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  1. Enough is Enough

    At this point I'm assuming the game is cancelled. I don't think the devs were intentionally trying to scam everyone. I think they really gave it their best effort and realized halfway into the development that they didn't have the resources and ability to deliver what they were promising. Fortunately I only spent $15. This will be my life lesson never to fund another unfinished game ever again.
  2. Show me your apartment

    Looks pretty good
  3. Where do you all stand. Pt. 2

    I admit I was at 100% up until a few weeks ago but I'm now at 75%. I still believe in the game and I understand how difficult and unpredictable taking on a such a daunting project can be BUT I do not understand nor appreciate the lack of communication as well as the lack of full on dedication to the project by the devs. In my opinion given the circumstances the devs should not be working the normal 9-5 or taking 2 day weekend breaks as they are currently doing. If they were really dedicated and passionate about the project they would be working overtime nonstop at least until the first module was released, especially given how behind schedule they are. The lack of urgency tells me the devs aren't fully passionate or committed and don't care much about fan expectations. I'm still giving the project the benefit of the doubt but another major red flag or two and my dedication will fall to 50% and I might consider asking for a refund.
  4. It's obviously a fake number because if they raised about $1.3 million it would come out to an average of less than $10 spent per citizen, which is impossible since the cheapest option is $15. Clearly dishonest and another red flag for this project.
  5. Devs are still testing...

    I'm OK with the wait but I personally have an issue with the devs take 2 day weekend breaks, taking off holidays, and I assume being out of the office by 5 pm every day. This might be OK for an already established company that's on schedule to release their product or deliver their services but it's generally expected for a startup to go the extra mile and work harder than the usual 9-5 5 day work weeks, especially when they're so much behind schedule. If I were them I'd make a little temporary sacrifice and work a little harder for the next year or two. The game they're making has a lot of potential, it would be a shame if they under-deliver due to laziness or not willing to make short term sacrifices. Many business owers, startup owners, and even working professionals like doctors and bankers can attest to the fact that they need to work extremely difficult and long hours in order to succeed so it's not really unreasonable to expect the same here.
  6. We've waited for this... I'm so excited!

    Honestly it looked pretty standard for a game. What other games do you know that have super realistic graphics without being heavily modded?
  7. We've waited for this... I'm so excited!

    In what way wasn't it realistic? It looked pretty realistic to me.
  8. It looked really nice, I'm definitely excited. I don't want to be picky but I suppose if you were to force me to be critical I would say the player movement animations could be further improved to become even more realistic/natural. Of course it would also be great if character animations could be added for all the object interactions that the player can engage in. For example when picking up a newspaper it would be great if the character would actually go through the motions of putting in a coin, opening up the stand, and taking out a paper. Also I could be wrong but I thought the devs previously said that inventory items would actually be visible on the player but in the video it seemed like the player would just pick up items and they would magically be added to him without him having to actually carry them. This game has a ton of potential, it could really end up being one of the greatest games of all times. I really hope the devs continue working on the game even after release and keep adding in more features, activities, jobs, concepts, etc in the future.
  9. Weekly Hopes #3

    No because it will break realism since a lot of people will attempt to rob others. In real life the risk of burglary is extremely high up to and including death. In the game however even if you get shot you immediately respawn so the risk to reward ratio is completely different.
  10. Delay announced by Motown

    Paratus's post was made on Friday, the tracker was already up even before that. The next update came well into Sunday. That's way more than 24 hours. I'm not saying it's a big deal, I just thought it was funny.
  11. Delay announced by Motown

    LOL, it only took 24 hours for them to break the next promise
  12. The Devs have said they plan to set max jail time to 45 minutes right now. I'm hoping you'd be able to increase it on private servers for realism purposes.
  13. Before we all get mad at the dev's

    The graphics in that gameplay video were completely different from what they showed us earlier. Just compare the earlier videos where you see a house in the forest and compare it to what they showed in the video. It's not the same. That fact alone killed a lot of hype for me.
  14. Let's brighten up a bit!

    Extreme weather and natural disasters like Hurricane, major storms, forest fires, floods, etc. would make really interesting additions to the game.
  15. This is the new video...?

    The graphics was a lot poorer than previous clips/trailers. This was definitely a big disappointment for me. Graphics is the #1 issue I look for in a sim game.