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Found 9 results

  1. Farming/Gardening

    I think it would be neat if players could buy plots of land and build farmhouses and farm the nearby land using purchased equipment. I would also like to see the implantation of a sort of community garden in the city where players can seed, raise, and pick fresh crops where they can either sell at a market or eat for food.
  2. About Businesses

    I just found this game a little bit ago(my comma key does not work lmao) and I am AMAZED!I've never seen anything like it and it's crazy imo.So is it possible to buy a plaza say and then rent it out for others to buy and the rents go to you?And if you bought an industry building could you perhaps mass produce something and send it to stores?And is there going to be a different char. creation so i can have one criminal char a police char and a rich business man?Another thing is will there be a car industry so you can make cars and sell them?Just curious because i'm dying to play this game xP Luv Y'all
  3. Work and Play

    I'm currently in the Army so I go out on field problems around every two months for a month straight, I'm just wondering about how It'll work out when I'm gone for a month or more and I got a character in the game with a job, bills, etc. will my guy be fired cause I'm not here to work? Will I lose my apartment and other possessions because I'm not here to pay the bills? Will it auto pay bills while I'm gone and I return to a character with no money? Just want to figure this all out.
  4. I have some questions, So when you are at work (any job such as Police, Fire, EMS, Logistics, ETC...) And it is around time for your shift to end is there a game mechanic that as soon as you leave and store your vehicle at the depot or station are you able to change into civilian clothes in a locker room then get your car and drive it home. And live as a firefighter that is off duty. I want to see something like this because I will be on duty a lot and would like to get a chance to leave some times. Maybe even have a farm or other hobbies. Also will you be able to buy buildings and have an office setup (Created by people) for my logistics enterprise or something. and be able to store vehicles somewhere. And have logos on everything. For example Fedex Freight or UPS (But not these names for copy right reasons). I want to see all of the following - Fully Custom Logos (Created By player) - Work Vehicles (Box Trucks, Semis, pickup trucks W/Trailers,) With Logos on them - Work Uniforms (Custom For The Job or Business created by CEO/Owner) - Radios/Handheld (Operational In Vehicle/on foot) - Full Vehicle Customization (Work And Personal) - Full Setup on Paychecks For Workers (Managed by CEO/OWNER, Based on the money earned and work labor) - For farms (Operational Tractors/Equipment, Livestock, Fields) - Realistic Gas Prices (Diesel and regular) - Game Mechanic where your car/truck could break down or need repairs - Fully working Speedometer/Meters in car/trucks - Cold Weather To where cars/trucks/tractors have problems starting or cold start -Working garage to where you can buy parts and install them yourself/ Fix stuff yourself - Lessons or licences and schooling that teaches you how to Fix things or Do pretty much anything - Being able to bring coffee in your car ( Drinks) And Eat at any restaurant and eat and drink at your desk [ This is just a short list of what we all hope to see in the game] [ Hope the game comes out soon]
  5. I'm not too sure if these types of things are already planned for the game already but if they are I would love some clarification on these details possibly being in the game. 1. Gas stations with working pumps to were you can actually grab the pump to fill your gas tank ( Just to add that extra detail of realism you don't get in games) 2. Restaurants that are RP based Ex. Being a chef / waiter waiting on other players. [ Small details not just for restaurants but all jobs would really make a huge impact for this game!] 3. Working Stock market effected by the world. Ex. Stocks for specific business drop if the business owner is murdered / the building is raided ect. FOR COMBAT 4. Bleed out system as well as bullet decals in the correct spot you were shot. Ex. Shot in leg causing a limp and bleeding effect at point of impact with a bullet wound as well as constant decline in health until treated with bandage etc. {This is something I find very necessary for this type of game especially for the realism this game is wanting to deliver for RP'rs, it would also improve EMS jobs and encourage players to partake in that field much more. 5. A detailed wounded system. As an example, something like what Escape from Tarkov has done with its combat system with different conditions depending on where you are shot. Not just bleed out like most games. Ex. Gut shot causing internal bleeding not fixed by just bandaging/Head shot causing concussions as well as other things depending on the severity. Bottom line is really am looking forward to this game and I hope some of these things are considered at least a smidge for the final version released, Already backed it on the website and even thinking of upgrading my version to help out even more. But most importantly it's not so much these things go in the game but please take note that its small details like this that make a game that much better and really separate if from whats out there already (even though its doing that already) hence why its gotten the attention it deserves. Please let me know what you think of my ideas, I'd love to know and would love to help with development anyway possible. Keep up the great work and can't wait!
  6. mad scientist welcome here?

    Basically I personal what to play a character based on Okabe from the visual novel, and anime, steins;gate. It would be a very interesting role play chose to play a character that has had some what of a depressing back ground, that has turned to science as an outlet. Now I have no idea how scientist will come into play in the game. It would be a very interesting way to rp in-game. Could even form a small group of scientist who get to gather and swap ideas. Or just have that random guy who's your weird room mate. And way just going to drop this here to see what you all think.
  7. Hunting & Living in the woods

    Hello. I am planning on buying Identity founder pack, bu before that I would like to know a few things about the hunting career: 1. How will it work. 2. How many animals will there be to hunt. 3. Is living in the woods a possibility? (Like, a hunting shack, or a possibility to get wood and make a small house for my self) 4. How big is the forest area? 5. This is a bit more about pets but, I wanna role-play as a hunter, and so I wanna have a hunting dog with me. Is that possible? Thanks and have a good day!
  8. How will it work?

    Greetings my fellow citizens of identity! I have to open the discussion regarding the layout of the political system in identity, as reading through the forum posts I can't seem to find answers to my question of "How individuals participate in the political process". Will individuals be elected to stand for a political party like we do in the US? i.e. primaries and debates? So players can join together to create an official party (for example the Democrats and Republicans) and meet to create policies to then present in the election? Or will everyone be standing as independents in attempts to run as Governor? I'm rather curious, as if the party system is the direction it would most certainly make for an exciting political process! Regards, Cameron! Hope to see you all in game soon!!!!
  9. About me

    I am a Private Military Contractor, specialising in Special Operations, Personal Protection, Shipping Protection, Over Watch, Reconnaissance and more. A little about me I'm Michael Mastiff, but you can call me 'Foxhound'. I am ex-special forces, which included two tours in Iraq, and many counter terrorism operations. As a Private Military Contractor I can provide anything you need from a body guard, to a sniper. Spec ops, to an armoured escort. I work closely with an intelligence agency that cannot be named for security reasons, but it allows us to be one step ahead of the enemy. We will have agents in the government that can provide us useful intelligence on our mission. No mission is to much for us. Any mission, any time, anywhere. Services Our services vary massively. This is list is an example, but is not limited to, what we can do. Security Special Operations Reconnaissance Home Protection Armed Escort Over Watch Spying Private investigations Don't see what you require here? Don't worry! We can probably do it anyway! Prices Prices will vary on the job, and the time it will take, so for an accurate quote feel free to ask me. Message for gangs, police, PMC's and special forces As well as doing all these missions, we can also offer training. Our training is state of the art, one of the best programmes in the world. With over 50+ years of instructing. No matter which one of our agents you pick to train you, you will have certainty that he or she is extremely experienced. Remember, war has no rules. With the best tactics taught, including hand to hand combat, weapon handling, sniper operations and breach and clear, you will come out a better soldier.