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Found 7 results

  1. I noticed that in the information about the player, we will be able to see the name of the character in private servers in two ways, if the server allows or if the server does not allow and hide the names, they will only be seen if the player does an emote action , type a length. Okay, but if by chance a player forces another player to make an emote (which I understand as a length for example a handshake), to know the real name of this player and to know if they are lying about his name? So if the player does not emote emotes a mistrust inside the game, because surely he would know the real name of this player if he did the emote, in this way I think that the immersion factor in reality would not be total, nobody would know my name for I simply shake your hand for example, I know certain things will not be the same as reality, but I'm just giving you suggestions that may or may not be interesting. My suggestion would be that players would only know the true names of the players if they entered groups, style gangs or group of friends etc. depending on what it would be, this is another suggestion that I will give next. Thus increasing immersion in Roleplay, of course police officers, firefighters may require the identity of the player or simply pick up if the player is arrested. About groups. My suggestion on groups would be as follows: Groups of gangs: This group can be named by the gang boss and each player can receive a hierarchy, for example: Boss or captain etc., sub-chief, lieutenant, soldier, capanga (this would be before soldier) and associated (before henchman), of course all fully editable names. The same would follow for group of friends, but in this would not be taking into account the positions of head and etc. All members could "introduce new friends" without problems. Or not, because I also think that having a group that would put the name of the character of a different color on top of his head would be out of the reality and would interfere in the immersion of the game. When only wearing a type of clothing or a color would solve the problem perhaps, for example wearing a black suit with a red handkerchief in the pocket would already help, to differentiate types the hierarchies can be as follows: an effective member or a simpler clothing type a red outfit or hat if you are a beginner. These are all just suggestions I'm giving that could help in the immersion of the game. I think the issue of emote would disrupt the RP, of course not in the matter of the emote itself, but because it reveals its name, I think that for a better immersion in the RP the names should be left unseen, and only policemen and firefighter would have the right to see the identities of the players, so the reality would be greater. Well, like I said, it's just an idea. And excuse my English.
  2. It’s been a while

    After a few months debating if I should buy a citizenship due to a small amount uncertainty of the legitimacy of the game, I have finally done the deed. Why is my name Identity_British? Fuck knows, can someone please think of a explanation I can tell people. I quite honestly have the brain of an ape thus failing to provide any sort of decent thought. My best idea was nationalism but people get mixed up with that and fascism so I thought I’d better not say it. Anyways, I’m here now, planning on staying. Ta ta for now chums!
  3. Names

    Are names going to be unique or can 2 or more people have the same name?
  4. How will names work in this game?

    So I'm not sure if it's been talked about or not and if so in detail. How will naming work will it be First middle and Last name, a First and Last name or or a general username that in anything we want as well as how naming will be censored and yes I want names to be censored becuase I dont want names like Tat-tat mcslut, long dong, xx_genral_destoyer78_xx, or something once it goes live and would prefer names like John Smith, Leslie Evans or Pieter Willem Botha normal names that are RP and not modern MMO(shite) standard. and any comment or feed back that may get this noticed and checked out and Can't wait to see you all in Identity! (after thought maybe apply for a nickname as well an [alias] through official and unofficial means for the underworld type players and or millitary aka snake dragon foxtrot mole delta ) Enjoy all!
  5. Looking for names for a PMC

    I am looking for good names for a PMC (Private Military Company). Please list names you think would be cool. Thank you in advance !
  6. The name of the island?

    I can't find it anywhere, what is the decided name for the Island? We already know some of the town names.
  7. If there is a name-tag system implemented within the game, I've thought of a system that would hide the name tag of a player, used to disguise their name from others having the power to use it against them as it's shown above their head or within the player himself, I am suggesting an option that is required for everyone to specify who they want to know their name/those who currently know the player's name, it would be a required option to use if someone had found out the player's name in a role-play manner, I feel it would just increase the role-play within Identity, and help from people using name tags as an advantage. Also wanting to add: I've asked a question on Identity's twitter page, haven't gotten an answer but here's the question..