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  1. Easter Eggs

    That would kinda suck for April Fool's Day, especially considering the fact that April Fools is a little more than a week after the game's release
  2. Easter Eggs

    I don't know if you get this question often, but how cool would it be if there was a bigfoot easter egg or something in the game? The game might be a bit more exciting if there was a hidden cave in the forest where howls are heard late at night, or maybe on the 21st of March of every year, there's a small chance in every game to see a megalodon in the ocean. If you have plans for the easter egg, don't tell me what they are because I would love to find it. I can see how the game has different intentions instead of GTA-like easter eggs, but a few would be cool.
  3. Continue The Story

    The hamster spun around and whipped out a...
  4. Titles

    Thanks James :3
  5. Titles

    Will players have titles and such? For example, if you own a piece of territory in royal land in real life, you can get a title. (I will be known as Lord *FIRSTNAME*) and I would really love this feature... Maybe don't add LORD though, haha. Thanks for reading though, bye!
  6. Hello from Israel :P

    No problem man, I did have other plans too :3. I wanted to either aim for living in an apartment, and have a city life, or live in the woods all alone, too :3
  7. Hello from Israel :P

    Please, I beg of you, can we be roommates, and we can live in a shack together. We shall be hunters!
  8. -

    James is legit the most helpful community member I've seen so far
  9. Everyone calm down, if you click the post button 5 times before it loads, it'll post the thing 5 times. He obv clicked it 5 times
  10. hello just bought the $30 pledge

    i just gave you 2 likes :3 welcome to the community
  11. Housing and Money

    How would homes work? For say, if I made an epic house that I really loved in server x, but then transferred to server y, would my home stay the same? Same goes for currency
  12. Consoles

    now we know :3
  13. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 39: Gaming Zone with best pc's and consoles on the planet, with 2k plus games
  14. Graffiti

    i understand that, like on the sides of a bridge or something, not on someones home and stuff :3 also thanks jamesluck01, you have been one of the most helpful community members that I've seen so far, keep up the awesomeness