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  1. We were promised a gameplay video in January, will we be seeing this or has it been even further delayed?
  2. What job roles will everyone have ?

    i listed to it on one bar ok i'm sorry i cant hear
  3. What job roles will everyone have ?

    It is confirmed there will be different police departments. It is even in the overview video where they say you can be part of the SWAT, DEA, etc
  4. Transport Ships

    There are a few yachts available and you can get a vague idea of how big one of the yachts in the overview video. There will probably be lower decks as well as just the top deck.
  5. Confirmed New Video Coming

    cough ubisoft cough
  6. Will we be able to go in all buildings

    You won't be able to go inside other people's houses without their permission, but I get what you're asking. The answer is probably no as some might be just for decor but most buildings with uses will probably be accessed. For example a police station, a cinema, a shop etc. This is just speculation though.
  7. • QUESTION: Starter Items?

    We will get a hotel room that is payed for already for about a week I believe. Then your cast out onto the streets, where you can buy houses, apartments or just get another room in the hotel but you paying.
  8. • QUESTION: In-Game News?

    Probably some actual news, and a lot of wacky things like ringing in drug dealers and convicted murderers
  9. • QUESTION: In-Game News?

    I'm a radio presenter now
  10. Questions about Animations & physics

    I hope so, I don't think doors will be reached out and open because we saw doors being opened in the housing video. They might add it in time. I don't think it will be possible to walk around in buses, for 2 reasons, The main one being buses are tiny and there wouldn't really be anywhere to walk to anyway. The second one being it would be hard to make it not glitch out. I think that your character will probably turn the ignition but not pull a key out, and click the unlock button and stuff like that as it is a bit too complex.
  11. Nametags

    For sure I think you need to greet someone first if this isn't it could just ruin it. And masks should hide your identity.
  12. Nametags

    Will all the players have their name tags above their head, Like they do in V? I think it would sort of ruin the RP as people could instantly know who you are even if they've never met you before. In my opinion it should work like this: Whenever you meet someone for the first time they will either have 'Unknown' as an nametag or just have no name tag at all. Then, you can either set their name tag as whatever you want like for example 'Gun supplier' or something. They could also show you ID which would have their name, DOB, stuff like that and you will be able to see their full name. Yor opinions on how name tags should work? I'm open to ideas I know my idea isn't perfect.
  13. Luprano Family

    I Antonio Romani pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family.
  14. Physics

    Can I turn a corner in a truck and not go flying when i hit a stop sign?
  15. I'm just gunna ask one thing: Whe they said they are capable of thousands of players in a server with spatialOS, why does everyone instantly think 1,000? thousands is not 1000..... Also guy who asked this question please learn something about game development that is a really dumb question...