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Found 7 results

  1. Post Office

    I would like to Deliver Post or Packets to Players. Like Ups. Is there a Possible Way to start such a Career? Ps: Sorry Bad English, German.
  2. Trucking Empire

    i know that you can join a corporation and Drive A semi truck but is it possible to actually own the entire Corporation that hires the drivers and staff the warehouses and work with vendors
  3. Three questions

    I've got three questions, which I have been wondering about the past few days. I have writen them down, and chosen to make one single thread to these questions, so I ain't making a whole bunch of threads. Question 1: How is payment gonna work? Is it like an app on your mobile, which's connected to your bank account, which can transfer money from one person to another - just like MobilePay, which we've got here in Denmark, or is it like paying with your creditcard in the store? And what if you just want's to give your friend some money, which isn't business related? Do you then have to withdraw the amount of money at an ATM, or can you transfer the money via the bank's website on your computer? Question 2: What about delivery of buses, trucks and/or other large vehicles? Will it be a transport company (or an NPC) which comes with the vehicle on a flatbed trailer, or do you have to pick up the vehicle by yourself? Question 3: What will happen when all apartments and houses is sold/rented out to players? What will new players have to do, if there isn't available houses/apartments?
  4. What truck makes do the logistics companies in Identity want in the game? You may choose to breifly research about the manufactures listed. What trailer types will you have?
  5. resist Skate Brand · Streetwear · Highend Concept based Highend clothing 1. sketches now available For interest, investments or collabs DM me This is only my first sketches, more to come, and in different variations · White Crewneck Blessed · · Black Crewneck Blessed · · White Hoodie Pray · · Black Hoodie · · Black Knit Cap · · Navy Blue Knit Cap · · Merica Bag · · Blessed Concept · LOOKING FOR Funds Production Let me know what you think!
  6. My company, Ascension, is a goods delivering service that deliver anything from furniture, to TV's, to bikes. I am hiring people to work for me in these positions: Business management (0/1) Truck drivers (1/5) @mezdoo Product Supply (0/1-3) Customer Support (0/0-2) Pm me if you would like to apply for a position, and I will update the slots on when we have a person.

    WE ARE OUT OF BUSINESS DUE TO NO-ONE BEING INTERESTED AND I DON'T SEE ANY PROFIT COMING OUT OF IT. Our mission is to provide the citizens of Identity a reliable postal service. WE ARE NOW HIRING! LOOKING FOR ONE CHIEF OF DELIVERY AND 5 DRIVERS! PM ME IF YOUR INTERESTED IN THE JOB! What we'd like to do - Here at MPS we'd like to partner with companies such as Keys High End Apparel, Winston's Tailor, etc. We would also like to provide players with a way to send their friends items, mail, or anything of the sort across the map without having to walk all the way if they cannot afford a car or simply do not feel like driving. RATES FOR CITIZENS: Depending on the distance you need us to travel to get your package delivered, Short distance: $50 Medium Distance: $85 Long Distance: $150 **NOTE** These rates include the distance to come to your location to pick up the item, and to bring it to your recipient. **NOTE** PARTNERSHIPS: Monthly Rate: $2,000-$2,500 (Depends on how many items we ship for you, PM for more information) Yearly Rate: $23,000 (Again, Depending on how many items we ship) **NOTE** If you are a newly starting business with low funds, we will cut you special deals. **NOTE** If you are interested in partnering with us, PM me and we'll talk business! ANY AND ALL OF THESE PRICES MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, AS THIS IS ROUGHLY BASED OFF OF WHAT I'VE HEARD THE ECONOMY WILL BE LIKE. ~Terms Of Service~ As of 12/12/16, if you are a well known criminal, your cargo may be checked to make sure we are not distributing illegal objects. Any deliveries that are not paid for will be reported to the authorities. If nothing is done about it within the 2-3 days, we will be taking personal action on the matter. If you still do not pay for your delivery, we will seize something of yours, and depending the price, this may be your freedom. **NOTE** Any citizen who simply cannot afford the delivery they ordered will receive a fine of $120-$300. Any CORPORATION that cannot afford their partnership rates will either be cut off and/or fined. **NOTE**