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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys I am New to Identity just pledged this past weekend, (got my little apartment and garage I wasn't referred here by anyone I just randomly found it on the web looking at new games coming out in 2017. I been reading all I could find out about it the past few days. I am really like'ing what I am seeing. Its a shame there in not more marking for it but I understand with this type of crowd funding that the devs spent most of their time an money into making the game and not advertising . That's where we the fans come it. ) Another great game I been following for some time now is Star Citizen , if ya not familiar with it here is a link . If I had to explain it to someone with out taking 3 hours to tell you all that's in it now and all that's coming out in it, I would say this. Star Citizen is Arma meets Wing Commander that had a baby that was really into Firefly and Star Trek . Like Identity there are no classes, but there are tons of careers and jobs you can do. You can be a fighter pilot, a Space trucker hauling cargo, ship engineer repairing ships, space miner on planets or out in asteroid fields, salvager of ship wrecks, medics, space marine, PIRATE!!! there are many more things you can do, the list just goes on and on. Here is a little Demo Even though the game is completely different then Identity there are a lot of similarity's with the 2 game development that I really like. They both are developing modules and we get to play them as soon as they are ready so we can give feed back as the game is still being made. For Example, Identity is coming out soon with the town hall module. Currently if you Pledge to Star Citizen with a starter pack for $45 bucks (smallest package) you get immediate access to their current modules which include. Some peoples out there may say , "Oh I heard of that game you have to spent 1000's of dollars to get a ship" NO YOU DO NOT!!! All you need is a 45 dollar starter package (there are a bunch you can chose from just like Identity ) every thing else can be bought in game with in game money, its not PAY TO WIN, if you have spare cash and want to support the game and buy a 500 dollar ship (like you can buy a luxury apartment in Identity ) you can, but you don't have to. I bought many ships cause I really love the game , I want to support them and I was lucky to have the funds. But all these ships mean nothing unless you have friends to crew them with you, the ships don't fly themselves! Modules you can pay right now in SC Arena Commander - Its a Dog fighting sim where you get right into the action vs NPC's or Player vs Player action with no risk of permeant loss to you or your ships. Star Marine - This is a FPS they have built where Marines VS Pirates Player vs Player death match / zone capture type game play. PTU- This is the real meat on the bone. PTU stands for Persistent Test Universe , this is a very small version of what the final MMO will be like. You get to take off from a space station and fly around a down sized solar system, you can fight npcs or other players you come across or work together and complete goals or just go explore. There will also be a stand alone single player SC game called, Squadron 42. With stars like Mark Hamilton (luke skywalker, as if I had to tell you) and Gary Oldman as charters in the game. (you can buy a 60 dollar starter pack that has Star Citizen and Squadron 42 in a bundle , that's only 15 bucks for sq 42, ) One great thing that SC is doing now (and has being doing, hence how I got in) is a referral program. I would love to see Identity do this too to help get the word out. How it works in Star Citizen is every pledged account gets a unique referral code, you give this code out to peeps you want to join the game. If those people do infact use the code when they buy the game (starter pack) then you the person who gave them the code gets 5k in game money (when the game goes live) and SO does the new person who used your code. What's great is that it rewards the person for promoting the game with out costing the dev team any money or time. Its a win win for everyone. Now 5k in SC is not a lot of money, but you get 5 -10 of your buddies in and it starts to add up, If you really go nuts recruiting peeps they give you even more in game goodies . Then those 5-10 get their code out to and it snow balls. SC currently has well over 1.5 million registered players and it keeps getting bigger. Well I hope to see you guys and gals here in Identity Or in Star Citizen , I will be playing both. If you have a friend that already plays Star Citizen and you want to get in it, ask them for their Referral code, so you both get some rewards for spreading the word. and if you don't know anyone feel free to use mine below. Drop me a line if ya stop by, I will show you around. Kamikaze_DaMutt referral code- STAR-MG6Z-QGCQ <--- just copy and past when you sign up. Than drop me a line and I will give you a tour / ( may make you carry stuff for me, cause you know free labor )
  2. I have recently heard of this game and have been psyched ever since. I've been waiting for a game like this all of my life but no one has ever been able to deliver. Identity has the best chance of making my dream game come true so I desperately hope at least some of my suggestions can be implemented in the game. 1) Freedom of Choice: This is the most important aspect of the game I'm looking forward to. I've always wanted to play a game that is focused mainly on the Sims aspect of real life as opposed to a game like GTA 5 that is basically just a game focused on criminality with limited option to do anything else. I want to have the freedom to lead my own life without being forced to engage in any type of activity. I know Identity is being built mainly as a police/criminal type of game but the ability to add non-criminal gameplay in addition to the detailed Sims aspect of the game makes this game ideal. My main suggestion here is please focus more on the non-criminal aspect of the game, try to make non-police non-criminal aspects/activities/careers of the game just as detailed and comprehensive if possible. 2) Realism: Realism is another big issue for me, making the game as real as possible would be perfect. My suggestions here are making the day/night cycle much longer than in GTA 5. You want to really enjoy each time of day without it passing by in just a few short minutes. I wouldn't even mind having to wait for my character to sleep for a decent while at nights if that's what it takes. I understand some players may not want this so having different servers with different settings could accommodate all types of players. Other suggestions are realistic walking/running speed unlike GTA 5 where first person mode always had you running. Realistic stamina so you wouldn't be able to run indefinitely like in GTA 5. Realistic season changes if possible. Realistic trash/waste/dirt forcing the player to do regular cleanup of the house/office, putting out trash, and washing clothes/etc. Bigger city sizes: if possible please make the cities bigger than Los Santos in GTA 5. Though Los Santos had a decent size a bigger city would be a lot more immersive and fun especially with lots of available activities. 3) Careers/Jobs: Please try to add as many different jobs/careers as possible. This is extremely important in giving the player freedom of choice and lots of options to explore. It will really increase the game's replayability. Here're some suggestions: - Doctor: Instead of having an EMT that heals players it would be a lot more fun if you had an ambulance driver who'd delivery emergency patients to a hospital where a player doctor would do the healing/surgery/etc. The doctor could take care of both "dead"/severely injured players as well as treat regular patients with common sicknesses. - Financial manager: Someone who will invest/trade for other players assuming there will be a decent and dynamic stock/commodity exchange in the game. - Garbage man: Assuming there would be trash in the game, waste management worker(s) could take everyone's trash once a week using a garbage truck. - Postal worker: Instead of delivering mail directly have a post office where the post office worker receives and delivers all player mails. - Regular office work that could somehow relate to other aspects/jobs in the game (examples> DMV where players would need to renew their registration/license/get car inspections/etc. Insurance worker, realtor, accountant, etc.) - Hotel manager: Assuming there will be hotels/motels where players could stay when out of town. - News reporter/anchor: You could be a reporter or anchor either filming real in game events or reporting on them, could include weather, business, and sports news as well. - Cook: With real cooking where you'd have to correctly use ingredients and process them correctly, etc. - Gym trainer: Where you help people in the gym. This could give a strength boost to the player working out giving them results faster so they'd have an incentive to hire a trainer. - Lawn maintenance: Where you have to maintain people's lawns and landscape - Cleaning service: Where you clean other players' houses, businesses, yachts, etc. - Regular jobs like managing a store/business, attending doors, bouncer, farm worker, assistant of all types, security, dog walking, etc. Some of these jobs can also be done by AI in the absence of players. 4) Activities: Please for the love of god include A LOT of activities in this game. One of the biggest let downs of GTA 5 was that it had a big map with very little to do. Almost none of the buildings could be entered and a lot of easily programmable activities were not included. Here're my suggestions in this area: - Allow players to enter/explore as many buildings as possible even if they're not directly related to the game. - Allow players to interact with as many things as possible, little things add up and go a long way to significantly increase immersion, a lot of it is easily programmable. In GTA 5 for example they had built a theme park but you could only do two quick activities there even though the structure for much more games/rides/activities were already built. - Sports: Soccer and basketball are the two most important but any additional ones would be welcome. Sports should include skill levels that increase the more you play. Your stamina/endurance/strength would also affect your performance. - Snow/ice activities/sports like hockey, skating, snowboarding, skiing, or just sliding down the mountain on a sled. - Public swimming, tanning, spa, billiards (pool), air hockey, arcade games, cycling, jogging, hiking, camping, kite flying, frisbee, flying drones (with camera if possible), etc. - An extensive gym system with lots of available machines/free weights/treadmills/etc. requiring a player to go through a decent routine and spend some time there regularly to become fit. 5) Businesses: Once again it would be great if you could include as many businesses as possible, some could require a direct player involvement, some could be done by AI. Here're some suggestions: - Parking Garage/Lot: Someplace players can park their cars for a fee, great for busy locations with limited parking space! - Laundromat: Where players can have their clothes washed - Restaurants and cafes - Bars, clubs, and lounges - Internet cafes - Malls, regular stores of all types - Car washes and auto shops - Tanning salons, spa, barber shops, arcades, etc. 6) Other: - College/University: Perhaps you'd need to get a degree for certain jobs like medicine where you're required to sit in long/boring lectures every day for some time before you're qualified. This will ensure only patient/interested players could go through the process to get the job same as real life. - Park-o-meter on some locations? - Online business rating where players can rate businesses. This will ensure the businesses who do a good job get more clients just like in real life. - Game events have consequences in different areas. For example if there is going to be a dynamic stock exchange a business/corporation performance will have affect on its stock price. Or commodity prices fluctuate based on weather/in game events/etc. - Car GPS has real GPS sound with directions not just a line on a map. - There should be AI in the absence of players. If a players is not available to attend a business/job an AI should replace his role. You shouldn't go to an empty business/store/etc. Also some AI could be added to increase population density and have them do boring mundane work regular players wouldn't do. - Video games: There could be video games in the game, you could play on your phone, computer, or in an arcade/internet cafe. 7) Flying: I know this is probably not going to be in the game initially but I think this is too important a field to be completely left out. Perhaps after the initial release when you work on adding even more size to the map you could introduce flying. This game just won't be complete without the ability to fly and it would add an extremely fun career of being a pilot. I've heard there's a plan to double the map's size by adding another island in future DLCs, you could then introduce airports and give the player the ability to travel to the other island by air. Please don't rule out this feature.