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Found 9 results

  1. Could you be a kid or an animal? Because in my mind some kids could be playing as an adult, and they have a high-pitched voice. To me that's pretty weird. And the animal feature. Someone might want to be a dog, cat, shark, etc. This is an idea and a question.
  2. How about a zoo?

    A zoo would be neat. Tigers, Lions and Bears! It is not important to add one though because visiting the zoo might get boring after awhile.
  3. You have the possibilty of having the dogs? And will there be more races? i'm very curious
  4. Pets

    Will there be pets in the game? If so how will they act? Like in RL or not? For an idea of what I'm saying: Will they run away when not cared for? Will they breed? Will they go outside on walks? can they play in the yard? Will there be Vets? Will there be pet shops or adoption centers? Can I get some answers?
  5. In real life I am a farmer, I homestead and am working to grow my own food. Wouldnt that be an awesome idea inside this game! For people to be able to choose if they want to reside in a suburb or rural area, the woods or the country with the ability to build your own home. Not only that if people could own pets, like cats, dogs, hamsters, snakes etc. Dogs could bark and attack, make it a challenge for those who take the criminal route and want to burglarize a home. There are also multiple breeds of these animals. if you choose a more country survival aspect of the game, to grow your own vegetables and animals like cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and be able to breed them, sell and choose which animals you want to eat. These animals also come in a variety of heritage breeds and hybrids. And each animal has benefits to keeping them. For example, some chickens are more meaty, some chicken breeds are more likely to hatch out chicks. Some are bigger than others. The players can choose how to breed them and sell them on the market or eat them. Some people can choose to be farmers, which can contribute to the markets and stores for non farming citizens to eat. If horse riding, ownership and breeding was allowed that would be fun too! Horse racing that people could place bets in. Also including various breeds. It would allow people to profit and diversify people's occupations. A way for people to understand how important it is to have farming and farmers in society would really benefit this game. As a farmer myself if anyone involved in the games creation wants to get my advice and knowledge on farming and animals involved in farming I'd be glad to help!
  6. i was wondering if there will be animals such as cows, sheeep, pigs n such for farms and if there will be some interaction for them such as, milking cows, sheering sheep ect....also horses and horseback riding! also will there be pets such as dogs n cats and will you need to feed your pets and be able to walk your dog?
  7. I have a few questions, sorry if they've been asked before I searched them up however I haven't found any results or answers to my questions. 1. What animals can we expect to see, obviously we have seen deer, will there be foxes, birds, will fish be an actual visible thing underwater or is fishing just like altis life and they jut appear in your net, is there badgers and maybe pigeons or rats could eat dropped food items in the streets. 2. What kinds of boats will there be? We've seen yachts, will there be one type of yacht or maybe a few types and they'll be different prices. Will it work like in gta and you can chose lights, colour scheme or will it be like a floating apartment and you can customise the inside like the apartments.Will the yachts also work like in GTA and not drive around but just be in a fixed place or can we take controls with a steering wheel and drive it. Will there be jet skis and leisure boats like luxury speedboats or stand up paddle boards, kayak, windsurf, kitesurfing ad you had said there would be sports involved. 3. How will the sea work, coastguard, drowning etc? Will there be waves, tides and currents in the game, which would create amazing immersion if you asked me, and how would swimming work (hopefully not like altis life god i hate that), would there be different types of swimming like front crawl, breaststroke etc, and if you crashed your boat out to sea would the boat sink slowly leaving you stranded, maybe you could add life jackets or those rings you throw out to save people if they fell near a harbour or something. Is there a coastguard that could come and save you in a rhib or a lifeboat if you were seen drowning or drifting out to sea? 4. Rougly how many houses will me my the map, and will there be other houses like mansions other than the ones we have seen like 1 bedroom apartment and luxury one bedroom and two bedroom and the studio apartment, wi there be huge mansions will pools and thins like that, excluding the penthouse. 5. Can the police raid your house/search the house if you are seen entering with illegal items or something. (I have read something about people not being allowed to enter without permission because it's your personal area, but does this exclude cops) 6. Will there be working wing mirrors and mirrors in cars, working windows you can put down, and working parking sensors which maybe would beep if your near to hit something but william also cost extra on top of the price of the car. Also I noticed in the overview the car has manual and automatic, how exactly will manual work? 7. Trains?? Public transport like buses and trains would be a really nice feature and could add lots of roleplay scenarios. 8. Snow. In the map picture there is mountains with snow on by the looks of it and I was wondering... Will this jut be an aesthetic? Or would there be snow sports like skiing, snowboarding or maybe snowmobiles. If you do add skiing you could make it a proffessional sport or maybe have a ski lift. 9. Is there going to be large cargo ships? In the map picture we are able to see a large harbour. Will there be large cargo ships to carry huge amounts of produce or items. It could be a way for corporations to bring larger amounts of items at once form one end of the island to the other instead of needing lots of trucks. Now, you might say like aircraft that it would just avoid encounters which is the core of role play gameplay. However I think, as yeah you would miss encounters with other cars on the road, you could come across other ships that are sinking and maybe get lifeboats out to save them, you could be attacked by pirated for you produce on the ship, you could sink yourself and then need to be rescued. I think this would be super fun and also a better way for transporting large amounts of goods. It would also make a huge harbour not just for things like yachts and small boats. @HairyGrenade can you answer any of these? In this post Im going to keep adding questions as I think of them. Tell me if you see a grammatical error i'll correct it! -Theo
  8. take care of a animal?

    will we be able to take care of a dog or cat, take it for a walk buy food, it would be a good way of getting a more realistic life style
  9. pets?

    It would be really cool if you could have dogs,cats,fish,insects,lizards,turtles,etc. and if you could have different breeds of dogs with different stats for example a rottweiler for a guard dog