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  1. Grafiti

    this would be an absolutely lovely idea, but with servers and such i'm not too sure how it would be done. i know something similar in BDO(the xbox one x console exclusive, black desert online) has something similar where you fight for a city and your banner is hung up all around, but that would only be on that particular server. i don't know if asylum will be doing servers where you're given a list and you can choose which to go to OR a "mega server" where it's one giant server with little subservers that you randomly join similar to GTA online and ESO.
  2. Earlier Release

    okay now i know you've only been skimming as i have provided new information, just in my previous reply, as to why i believe this game should remain in development until it is actually done. you used you're "yes well IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'VE worked for an indie company" as though you have more insight than me but you don't, we have the same insight as to what is going on. i have provided information and evidence as to why i believe what i say, and yet you focus on the name calling? i mean you're the ignorant one, not even taking the time to read what i say. and i'm not saying that what i say is law and should be taken as such, what i'm saying is that they have every right to not release the game in 2017 and believe, provided with evidence as to why, that they should be taking as much time as they can to make this game what they promise it to be. if you aren't going to take the time to see what i have to say and actually take in my information because of your excuse that can be comparable to "well my dad works at nintendo" thinking it makes you higher than me, then go ahead and not respond, but i've done a lot more than ridicule you and you've just skimmed over it.
  3. Earlier Release

    i did actually truly believe when you said "community driven" you meant items and such, because i believe this game has a large enough following that once it comes out that it will still be successful and word will spread fast. if you believe it will lose a following, because god forbid they wish to put out a good game that actually works and doesn't require dlc after dlc after update after patch to survive, then i'm sure it would be something of a soft launch where it would gain a large amount of popularity over time. and i still do believe you're being an asshole to suggest, actually demand, that an indie company put out a LARGE game earlier than their projected date because it's community driven? to me it sounds as though you WANT another no mans sky, day-z, everquest landmark, sims online, and the list could go on of failed games either because of lack of INITIAL content or lack of community that could have easily had their problems solved had they been given the chance to truly perfect and make the game better. i cannot fathom that a person who has worked on a game would demand something so idiotic. right now you sound more like a publisher then anything else. i'm sure they have a team of people, or will obtain a team of people, that will do all the marketing for the game once it comes out to get it a following. i don't know if you've heard that there are careers in marketing and sales? if the game does lose it's community, which happens to ALL games that are announced and then don't release for quite some time, then there are people who are paid to get it back and more. the most recent example i can think of is no mans sky, they had small announcements here and there of the games concepts and art and tweeted how they were working on it back in 2013/2012, then about 2-give or take- years later it has it's huge showing at e32015 and is then released 2016, where in that time of it's e3 debut and it's release had gained a huge following and many fans eager to play this monster of a game, to then only be ridiculed and used as the but of jokes now since it did promise A LOT and just straight lied to so many people. i'm sure asylum doesn't want to make this same mistake and has taken precautions, just as every indie company should. see the problem with no man's sky was that they had sony backing them and sony has been known to rush out games at their pique. look at the psp, same concept as the switch but was rushed out buggy and laggy because sony wanted that small bit of lime light. you can state your concern all you wish to, but to demand something so beyond yourself is just rude. you do not know what they are doing every day, you may claim to work for an indie company but not all companies work the same way, you do not have an idea what they could be working on, and to demand that they "get [their] act together" is so mean and hateful that i can't help but have concern of my own that another neckbeard is demanding something they don't deserve. what you seem to be implying is "i've heard of games existence and know that it will fail unless it is released when i say so because i know what i'm talking about, i've worked on a game before" which is just rude and delusional. i'm not skimming over your comments and furiously typing, see that's what the internet is good for because i do actually check what you say and check my response and make sure that i feel that it is an adequate response, but i think that you are skimming mine. yes the game will lose a community, but ALL games do when they take time to release. people are forgetful, they're human, and i'm sure that asylum has accounted for that downside of humanity. neither of us work with them so neither of us can demand them to do things when we don't know what's going on behind the curtains. all we can do is spread the word, give suggestions on how the game could be great, and calmly wait to see what it will be once it comes out. play the beta once this module is done and show your friends and co-workers if you are so concerned with this game losing its community.
  4. Communication

    idk if you know you posted this 4 times or not... but you did. anyways they have mentioned there will be both a voice and text based chatting system, voice chat will be based on proximity and i'm sure that the text based will have the basic functions of any other mmo text chat since it's not at all hard to do.
  5. Earlier Release

    if you are an indie dev then you should know the kind of task they are taking on, especially since it is an online indie game. even if it is a "community driven" game, it's not like that will be the sole only content as they have stated there will be other things beyond community based stuff. then even beyond that they have to deal with online and servers and the shit that goes along with that, AND having private servers that they've already promised and all that on it's own is a shit fest, especially depending on whether or not they use peer to peer or dedicated. then there's 3d character creation and how deep they'll expand it. streaming youtube and such to in game tv's, which actually isn't too hard of a thing to implement but still a thing. my point is there is a lot to the game beyond that of community driven 3d items. my estimate is that most community based items will be clothing, furniture and art which if that was all that was in the game would be a sad game indeed. since this is a simulator there's so so so so much more to the game that could be put in. a crime based system, careers, payment and transfers, voice chat based on proximity, fighting and violence, leveling, and so much more that goes far beyond just community based ITEMS. my point is that you're demand is so pretentious and foolish and rude that i cannot even accept that you could possibly be working on a game, and if you are it is surely not the back ends of it. this is a HUGE game, and with every huge project comes huge problems. think of the devs, both coding, modeling, and animators, there's SO much they have to do and to say that most of the game will be community based is just ridiculous and fucked. this isn't tf2 where the items are mostly made by the community and tweaked by the devs, if it were then in that regard i would agree with you since valve doesn't do much to the game itself other than balancing, like they have today. however since this is a sim and not an fps there is so much more to the game than items. if you are a dev, you should really learn some fucking patience.
  6. Earlier Release

    thank you! people don't seem understand the time and money it takes for even the shittiest of games to be released. let's look at day-z; it's been on steam since late 2013 and has remained in early access that entire time. why? because the whole game is a scam set up by a team of semi talented modders who may have gotten a bit too big headed. they realized they could release this game with 90% negative feedback but still have gained money and put out """"updates"""" to the game that just fix tiny tiny bugs and glitches that honestly shouldn't have even been a thing if they were at all capable of double checking their own code. this is the game that Kriller509 wants, a game that spent like 10sec in the oven and was then thrown out and splattered all over the kitchen where the baker turns and tells you "dinner is ready" and forces you to eat it off the ground. he wants another day-z because "WELL YOU SAID GAMES NAME SO GAME MUST EXIST NOW AND I WANT IT AND I'M THE CONSUMER SO GIVE ME IT IT'S MY GAME NOT YOURS". the fool wants another andromeda when we already have that. so what? you work in the studio and know everything that's going on? what entitlement do you possess that allows you to give such egregious demands to someone so much bigger than you? you can see them talking in the forums if you care so much about development or see their progress on the modules page, so you need to stop being an entitled asshat and learn to sit down and zip up. you need to take like several seats because you obviously OBVIOUSLY have never developed a game. if you want to play it so bad, pay up so you can play the beta. otherwise, shut up. stop playing games. just stop everything.
  7. Earlier Release

    i've never seen a more entitled post. i've always known gamers were entitled but holy jesus. i mean if you want something has half-baked as destiny, go ahead and have them release early only for a large majority of people to hate the game and thus learn to not trust the game company. you are demanding the cookie when the dough isn't even done being mixed. you talk about hype but the only """"hype"""" i've seen has been on their own website which is kind of duh, you don't go to a website that sells bowls and see them hyping up the existence of spoons when they don't even sell spoons. now i would have liked it if they did something similar to what yanderedev is doing and have monthly update videos, but we do get to see the progress on their modules and on the forums. honestly, shut the fuck up. you have no idea what it is like to build a game nor the time is takes to actually make a game good. what you ARE asking for is another TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE early-access bullshit game like day-z and ark. you need to sit right the fuck down and calm the fuck down. it is people like you that fucking grind my gears. shut the fuck up
  8. Younger players

    honestly, i don't think there will be many people that are between 13-16 years old on here. this won't be their type of game most likely, they'll probably be playing on console or on steam. i think most people in that age bracket that will be playing will either be going through that phase or are playing from their parents account. of course i can't be for sure, and am solely guessing, but it seems to me a game like identity that's basically real life but with a twist doesn't seem like the type of game that will appeal to most of the younger audience. now if they were to come on here for their own reasons, i wouldn't be scared of them destroying the game but rather scared for them. we don't know these people that will be playing this game, they could be anything from flat out bullies who will pick on them because of their voice or fashion choice all the way to pedophiles. if the younger generation was to play this game, it would probably be to play it seriously but i would fear people picking on them or trying to pick them up.
  9. a LONG list of ideas

    yes i'm sure i could have looked, although this forum is very large and i honestly don't want to look through hundreds of posts just for confirmations, because i too am a busy lass. and i'm a bit confused on your response to 9. 9 is about allowing the characters to have a selection of personalities to choose from and you answered with something about events? i don't see how the two correlate
  10. a LONG list of ideas

    so this will probably be updated and added onto as i come up with more, but i don't feel like posting a ton of ideas all on separate threads when i could have them all accumulated into one spot~! It’s a great neighborhood: Apartments vary depending on which building you choose to live in and the area the building is based in, and you can see which apartment you are choosing by going to the in game website where you can see floorplans + their price. Apartment balcony: This might be hard since people are put into an instance when going in an apartment, but I like the thought of having a balcony that you can go onto and look out at the town. This could also lead to some deadly circumstances if you catch my drift 2 for 1 deal: So you’re in a gang? The mafia? Want protection? Buy a bookcase that opens up to a gun cabinet! Buy shelves that are safes! Have a guest coming over or broke as fuck? Buy a futon! Namely I would like to have the option to make furniture that serves multiple purposes. The out is so in: I want plants. That’s it. I want to have ferns and shit in my house please. I want window planters, hanging ivy, cute succulents. Please. It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Seasons that match the real world month. I had an idea of December - February = Winter // March - May = Spring // June - August = Summer // September - November = Fall. The world would reflect these changes, and so would you character depending on the category of clothing they are wearing i.e: Wearing a sweater in the summer then you get to sweat and have potential of fainting // Wearing shorts and tank in the winter get ready to walk slower and have potential hypothermia. Ever changing: I would like to see more real world environment. The world would feel more real if there were days where it would rain, the rain could be random on how long it lasts through the day and how heavy it’ll be. Say cheese: Do you like to take selfies? Do you want to represent all of you real virtual world beauty? A posing system would be amazing, or a set of different poses you can choose from. You can have different poses depend on your posture(sitting or standing) or if you’re taking a picture with someone else. Put a ring on it: There should totally be a sort of relationship status thing. The relationship status could give you different animations when you interact with certain people depending how you know them. Like if you have a friend and the two of you rent an apartment together, then they cannot be in a single bed at the same time, but if you’re in a romantic//married status with someone than the two of you could be in the same bed. If you’re married to someone you can also get a divorce and have to give them certain items or a certain amount of money. They’ve got a great “personality”: Have you ever wanted to express yourself in game but never felt that your character gave the correct gesture or face? Well let’s make them even more unique with a great personality. There could be different categories of personalities to choose from with different options in them. So you could have a “casual” personality with like 3-5 different choices that are all a bit different, or an aggressive personality that has a few different levels of aggression. The personality you choose could have some different animations, though depending on the category you choose some of the basics like nodding and stuff will all be the same, but let’s say you pick casual 2 then like your walking animation will be different compared to casual 4, or maybe you have a different style of dancing if that’s ever a thing. This could even determine small things like facial expressions The community comes together: I would love to see even more chances for the community to come together even more. I’ve mentioned in a previous post about how I would love to see community made games that could be implemented into the cellphone and laptop functions. I ,personally, am an architecture student, and would absolutely LOVE to have the chance to try and make up sketches and plans for potential houses and apartments in a similar sort of competition type of thing. I think it would be great to have more opportunities for all of us to come together to make a game feel even more together as a community. I’m not really suggesting these as a career really, just a way to bring us together in another way… Okay well maybe the one about making games could become a viable career in the game but I would have no idea how they would be paid The fluffier the better: So we’ll be able to have pets, but what if you want a pet outside of the usuals of a dog or a cat? What if you want a fish? A snake? A bird? A rabbit? What if you want them all at once!? I do. I want them all. Please. I’m suggesting that we have multiple types of pets outside of the common cat or dog. I think there should be aquatic, reptilian, aerial, rodent, or exotic pets(these being at a much much much higher price to obtain and care for). Also I want a corgi, so please if you’re going to have dogs can I have a corgi? How much space do we need: So as I mentioned above, I’m an architecture student. I’m also a super fucking hippie and love tiny houses. I would absolutely adore to have a tiny house community or the ability to have a tiny house. If not a tiny house, what about renovated RV’s? I know most think bigger is better, and in some cases it is, but personally I love small spaces and the creativity they provide. I highly doubt this would be implemented considering how small the community is, especially inside the gaming market… but it’s a nice thought.
  11. hair growth

    i don't know how they're going to do checks in games, but with assuming there might be 100+ people to make the space feel more realistic, that is a s**t ton of checks that it would have to do all the time while simultaneously checking for everything else, it also has to check what hairstyle you have, check if it can grow that style((such as an up-do like a bun or something seemingly can't be seen growing because that's weird)), change all the hairstyles you can get that can grow to match the newly found length, then it has to see who joined when so the server could be doing this check all the time depending on what time the person joined in. then we have to factor if the length will continue to grow while you're offline and if so it has to check that while you're joining a server, which no isn't a huge thing to do but in the long run could show some leg. having the check be more so to when hair actually gets noticeably longer, like about 2 months, is a LOT easier on the server no matter what. this might be a realistic game, but there are some things computers just can't do in a realistic mmo, we just don't have the power to do so many checks and then just keep adding on. it's a lot more than just checking every ten minutes, it's just another of the plenitude of checks that it will be doing all the time and it can, very easily, be the straw that breaks the camels back. i'm not saying hair shouldn't grow, i'm just saying that if we want that it should be more to when people actually notice hair growth which is about two months. edit: forgot to mention that it has to check if your hair is curly, wavy, or straight. check the color, and if you're hair is multiple colors check which hair is going to be what color. then, if they allow it, check your race to see if you're black considering black hair is different than other races. it has to check how long it already is to see if it needs to interact with the environment((like rapunzel)). hair physics are NOT easy! that's why it's only in movies it's super intensive. hell disney had to make a whole new engine just for Brave because the chicks hair was so intense, and it was for her hair alone. i know it doesn't seem like much because it's "just hair" but it's extremely intense. look at witcher 3, it's used to check your gpu and while it's not a huge thing it does have real hair physics and that alone is super intense... it's just another of the TONS of things that make the game run like shit. the hair alone doesn't do it, but it's an added reason, and that's my point. the hair won't make identity run like s**t but it can easily be an added factor to make it plausible to run like s**t
  12. character customization/creation

    no... no... just.... :CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC you don't understand
  13. character customization/creation

    no no no i just mean like... like google "ugly black desert characters" they look so weird! that's what i'm talking about restrictions on customization
  14. hair growth

    it would be performance issue because that would be a lot(A LOT) of calculations needing to be done for every single character in a given server. now if they kept it static but say every month or every other month they grew it just slightly that would be a lot more capable to maintain since it would literally just be checking a date once and if it's been like 31 days then it grows it, if it's been less than 31 days then no more checks need to be done.
  15. character customization/creation

    well so are games such as BDO and Blade and Soul and i mean... have you seen what people have created? it's hilarious but limitations for a game such as this would be good while still giving way to avoid having same face syndrome. BDO was supposed to be one of the more realistic of mmos out there and yet