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  1. Mining ?

  2. Parachutes

    They wont be focosing on that because of the air vehichles
  3. List of ingame feature suggestions

    No parachutes because there are no air vehichles neither death match cus that brakes immersion
  4. Motorcycle Wishlist

    Most of the commented ones wil get to see the game
  5. Strip Clubs

    There wont be any agaisnt trolling i think
  6. Greetings from the netherlands ( The hague )

    we hopen dat je het hier leuk gaat vinden
  7. house gaurds

    I think he cuts no wood cus woodchucks cant cut wood ?
  8. Homeless

    But you do have a storting home or hotel right
  9. building

    oke thx
  10. My Mistake

    ye true but did you do it when you where jong to i did with the gameboy, so plz evry one stop whining about age but i can se that if they where evrywhere ye.
  11. building

    No I mean build walls in a allready excisting house to furniture youre house
  12. Skate

    Sorry to say this but there not adding skateboards so most likely there Will be Nothing with skating
  13. Controlling Vehicle Speed

    Sorry i'm blind
  14. Away From Key Board Feature

    There wont be any afk features youre character Will do Some standard animations like calling and such just for the realism