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Found 3 results

  1. IIDS

    Imperial Interior decorating service Our Goals We strive to make interior decorating for anyone by having a flexible work to fit your needs by having a decorator solely concentrating on your needs and always ready to change to fit your ideas and needs, About me My passion for design started as a child. In fact, I still have the sketches of the furniture line I 'designed' when I was eight years old, so creating and designing has always been a big passion and source of enjoyment for me. When I left school I got a GCSE in art and design then I moved to college to take decorating after a year I dropped out because it seemed too forced and I joined a firm, Home wing for a couple years till I felt confident to make my own firm and make it my own way in the world. What we do When we first get called we move to the building within two days and make a sketch right there to see if you want anything changed and to give us ideas and how to proceed after a week of making a good blueprint we then bring in the workers and have the designer there all the time to make sure it is going to plan, by having a couple firms working with us we can make sure the level of work is consistent and at its highest level. Pricing Light: Minimum of $99 per room -Personal shopping service -Setup Tips -product recommendations and style advice. Premium: Minimum of $299 per room -Floorplan with layout -get matched with our best designers -Initial style concept We are always looking for workers. If you want to apply contact me on this post or email me at Jobs Founder/CEO-Daniel ourichi Head of marketing-Open 0/1 Head of design-Open 0/1 Logistics expert-Open 0/2 Designers-Open 0/5 Assistants- Open 0/3
  2. Modsmouth Retail Group

    Note: this page is subject to change, this includes company logos, ideas and names. Refer to this page as a draft of business ideas = Essentially this page is just stake holder = = MODSMOUTH RETAIL GROUP = Established in by the Rendon family in Chicago, Illinois in 1971, Modsmouth prides itself in it's 40 year old traditions and reputation. Modsmouth has remained loyal to it's founding idea of providing affordable clothing and music to both male and female customers. In 1985 the first furniture crafters 'Byzantium Emporium' was founded, creating and selling custom and pre-owned furniture, decor and homewares. This is when Modmouth Retail Group was formed Over the past 45 years Modsmouth has expanded across the states with over 16 stores nationwide. This includes both a small Modsmouth Apparel Outlet and a Byzantium Emporium workshop located on <Identity Island Name>. The modern Modsmouth Outlets primarily sell modern takes on retro apparel stylised on fashions from the 60s through to the 90s, however it also sells a small selection of modern clothes. Apparel includes T-shirts, shoes, jackets/ coats, dresses, pants, shirts, jewellery, skirts, bags and accessories. Modsmouth also sells a wide selection of CDs and records, and even has an inventory of turntables and stereos for sale. Conceptual design of store: Source; Byzantium Emporium prides itself on producing high quality affordable furniture. For a fee we will produce custom furniture to customer's specifications. We also trade quality second hand furniture. Homewares and home decor is also sold here Conceptual design of store and workshop: Source: = This page will be updated over time, and is currently a draft and compilation of business ideas = - Please note that no job positions are available at this time, nor are we currently looking for any partnerships with other companies - Names and ideas presented here are conceptual and subject to change and alteration, eg Byzantium Emporium may change to Byzantine Homewares 'The Byzantine' - a cafe / bar may also be implemented at a later date
  3. it has come to my attention that The Dev's are super focused on the interior design aspect of the game right now. and i feel it is necessary for us to help the dev's out by posting images of furniture we would all like to have in identity i love interior design and architecture and i enjoy seeing furniture!~ how would you design your house? will it be modern? shabby chic? or grungey? Show us your ideas bellow!~ to help the devs with more ideas!!! i personally would love to have graffiti Decals on my walls!~ it adds alot of unique style to an interior here are some pics!~ i think stuff like this would be amazing, as for decor. id love to have posters and lights around like this And lava lamps would be pretty kick ass too!~