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Found 2 results

  1. VillaD'Este Real Estate

    Let me introduce you to Villa D'Este real estate: We are an Italian real estate group, founded 5 years ago and we're looking to start a new Enterprise on Identity. We are looking for: - people wanting to sell, buy or rent: a house, an appartement, a villa, office buildings and factories. - private investor who will be rewarded greatly - brokers ( mainly for houses, rent and sale) - assistants - CFO - Designers (interior and exterior) What can we offer? - for buyers: we will offer a wide variety of properties, ranging in different price categories. We already have a highly skilled interior designer, who will get the most out of your property's interiors. If you're not fortuned enough to gain property of one of our exquisite properties, we have also affordable housing and affordable appartementen for sale and to rent. We also will lend money in order for you to be able to buy your house. Everything will be made clear, by one of our members. - for people wanting to rent: we have a whole range of houses avaible to rent out. - for sellers: we will offer you a good price, in hope you'll say a client - for investors: you're looking to invest your money and don't want to worry about it? We will manage everything and you'll receive your weekly income, without even having to work or think about it. We will garantee you a certain % of interest, but the precise rate will be made clear in a few weeks. - for people looking for a job: just apply; you have nothing to lose! All we need is: your name, age, interesses, what job you'd like and why. Rest will be made clear by one of our team members. If you're looking for a job, a beautiful property that will gain in value, feel free to contact us. We're in the making of a website, on which everything will be made clear. Be quick on applying, because we're only hiring a limited amount of people. Kind regards Rubain CEO of Villa D'Este real estate group
  2. Car Design

    Hey guys, so I am relatively new to Identity and I am curious about something. So it seems like most everything in the game will be made by players in factories type systems. I am assuming that you will be able to do this with vehicles like cars and so I am wondering if the devs have mentioned much about this and how people producing cars can design or customize them. I have not really found a thread about this so I am sorry if this is a duplicate forum post. Thanks