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Found 8 results

  1. I'm not too sure if these types of things are already planned for the game already but if they are I would love some clarification on these details possibly being in the game. 1. Gas stations with working pumps to were you can actually grab the pump to fill your gas tank ( Just to add that extra detail of realism you don't get in games) 2. Restaurants that are RP based Ex. Being a chef / waiter waiting on other players. [ Small details not just for restaurants but all jobs would really make a huge impact for this game!] 3. Working Stock market effected by the world. Ex. Stocks for specific business drop if the business owner is murdered / the building is raided ect. FOR COMBAT 4. Bleed out system as well as bullet decals in the correct spot you were shot. Ex. Shot in leg causing a limp and bleeding effect at point of impact with a bullet wound as well as constant decline in health until treated with bandage etc. {This is something I find very necessary for this type of game especially for the realism this game is wanting to deliver for RP'rs, it would also improve EMS jobs and encourage players to partake in that field much more. 5. A detailed wounded system. As an example, something like what Escape from Tarkov has done with its combat system with different conditions depending on where you are shot. Not just bleed out like most games. Ex. Gut shot causing internal bleeding not fixed by just bandaging/Head shot causing concussions as well as other things depending on the severity. Bottom line is really am looking forward to this game and I hope some of these things are considered at least a smidge for the final version released, Already backed it on the website and even thinking of upgrading my version to help out even more. But most importantly it's not so much these things go in the game but please take note that its small details like this that make a game that much better and really separate if from whats out there already (even though its doing that already) hence why its gotten the attention it deserves. Please let me know what you think of my ideas, I'd love to know and would love to help with development anyway possible. Keep up the great work and can't wait!
  2. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share an idea about Electric and plug-in Hybrid vehicles. Being a person who pre-ordered a Tesla model 3 and an enthusiast of Electric Vehicles naturally I thought I should share this on Identity. In reality, I am the first in my family to make a pledge to never in my life touch a petrol or diesel pump and so far I have gone with my promise. I think that Identity should have a few Hybrid and fully Electric vehicle models to satisfy everyone in both your average vehicle sector and premium sports vehicles. I don't know if you need to put petrol in your cars in Identity but if you do I think it would be a cool idea to have some charge point infrastructure around the map but much smaller than that of Petrol stations to simulate the real world. Many companies offer home charging points and the Developers did say that you will have some limited exterior customization and this would be a neat little addition to charge your car at home. Minor public Network but possibility to open your own network as a business and set charge prices, parking etc... Manufacturers could produce these. Doesn't it take longer to charge than filling up a tank with petrol? Well... Yes, at home charging points it takes hours where as at public DC points it takes minutes. The way this could work in Identity is just to extend recharging times to something like 5x or 6x longer than it takes to fill petrol depending on the power output and vehicle. Electric Vehicle range can vary from 100 miles to 200 miles to 300 miles on a single charge, people can enjoy the instant torque on some EV models and more storage in vehicles for transport. Is this idea practical? That's up to you all to determine but I know that with instant torque ill be happy with any Electric vehicle that could be released in Identity. There is a lot of vehicle diversity so why not add a few charge points to the identity map, flare things up a bit and offer home owners and business owners the opportunity to install charge points to get more customers. Electric vehicle charging could open more possibilities for manufacturers to produce and deploy charging points for homes and stations, could you buy land to set up your own network? It would be cool to do something like that from land you might own (Not just charging, general ownership and management of land for whatever you want) What do charge points look like? That really depends on the country and county then companies like Tesla have their own network of Superchargers which charge your vehicle for 80% in 30 minutes (They can also use public stations) Here is a look at various charge points globally: The costs: Your average regular electric vehicle can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 while premium EV's (Electric Vehicles) can be from $65,000 to $115,000 and sports electric vehicles up to $200,000 Elected officials could amend rules based on Electric vehicles too, introducing or removing incentives and free or paid charging point access at government charge points (Excl. Privately owned) Here is a look at some common electric vehicles from each category: Tesla Model 3 ($28,000 - $35,000 standard version) Nissan Leaf (Avg. $27,000 standard version) Hyundai Ioniq (Avg. $20,000 Standard) Tesla Model X (From $80,000 - $115,000+ Premium Electric SUV) BMW i3 (From $35,000) BMW i8 (From $115,000) The question is, what do you all think? I know some people like the roar of an engine or find it unattractive to charge your vehicle but personally I firmly believe it would be a nice addition to Identity, the developers could always just make 2 or 3 models and a hybrid or two then see how it performs then offer more options in future updates. I hope I can own one of the above in Identity, thank you all! Regards, Air
  3. Tax/Economy Realism

    There already have been a few people who asked about the realism of the economy,(Link to similar post, Another Link ), but my question is a little more specific. I saw the page for one of the candidates for governor(or mayor, not really sure), and he said that he would have a flat tax rate of 10%. My question is this, if the economy is realistic wouldn't this be insanely low for a flat tax rate and if not, would an ideal tax rate(one which would be sufficient enough for the government to run effectively) be higher or lower than this? TL;DR Is 10% a viable tax rate for Identity? What would be one? There is a good chance that there aren't a huge amount of people who actually know for a fact how government spending and taxes work, so opinions/ hypotheses welcome c:
  4. Sonic Reporting For Dutie!

    Hello people of Identity! Just wanted to say I am happy to be joining you on this glorious day! I truly cannot wait until this game fully launches. I have plans on opening a server when that option becomes available.. I am 22 years old I have been in PC game sense a was just a little tater tot. I plan on being a Police Officer in-game and fully intend on streaming a ton of the game-play on my Twitch channel! ...Well that's enough for now. I love you all. Don't be strangers Add me on steam! /blazzin
  5. Hyper realistic VOIP

    I don't know if it's planned that way, but since Identity is set up as a hyper realistic MMORPG, it would be cool if VOIP would be set up in this way: - Players must wear a headset which is always open - If you're near a player, you can hear what he is saying - There's no way to disable this See, this is how it works in the real world. If I talk to someone, there's no real way to make someone who is standing nearby NOT hear what's being said. Whispering, maybe. Or walking away. But the regular VOIP system where you can choose to only talk to party/group members just doesn't feel to be appropriate for Identity. Cheers, inkihh
  6. I have recently heard of this game and have been psyched ever since. I've been waiting for a game like this all of my life but no one has ever been able to deliver. Identity has the best chance of making my dream game come true so I desperately hope at least some of my suggestions can be implemented in the game. 1) Freedom of Choice: This is the most important aspect of the game I'm looking forward to. I've always wanted to play a game that is focused mainly on the Sims aspect of real life as opposed to a game like GTA 5 that is basically just a game focused on criminality with limited option to do anything else. I want to have the freedom to lead my own life without being forced to engage in any type of activity. I know Identity is being built mainly as a police/criminal type of game but the ability to add non-criminal gameplay in addition to the detailed Sims aspect of the game makes this game ideal. My main suggestion here is please focus more on the non-criminal aspect of the game, try to make non-police non-criminal aspects/activities/careers of the game just as detailed and comprehensive if possible. 2) Realism: Realism is another big issue for me, making the game as real as possible would be perfect. My suggestions here are making the day/night cycle much longer than in GTA 5. You want to really enjoy each time of day without it passing by in just a few short minutes. I wouldn't even mind having to wait for my character to sleep for a decent while at nights if that's what it takes. I understand some players may not want this so having different servers with different settings could accommodate all types of players. Other suggestions are realistic walking/running speed unlike GTA 5 where first person mode always had you running. Realistic stamina so you wouldn't be able to run indefinitely like in GTA 5. Realistic season changes if possible. Realistic trash/waste/dirt forcing the player to do regular cleanup of the house/office, putting out trash, and washing clothes/etc. Bigger city sizes: if possible please make the cities bigger than Los Santos in GTA 5. Though Los Santos had a decent size a bigger city would be a lot more immersive and fun especially with lots of available activities. 3) Careers/Jobs: Please try to add as many different jobs/careers as possible. This is extremely important in giving the player freedom of choice and lots of options to explore. It will really increase the game's replayability. Here're some suggestions: - Doctor: Instead of having an EMT that heals players it would be a lot more fun if you had an ambulance driver who'd delivery emergency patients to a hospital where a player doctor would do the healing/surgery/etc. The doctor could take care of both "dead"/severely injured players as well as treat regular patients with common sicknesses. - Financial manager: Someone who will invest/trade for other players assuming there will be a decent and dynamic stock/commodity exchange in the game. - Garbage man: Assuming there would be trash in the game, waste management worker(s) could take everyone's trash once a week using a garbage truck. - Postal worker: Instead of delivering mail directly have a post office where the post office worker receives and delivers all player mails. - Regular office work that could somehow relate to other aspects/jobs in the game (examples> DMV where players would need to renew their registration/license/get car inspections/etc. Insurance worker, realtor, accountant, etc.) - Hotel manager: Assuming there will be hotels/motels where players could stay when out of town. - News reporter/anchor: You could be a reporter or anchor either filming real in game events or reporting on them, could include weather, business, and sports news as well. - Cook: With real cooking where you'd have to correctly use ingredients and process them correctly, etc. - Gym trainer: Where you help people in the gym. This could give a strength boost to the player working out giving them results faster so they'd have an incentive to hire a trainer. - Lawn maintenance: Where you have to maintain people's lawns and landscape - Cleaning service: Where you clean other players' houses, businesses, yachts, etc. - Regular jobs like managing a store/business, attending doors, bouncer, farm worker, assistant of all types, security, dog walking, etc. Some of these jobs can also be done by AI in the absence of players. 4) Activities: Please for the love of god include A LOT of activities in this game. One of the biggest let downs of GTA 5 was that it had a big map with very little to do. Almost none of the buildings could be entered and a lot of easily programmable activities were not included. Here're my suggestions in this area: - Allow players to enter/explore as many buildings as possible even if they're not directly related to the game. - Allow players to interact with as many things as possible, little things add up and go a long way to significantly increase immersion, a lot of it is easily programmable. In GTA 5 for example they had built a theme park but you could only do two quick activities there even though the structure for much more games/rides/activities were already built. - Sports: Soccer and basketball are the two most important but any additional ones would be welcome. Sports should include skill levels that increase the more you play. Your stamina/endurance/strength would also affect your performance. - Snow/ice activities/sports like hockey, skating, snowboarding, skiing, or just sliding down the mountain on a sled. - Public swimming, tanning, spa, billiards (pool), air hockey, arcade games, cycling, jogging, hiking, camping, kite flying, frisbee, flying drones (with camera if possible), etc. - An extensive gym system with lots of available machines/free weights/treadmills/etc. requiring a player to go through a decent routine and spend some time there regularly to become fit. 5) Businesses: Once again it would be great if you could include as many businesses as possible, some could require a direct player involvement, some could be done by AI. Here're some suggestions: - Parking Garage/Lot: Someplace players can park their cars for a fee, great for busy locations with limited parking space! - Laundromat: Where players can have their clothes washed - Restaurants and cafes - Bars, clubs, and lounges - Internet cafes - Malls, regular stores of all types - Car washes and auto shops - Tanning salons, spa, barber shops, arcades, etc. 6) Other: - College/University: Perhaps you'd need to get a degree for certain jobs like medicine where you're required to sit in long/boring lectures every day for some time before you're qualified. This will ensure only patient/interested players could go through the process to get the job same as real life. - Park-o-meter on some locations? - Online business rating where players can rate businesses. This will ensure the businesses who do a good job get more clients just like in real life. - Game events have consequences in different areas. For example if there is going to be a dynamic stock exchange a business/corporation performance will have affect on its stock price. Or commodity prices fluctuate based on weather/in game events/etc. - Car GPS has real GPS sound with directions not just a line on a map. - There should be AI in the absence of players. If a players is not available to attend a business/job an AI should replace his role. You shouldn't go to an empty business/store/etc. Also some AI could be added to increase population density and have them do boring mundane work regular players wouldn't do. - Video games: There could be video games in the game, you could play on your phone, computer, or in an arcade/internet cafe. 7) Flying: I know this is probably not going to be in the game initially but I think this is too important a field to be completely left out. Perhaps after the initial release when you work on adding even more size to the map you could introduce flying. This game just won't be complete without the ability to fly and it would add an extremely fun career of being a pilot. I've heard there's a plan to double the map's size by adding another island in future DLCs, you could then introduce airports and give the player the ability to travel to the other island by air. Please don't rule out this feature.
  7. If there is a name-tag system implemented within the game, I've thought of a system that would hide the name tag of a player, used to disguise their name from others having the power to use it against them as it's shown above their head or within the player himself, I am suggesting an option that is required for everyone to specify who they want to know their name/those who currently know the player's name, it would be a required option to use if someone had found out the player's name in a role-play manner, I feel it would just increase the role-play within Identity, and help from people using name tags as an advantage. Also wanting to add: I've asked a question on Identity's twitter page, haven't gotten an answer but here's the question..
  8. Detective Gameplay

    So, there's not much info about this but I would LOVE to see a whole DNA system and all that crap for the detectives, being able to find criminals by following evidence and leads that you might find at the crime scene is something I would've loved in an MMO. Makes such great roleplay and gameplay! Do you think the developers would be able to do something like that? Blood analysis, DNA samples, etc etc. Blood splatter ( Think Dexter where he works out from where the victim was shot from, range, power and such.) I mean, it is a pretty huge feature but I'd love that!