his business life in the white house. I believe that even when campaigning that he stated he would do so.