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  1. Easter Eggs

    I don't know if you get this question often, but how cool would it be if there was a bigfoot easter egg or something in the game? The game might be a bit more exciting if there was a hidden cave in the forest where howls are heard late at night, or maybe on the 21st of March of every year, there's a small chance in every game to see a megalodon in the ocean. If you have plans for the easter egg, don't tell me what they are because I would love to find it. I can see how the game has different intentions instead of GTA-like easter eggs, but a few would be cool.
  2. Easter Eggs

    That would kinda suck for April Fool's Day, especially considering the fact that April Fools is a little more than a week after the game's release
  3. Continue The Story

    The hamster spun around and whipped out a...
  4. Titles

    Will players have titles and such? For example, if you own a piece of territory in royal land in real life, you can get a title. (I will be known as Lord *FIRSTNAME*) and I would really love this feature... Maybe don't add LORD though, haha. Thanks for reading though, bye!
  5. Titles

    Thanks James :3
  6. Hello from Israel :P

    No problem man, I did have other plans too :3. I wanted to either aim for living in an apartment, and have a city life, or live in the woods all alone, too :3
  7. Hello from Israel :P

    Please, I beg of you, can we be roommates, and we can live in a shack together. We shall be hunters!
  8. Graffiti

    Just a quick question, will graffiti be a thing in the game, like you can buy spray cans, and go spray paint a bridge or something? Will you be able to make flyers to advertise businesses and place it on walls? Thanks
  9. -

    James is legit the most helpful community member I've seen so far
  10. Everyone calm down, if you click the post button 5 times before it loads, it'll post the thing 5 times. He obv clicked it 5 times
  11. hello just bought the $30 pledge

    i just gave you 2 likes :3 welcome to the community
  12. Housing and Money

    How would homes work? For say, if I made an epic house that I really loved in server x, but then transferred to server y, would my home stay the same? Same goes for currency
  13. Consoles

    now we know :3
  14. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 39: Gaming Zone with best pc's and consoles on the planet, with 2k plus games
  15. Graffiti

    i understand that, like on the sides of a bridge or something, not on someones home and stuff :3 also thanks jamesluck01, you have been one of the most helpful community members that I've seen so far, keep up the awesomeness
  16. Snorkeling? Diving?

    Yes, I strongly agree that this game NEEDS snorkeling and/or diving, that would be just epic
  17. I have a dream that one day...

    I'm shooting for 10 weeks at MAX
  18. Truck Logos

    If I had a business, and I were to, for example, have a few stores around the country and I needed to deliver items to the stores, in a truck, would I be able to have my company name on THAT truck? Would I be able to have my company name on the store as well? Thanks for reading :3
  19. Hello from Austria

    It sucks that the game is delayed till september
  20. Hey there! The game sounds awesome, and I can't wait for it! But, I read that you can be a judge and such, and decide on people's fate in jail..... That got me thinking of Saul Goodman, from Breaking Bad, the series I am currently addicted to. He doesn't lie, but he does clever work to get people out of jail. Would this work at all for me? Also, who determines the laws in the game? Thanks for reading, and bye!
  21. Truck Logos

    So many questions
  22. When exactly should the game be bought?