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Found 25 results

  1. Can i make a business called Gucci?

    Will i be able to create businesses, more importantly gucci?
  2. Hello, i saw this game and dev team talking about this years ago. I got a few questions that need ot be answered. 1. How many players in a slot. 2. When will the game be released? 3.How do i buy/rent server i need a link to a website please.
  3. Questions about the beta.

    Hey guys, i'm new citizen here, i just want to know some things about the beta in 2 days. The beta is only for the $30 or more ? What we can do in this beta on identity?
  4. Identity Devs & Community, @Paratus, @Motown As I grow more and more excited for parts of the game to be complete I must know if these elements will be included in the final game. 1. Will you be able to make alcoholic beverages such as brew beer in your purchased house? 2. Your goal is to get 100-300 players per server how many buyable houses do you plan to have on the map? 3. What is included in the Town Square Module? I've seen picture of guns and I don't think that that is in the Town SQ am I right? 4. How many cars do you plan to make. just a generic SUV, Sedan, & Sports Car or will there be multiple? 5. Will there be like a Bazaar or market where players can rent a small space to sell their items on a smaller scale? Thanks!
  5. Some Questions

    I have a couple of questions: 1. For people without a mic, will there be a text-to-speech feature if we want to talk, without using chat-boxes? 2. Will owned buildings be like Garry's Mod DarkRP where your owned building is only owned by you for the amount of time you are on a server? 3. When you eat food, can you choose your utensils, plates, how you cut your food, how you eat it, and can it be too hot or too cold? 4. Can we make custom cellphone brands in the game? 5. Will there be servers for a certain time period like the 1980's or the 2050's? 6. Can you have different characters on different servers, so on one server I have a criminal and on the other I have a police officer or detective? 7. Will your hair be able to be brushed to your liking, or is it already brushed and from a selection? 8. Can you use a razor to shave? 9. Will wind affect the game? 10. Will there be classic flip-phones? 11. Can we become fit at a gym? 12. How advanced will car crashes be? 13. What about microwave/instant meals? 14. Can you choose whether or not to zip up your jacket? I will be asking way more questions in the future. Thanks you, developers, for your hard work so far!
  6. Hey guys! I am currently setting up an interview together with @LuckyDuck. There will be unique questions, no simple questions that mostly are being asked on the forums. I am planning to get a lot more insight on the game, without asking too difficult questions that would ruin the expense. If you have any questions u would like to ask the developers, please feel free to reply to this thread. I will run them down, and questions that look interesting and are worth to ask will be added to the list. ( You will be mentioned as well if it comes to that ) Thank you for your read, and thank you very much for participating. Enjoy your day!
  7. The full game Questions&Suggestions

    Hello! I have some questions about the real game and some suggestions. My questions are... How often will you earn money from your job? How many jobs will there be? Suggestions... Put the game up on steam. (My parents only buy me games on steam.) Make the map bigger maybe? Make the game have a push to talk. (If that isn't something that you already are working on having.)
  8. I have a few questions: 1. Can the cops be dirty? In what ways // to what extent? 2. Can only players with "Criminal" career track be in a gang or cartel? 2a. Can we employ lawyers, doctors, etc? 2b. What about co-working with business owners? Or can criminals own ~legal~ businesses? 3. Do we have to be criminals or unaffiliated with a career to do crimes? To what extent?
  9. Hey-o, peoples of Identity. Trist (Triste), Here Decided to actually make a forum/main site account and prepare to pay for one of the packages, and get ready to suit up and get to trying out the Town Square module when it arrives. With that, I've come to ask a few questions and at the same time introduce myself so at least in my mind, I'm not stranger. So I'm not sure as to which Thread (immigration or Q&A) to put this under. My name is Tristen, 22, and my real life occupation is that of a Vet Technician, schooling for said job in progress as well. My hobby is actually in visual design (freelancing for people who want work done for small if any amounts of $), I see myself as amateur-ish, but if this game can utilize that skill and actually open up possible jobs in-game, I'll take that. Actually have quite a few friends with the same skills who are interested in the game as well, most likely we're looking to utilize it. Or even as a EMT/Paramedic, since that lands in a medical job field. (Just saying this for possible job offers in the future?) I'm still not sure if this is the right thread for it, since this is a mixture of things. Brand new to the forum part of Identity, Anyways, lets get this started if anyone's interested in filling me in. I haven't looked into what features/aspects will be implemented, so sorry if I seem dull. - Servers. Wealth, all items acquired, character skills/jobs, businesses, player owned homes. Are they all cross-integrated between official servers? Meaning, business buildings, home location, money, etc; stick to certain servers or available in all? Or is it that important to choose a server to have your business HQ? Or is there a whole character/bank/bundle benefits dedicated to a server? This part is what confuses me the most. - It seems like there's a ton of stores/businesses/services already being setup, well beyond than I even expected. How am I even going to go about starting something I'd be interested in if there's already large groups? As a job that can utilize someone experienced in visual design/medical fields? Which also leads me to my first question about businesses being tied to a certain server, and if I would have to look out for ones already populated with entrepreneurs. -It seems like there's a lot of talk about ladder structures for careers, IE, Police, Government, Store management, employees/employers. Are those positions created and filled/hired by the leaders/owners of those establishments, or is there some sort of skeleton that the players organize around? -And last one, Am I too late too this party?
  10. Three questions

    I've got three questions, which I have been wondering about the past few days. I have writen them down, and chosen to make one single thread to these questions, so I ain't making a whole bunch of threads. Question 1: How is payment gonna work? Is it like an app on your mobile, which's connected to your bank account, which can transfer money from one person to another - just like MobilePay, which we've got here in Denmark, or is it like paying with your creditcard in the store? And what if you just want's to give your friend some money, which isn't business related? Do you then have to withdraw the amount of money at an ATM, or can you transfer the money via the bank's website on your computer? Question 2: What about delivery of buses, trucks and/or other large vehicles? Will it be a transport company (or an NPC) which comes with the vehicle on a flatbed trailer, or do you have to pick up the vehicle by yourself? Question 3: What will happen when all apartments and houses is sold/rented out to players? What will new players have to do, if there isn't available houses/apartments?
  11. 36 Min FAQ with developers

    VIDEO BELOW! Posted the wrong one here before SORRY The Dynasty got an interview with the developers. Lots discussed here below
  12. SO i got linked to Identity last night i went searching for some videos. and holy hell was i stroked. signed up and donated STRAIGHT away. this. this will be amazing. questions have been probably asked 1000 times but...... i did some digging on some forum posts (few were dated all the way back to early last year.) because i was looking for a solid date for the t-square beta data. the further i went back. to earlier people said it would be. one post even saying that it would happen late 16/early 17. basically the time frame we are in right now. and on the site. the module is sitting at 80 something %. typically how fast is this bar rising? few %'s per week? per month? thanks in advance!
  13. [FAQ] Police Department

    FAQ (Publish Questions You Want Below!) Everyone has had questions about the police department, so I'm here to make an FAQ from information from the developers, and also plain simple answers. (Not all information is guaranteed to be correct and any developer/staff member can leave a comment stating anything different to what I have said.) 1. Can I be [This Rank]? Answer: I have already discussed this with Motown and it is clear that on your own private servers that yes, you are able to choose who is which rank, however on the official servers. Motown has said that it is unlikely in the first place that there will be a police chief (On steam). And he has also told me that even if there is It will be a staff member or a developer. Other Points: Points above confirmed, however, it is not clear to me yet whether there will be a ranking system at all, or whether it will depend on time played on the server etc. 2. Is there going to be an age limit for the police department? Answer: It is very unlikely that there will be an age limit as they do not want to restrict players to what they can do in-game, also players do not want to be hyped up for police department and then not be able to become a police officer. Other Points: Confirmed 3. What are the amounts for the citations going to be? Answer: It is likely that the ticket/citation prices will be preset as this will stop the few 1 or 2 trolls who want to try and ticket someone $99999 for not stopping at a stop sign. But there will probably be different prices for each type of ticket, for example, a different price from Reckless Driving to Speeding. Other Points: Confirmed 4. Will there be trials/courtrooms? Answer: From what I've heard, yes. There will be courtrooms and trials, so there is a possibility that there will indeed be bail. However that is not confirmed, although I think this would be a good idea since not that many people with have money at the start so it won't be like every single person gets bailed. Other Points: Read below Warning: Motown has now confirmed with me that there will be NO bail. The below is a quote from Motown about the jailing system: "When you are sent to prison, you can request a trial if your prison sentence is over 15 minutes. If your trail is accepted, you can plead your case or have your selected lawyer plead your case for you, in front of a row or player jurors. After your time is up to plead your case, they vote guilty or not guilty. There is no player judge. If voted Not guilty, you get set free, and if voted guilty, you get sent back to the prison yard" 5. Will there be sub-divisions (SWAT, Aviation, K9 etc)? Answer: Well we already know that SWAT will be a thing due to the module being shown here. However, we have not been told about K9, Aviation etc yet. I believe that they will not be a thing until the servers are up and running with a strong police system first. As we do not want 10 K9 officers and 2 officers on duty, with 9 dogs running around. And helicopters will probably not be needed at the start. As well as this the developers need to focus on the original police system and the SWAT module before they do anything else. Other Points: There might be different skins for different parts of the map, but this is also unlikely as the whole map will probably just be one police force. Read Below Warning: Motown has now confirmed that they will be looking into K9 someday, but aircraft will not be a thing, even for the police. This is a quote from Motown below: "We'd like to do a K9 unit someday, but for now when or if we ever add animals that can follow the player outside in the open world rather than just apartments/houses. There also will not be any aircraft in Identity, even for police." Motown has also said below the following: "There will be SWAT and detective divisions for the police force, with a limited number of consecutive spots. If Too many SWAT or detectives, or not enough regular cops are online, then the slots are limited" 6. What will the maximum sentence time be? Answer: The maximum sentence time has "For now" been confirmed to be 45 minutes. Although due to them stating it's only, for now, this may change in the future. Other points: Confirmed by a developer, also obviously not every single sentence will be 45 minutes long. It depends on the time. 7. Can an off-duty officer help out another on-duty officer? Answer: A moderator states that there is no way to help unless other officers are in uniform. (On both public and private servers) Other points: A developer also stated that they want there to be a very clear difference between civilians and officers. By Scotty THIS WILL BE UPDATED BELOW!!!!
  14. Hello, I got some questions and suggestions about the game. It would be awesome if you could help! So I was wondering if we will be able to make Movies or TV shows or any kind of shows that could be shown in TVs at home. For example, Im thinking of doing a News Station, So we have our own TV show that we must stream.. and so on. And so we could build up this tycoon and Start getting News vans or even Helis ( Maybe not that far but it would be awesome anyways lol ) So we could capture car chases and so on. I could do all the video editing or even do this as a stream on twitch or what ever. But would it be possible to show it on TVs? Also will we have props as Cameras, Microphones, Books, Stuff like that? For example we could use a camera to capture stuff for the News, If you get what i mean. Also what about Cinemas? Would it be possible that we can make our own Movies? Honestly that would really be amazing. I heard that Movies will be shown, But can we make our own? and get money through it? And One thing, If we make a Company like a News Stations ( If it be possible ) or Radio stations, Will we automatically get paid for doing it as like a normal tycoon, Or people must watch or listen to it in order for us to get paid? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ On another topic, What are the devs Opinions on Sport, I've heard some stuff about it, But how will it work exactly? Thats it, Thank you very much!
  15. I've messaged a few moderators a few times including @HairyGrenade , @Volunteer281 , @Paratus , and @Motown . However, I haven't anything? I'm aware they are very busy people, but I see their post and so forth in other forums. I'm curious if their not seeing what I'm saying!
  16. More Political Discussion!

    Hi guys, it's me Mr. Lucious Lee Times. I'm here to tell you guys there are about 6 guys running for Governor of the Identity Island including myself. We've given policies and laws, but we don't think of everything. We need you all to be asking questions and truly trying to figure out who you want to vote for! Just like this past American Presidential Election was big, this is too!
  17. Hi guys, it's me Mr. Lucious Lee Times. I'm here to tell you guys there are about 8 guys running for Governor of the Identity Island including myself. We've given policies and laws, but we don't think of everything. We need you all to be asking questions and truly trying to figure out who you want to vote for! Just like this past American Presidential Election was big, this is too!
  18. Hi guys, it's me Mr. Lucious Lee Times. I'm here to tell you guys there are about 8 guys running for Governor of the Identity Island including myself. We've given policies and laws, but we don't think of everything. We need you all to be asking questions and truly trying to figure out who you want to vote for! Just like this past American Presidential Election was big, this is too!
  19. Hello, the reason I've come here to ask this is because me and a small party of friends have been traveling from many different mmo's trying to find a new game to really sink our teeth into but the biggest issue we've had is having to spend A LOT of money just to get access to half of the games features after paying for the game itself. Example: we've purchased a game for £25/$30 which allows us access to create our characters and play BUT if we want a house or maybe a car/mount we'd often end up having to pay ANOTHER £25/$30 just for that. We don't mind paying for the game itself after all developers have to earn money and we all don't mind putting money towards that and we are no strangers to hard work so things such as grinding are completely fine so long as theres no pay to with issues. Anyway what we want to know is... 1). The houses we can buy within the game could we earn the money within the game OR do we have to place real life money towards it ? 2). Things such as vehicles, clothing, decorations ect ect can we also purchase it through hard work in the game OR do we have to put real life money towards it ? 3). For us to climb up in rank (if there is a ranking system in the game) do we have to put real life money towards that as well ? NOTE: I know this will come off as ungrateful so I do apologize in advance, we've had some real nasty luck with up coming mmo's lately and the biggest issues are either having to put large amounts of money towards them just to get anywhere or "pay to win" issues. We are really interested in this game because it really appeals to our role playing BUT we just don't feel right purchasing a "passport" without knowing the following questions above so I hope you can understand where we are coming from here.
  20. I have a few questions, sorry if they've been asked before I searched them up however I haven't found any results or answers to my questions. 1. What animals can we expect to see, obviously we have seen deer, will there be foxes, birds, will fish be an actual visible thing underwater or is fishing just like altis life and they jut appear in your net, is there badgers and maybe pigeons or rats could eat dropped food items in the streets. 2. What kinds of boats will there be? We've seen yachts, will there be one type of yacht or maybe a few types and they'll be different prices. Will it work like in gta and you can chose lights, colour scheme or will it be like a floating apartment and you can customise the inside like the apartments.Will the yachts also work like in GTA and not drive around but just be in a fixed place or can we take controls with a steering wheel and drive it. Will there be jet skis and leisure boats like luxury speedboats or stand up paddle boards, kayak, windsurf, kitesurfing ad you had said there would be sports involved. 3. How will the sea work, coastguard, drowning etc? Will there be waves, tides and currents in the game, which would create amazing immersion if you asked me, and how would swimming work (hopefully not like altis life god i hate that), would there be different types of swimming like front crawl, breaststroke etc, and if you crashed your boat out to sea would the boat sink slowly leaving you stranded, maybe you could add life jackets or those rings you throw out to save people if they fell near a harbour or something. Is there a coastguard that could come and save you in a rhib or a lifeboat if you were seen drowning or drifting out to sea? 4. Rougly how many houses will me my the map, and will there be other houses like mansions other than the ones we have seen like 1 bedroom apartment and luxury one bedroom and two bedroom and the studio apartment, wi there be huge mansions will pools and thins like that, excluding the penthouse. 5. Can the police raid your house/search the house if you are seen entering with illegal items or something. (I have read something about people not being allowed to enter without permission because it's your personal area, but does this exclude cops) 6. Will there be working wing mirrors and mirrors in cars, working windows you can put down, and working parking sensors which maybe would beep if your near to hit something but william also cost extra on top of the price of the car. Also I noticed in the overview the car has manual and automatic, how exactly will manual work? 7. Trains?? Public transport like buses and trains would be a really nice feature and could add lots of roleplay scenarios. 8. Snow. In the map picture there is mountains with snow on by the looks of it and I was wondering... Will this jut be an aesthetic? Or would there be snow sports like skiing, snowboarding or maybe snowmobiles. If you do add skiing you could make it a proffessional sport or maybe have a ski lift. 9. Is there going to be large cargo ships? In the map picture we are able to see a large harbour. Will there be large cargo ships to carry huge amounts of produce or items. It could be a way for corporations to bring larger amounts of items at once form one end of the island to the other instead of needing lots of trucks. Now, you might say like aircraft that it would just avoid encounters which is the core of role play gameplay. However I think, as yeah you would miss encounters with other cars on the road, you could come across other ships that are sinking and maybe get lifeboats out to save them, you could be attacked by pirated for you produce on the ship, you could sink yourself and then need to be rescued. I think this would be super fun and also a better way for transporting large amounts of goods. It would also make a huge harbour not just for things like yachts and small boats. @HairyGrenade can you answer any of these? In this post Im going to keep adding questions as I think of them. Tell me if you see a grammatical error i'll correct it! -Theo
  21. I've heard that many things are able to be edited, but I'm wondering, would I for say, be able to buy a plot of land, and be able to hire workers to build a blueprint I get an architect to make, of a building? Because, that would be extremely awesome, I could have an EPIC custom house, or even my own building! But, I feel that, sorry for the inappropriateness, there would be oddly-shaped, disgusting buildings around... So, maybe it has to be approved first? Also, how cool would the game be, if you could become a mechanic, and make little inventions in a garage or something, and sell the blueprints to people for a wad of cash, and earn 50% of each sale. That would be a game-changer, how cool would it be if someone managed to create a hover-car, and it goes viral?! There could even be stores that can buy the blueprints for items, and sell them! If the game worked like that, I would buy the game twice! Just imagine the possibilities! Custom choppers, boats, etc. Last question concerning Boats, would you be able to find and claim islands in the game, or is that for the later stages? Thanks for reading, and I hoe you have a great time!
  22. Role of Hunting

    Identity has already confirmed a hunting system and player made products being directly affected by Supply and Demand. My question is how hunting fits into this mechanic of Supply and Demand. For example: If a player is constructing an exotic fur coat to sell across specific Identity locations, would he in turn have to order the furs that are being affected by how much hunters are supplying within the market(s)? A few other questions to raise about hunting: How will the license system work? Does the player simply apply for a general hunting license or will he have to request them per specific animal. Perhaps a tier based system? (Player starts with a starter license that allows him to hunt Rabbits, smaller birds, ect.) Another question I feel I should raise is hunting seasons. Is it planned to have specific periods of time on the server where certain animals are off limits to be hunted? This could be a neat way to attmept to manage the Supply and Demand of servers in a less aggressive way. Example: A player who hunts deer and attempts to sell it a period of time where deer are not to be hunted, then he could potentially earn more money (unless the Supply is simply too large). Also a cool idea for penalizing hunters for killing animals that are off limits is by charging the player a small fee, temporarily revoking the license or some of its features/benefits. Or by penalizing said hunter in a form of progression (less progress earned from hunting over a small period of time or deducting a small amount of progress). I apologize for the barrage of questions and ideas. The hunting aspect of Identity has been running rampant in my head lately and I felt that I should share some of these ideas to hear what you all think, or perhaps get a response from some of the Devs to hear their thoughts. I understand they are a bit hands full balancing other ideas, and pushing some of the limitations they may be experiencing while implementing other great features to the game. Thank you all for your time
  23. Tattoos

    So ok we got tattoos but if we can't make them, the zodiac signs should def be incorporated as a lot of people like to flaunt their birth signs.
  24. I have a question about how jobs/careers would work. I do know there is a promotions idea running around, if not a feature already started on, but how will the promotions system work? Will it branch out and get better and better like in The SimsTM and branch out eventually, life going into either a chef career or a business career when it comes to culinary? I honestly think that would be really cool. I'm also wondering if a promotion will be assigned by a "boss" figure or will it be given to you by the server if you're doing your job right (obviously this one would be a little harder). Thanks!
  25. The World

    Hello Everyone/Devs, So, I know the game will have Police, and Gangs. In the overview there is something said about Gangs declaring war on each other and certain PVP locations. I'm just wondering what will be in place to stop the world from going to chaos and you being shot, killed, robbed, kidnapped, or ran over by vehicles all day? I know on some Life games as well the criminals will wait for there to be few Police on the server and such. Will there be something to keep peace in the normal areas, or will this all be based on if there is police on? I know there may not be answers yet for these questions, but I just wonder about how it will run based on pass experience from life games/mods. How will Identity deal with this? Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Nave