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  1. Modsmouth Retail Group

  2. Hello! I'm back again!

    Hi guys! Some of you OGs may remember me, but for those who don't; I'm DoctorFosterGloster from NZ! I've been following the game since FrankieOnPC's video back in 2015, and remember when this new forum was created! In game, i'll be running some form of shop (I originally was going to start a shop called Modsmouth/ as seen in my sig). Haven't pledged yet bc i'm a poor student lol, but one day... So hiya again guys!
  3. Haven't been here for like 6 months....

    Hey awesome man! Good to see how much the game has progressed! I think I'll resume lurking these forums again -- Hype!
  4. Haven't been here for like 6 months....

    Fill me in , What'd I miss?
  5. forestery and farm cultivation

    Well, you're in luck. Both are in game (If I can remember correctly -- I haven't been hear in like 6 months lmao)
  6. Music

    Well essentially there won't be any 'background music', however there will be radio music and radio talk shows (I hope so atleast). These will play a handfull of songs created by the playerbase. I also hope that they'll be able to have real-life songs in game -- I don't want to listen to XX_LAYLAYLAY_XX scream out of my speakers 24/7
  7. Religious Cult

    Was literally just wondering if druid type things were going to happen in this game I'm glad someone's got the ball to roll
  8. Funerals, morgues and undertakers

    So, as with any online game many people will end up being killed in one way or another. But what happens to these dead bodies when their soul is forced out by bullet or falcon punch? Well, the suggestion is simple. Players will play as undertakers and drive around in hearses collecting these dead bodies. This will mean bodies do not just de-spawn in game. These dead bodies, for potential RP purposes, could have a funeral held in their honour. This option will add RP value and realism to the game of Identity. With this option it is also possible for players to collect bodies and add them to their collection - as you do.
  9. Town Square 89% Completed

    Just updating you all that the town square module is now 89% completed, up from 76% since last I checked

    What even are these things?
  11. Modsmouth Retail Group

    Update and bump
  12. Let's Build a Future Together

    Shamelessly taken off the Nationstates forums No we're not planning on getting married, we are just going to create a projected future of the Earth The aim of the game is that in each new post you create an event for that posts year Rules: One year per post Don't skip years Be semi-realistic - don't start getting futuristic technologies too early in the topic (i.e. no massive space colonies in the year 2019) Take into account the previous poss. A past post may make your post redundant (i.e if the sun explodes in 2019 don't go posting about the discovery of dinosaurs in 2026) Big events (wars etc) can last multiple years, but don't let them last too long I'll go 2018: Donald Trump is a victim of a failed assassination attempt. Naturally, he blames Mexico and gains more funding to finally start building his wall (you go next with 2019)
  13. driving is?

    Townsquare will be far too small do do much driving, and like the rest have said it'll be solely for player interaction and testing the game. Racing module will be the first you'll be able to try driving out
  14. Will male officers arrest female citizens?

    It'll be just like in real life; No male cop will be allowed to acknowledge women. infact, no men will be able to interact with any woman. If two people of different sexes are seen together they will both face 3 months in prison
  15. can you explain why we cant put 10,000 players in one server?

    Rare image of IdentityRPG servers after 10,000 players go on...