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  1. A Challenge

    I have not! I am really trying to figure it out and my best friend is helping me! We are trying to figure out the password! Has it still been only one person to figure it out?
  2. Black Market

    If you need help moving product hit me up http://www.identityrpg.com/community/topic/5749-wheelhouse-precision-drivers/#comment-51236
  3. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    Hey guys! I would love to be apart of this group! My main focus in this game will be driving and racing related! My crew I started is in the pick up and deliver business: So if you need anything transported we can take care of it! Also I use the Adobe Suite so if you need anything designed I could do it for you! I designed a poster based off your template and I could design lots of things for the group! Looking forward to being a part of an awesome community!
  4. Wheelhouse Precision Drivers

    Wheelhouse Precision Drivers We are a crew of drivers that have driving expertise in speed and precision. We take what or who you have to where you need it to be no what or who it is. No matter the difficulty of the task we are up for it! We have two pricing models. Based on what we are transporting (and repercussions of what we are transporting) as well as the difficulty of the job itself. So if it is an easy drug transport the price might be low, but if it something to sabotage a rival gang with a lot of heat then the price would be higher. The other model is if it needs to be confidential and you cannot tell us then we would charge one flat rate. If not in full from the start, we will be paid forty percent upfront and the remaining sixty when the job is done. Meet The Family Here is the family of cars: First is "Panther" a classic muscle dedicated to raw speed when you need it done fast. "Panther" getting ready to burnout from the police station. We have "Red Dragon" a Tuned Import ready for agility and slick driving when you need your delivery in or out of sticky situations. Meet "Sally" a Classic Exotic perfect for carving your job up or down the mountain. If you think you have what it takes to be a precision driver then contact us we are taking on just a couple more drivers making a small team. See you in the streets! -The Wheelhouse Crew
  5. Car Design

    Hey guys, so I am relatively new to Identity and I am curious about something. So it seems like most everything in the game will be made by players in factories type systems. I am assuming that you will be able to do this with vehicles like cars and so I am wondering if the devs have mentioned much about this and how people producing cars can design or customize them. I have not really found a thread about this so I am sorry if this is a duplicate forum post. Thanks