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Found 4 results

  1. Forum Ranks

    Im seeing a lot of people with ranks such as burglar, mugger, farmer etc and I was wondering how people get these tags if it has something to with the +1s or given.
  2. Sonic Reporting For Dutie!

    Hello people of Identity! Just wanted to say I am happy to be joining you on this glorious day! I truly cannot wait until this game fully launches. I have plans on opening a server when that option becomes available.. I am 22 years old I have been in PC game sense a was just a little tater tot. I plan on being a Police Officer in-game and fully intend on streaming a ton of the game-play on my Twitch channel! ...Well that's enough for now. I love you all. Don't be strangers Add me on steam! /blazzin
  3. Titles

    Will players have titles and such? For example, if you own a piece of territory in royal land in real life, you can get a title. (I will be known as Lord *FIRSTNAME*) and I would really love this feature... Maybe don't add LORD though, haha. Thanks for reading though, bye!
  4. My idea for a perfect crime system is one where there is a permanent death , basically there would be life insurance that counts as extra lives . If your a criminal you'll either have to pay a lot for insurance or you simply can't , depending of the severity of the crime. Lets say you sold drugs - you could buy insurance but it would cost a lot. If your a serial killer - you'r too dangerous and are a maniac , therefore you'r not going to be sold insurance. Insurance would be quite expensive and it would be determined on how much money you currently have. Insurance would also be stack-able to a certain limit. This would ensure that even the richest people can't have hundreds apon hundreds of life insurances. I see this system as fair , and players who have eared there money legitimately wont have to fear from unfair RDMs (random death match), or at least as much. This way seems the best system I've seen so far as criminals have to be prepared for perma-death. And innocence don't die unfairly . I would love to see this idea take off, so let me know what you think,is this full-proof are there ways it can be improved. Is there any flaws with this system?