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Found 3 results

  1. Now that furniture stays...

    Let's see those layouts! Here's mine, I've redecorated and rearranged about 5 times already. Can't wait to have more room to put more stuff
  2. IIDS

    Imperial Interior decorating service Our Goals We strive to make interior decorating for anyone by having a flexible work to fit your needs by having a decorator solely concentrating on your needs and always ready to change to fit your ideas and needs, About me My passion for design started as a child. In fact, I still have the sketches of the furniture line I 'designed' when I was eight years old, so creating and designing has always been a big passion and source of enjoyment for me. When I left school I got a GCSE in art and design then I moved to college to take decorating after a year I dropped out because it seemed too forced and I joined a firm, Home wing for a couple years till I felt confident to make my own firm and make it my own way in the world. What we do When we first get called we move to the building within two days and make a sketch right there to see if you want anything changed and to give us ideas and how to proceed after a week of making a good blueprint we then bring in the workers and have the designer there all the time to make sure it is going to plan, by having a couple firms working with us we can make sure the level of work is consistent and at its highest level. Pricing Light: Minimum of $99 per room -Personal shopping service -Setup Tips -product recommendations and style advice. Premium: Minimum of $299 per room -Floorplan with layout -get matched with our best designers -Initial style concept We are always looking for workers. If you want to apply contact me on this post or email me at Jobs Founder/CEO-Daniel ourichi Head of marketing-Open 0/1 Head of design-Open 0/1 Logistics expert-Open 0/2 Designers-Open 0/5 Assistants- Open 0/3
  3. thoughts from the housing trailer

    i'm sorry, i feel like i'm posting a lot, but i was rewatching the housing trailer and i had some ideas(of course). in it the person said that a bookshelf was a "special" container or something like that, but proceeded to say it will mostly hold books so i'm a bit confused. i thought it would be excellent to have photos you could put in there, maybe some figurines or knick knacks. if you're a criminal you could get special bookcases that can open up to a hidden gun case or even be a secret safe. go scooby doo and suddenly bookcases are now doors to secret rooms but only if you have a house. and then what about tv stands... i've never seen a single person put books below their tv. i think it would be a great opportunity if you guys made deals with certain movie companies or something and people could buy movies or tv show season with real money(probably a micro transaction of some sort) or special in game currency not available to all players unless they pay with real money and get dvds and tv seasons that could be stored and rewatched. maybe that's a bit much but idk. maybe the players could make their own movies and sell those? then about power outlets and electronics, will there be a way to extend cords? or would there be a way to move outlets around even if you're in an apartment? will there be such a thing as extension cords? the video kind of disheartens me with the lamps tiny little cord, it looks so awkward. then the bed, as i understand it you guys are staying away from anything sexual so that the game can be streamed on various sites namely twitch, but does that mean that only one person at a time can sleep in a bed? so like if you and your SO live together in game does that mean that each would have to have their own room or could the two sleep in a bed together? will there be any sleeping? what about just relaxing in bed and reading a book or comic, could there still then be only one person? then for criminals, can people break into a persons house? i'm assuming there's going to be some sort of locking system where you can lock your doors or windows if you live in the house or have the key, so does that mean there could be a lockpicking skill? if you can break into a persons house this would add a great opportunity for kidnapping or even murder. or if they have a safe you can find and steal from it. then police could be called in to try and figure out who broke in and why. could you steal peoples furniture to keep for yourself even if it's the original piece? as for apartments, in gta(i'm sorry i keep referencing gta) the apartments you get have balconies that are inaccessible which has always disappointed me, in identity can you get an apartment that has a balcony of some sort that you can go out on and be able to look down at the city below you? i think this would be great and very relaxing or deadly depending which way the wind is blowing. for art, will there be different mediums that you can use? such as a piece that looks like it was made with pencil, marker, painting, pastels, or done digitally. will there be a like ruler tool or something so that you can make a box to draw in a just to make straight lines? is there an infinite supply or art supplies or can you run out and have to buy more? i think it would be great to be able to switch between mediums and like make your sketch in pencil then color over it using something else.