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  1. well you should not worry! Things are coming, just enjoy the progress they are making sure it is slow!~ but all great things take time!~. it better they do things properly instead of rush through it and stick us with a poorly made buggy mess!~ Also we have been told within the next fiew months/Soon there will be a game play video soon
  2. its not a scam you fool!~ games take a long time to make!~ and they were a small team of people working on it. and now they have a bigger team so things are starting to pick up and we have seen progression get alot faster over the past few weeks!~
  3. cant wait to invest in that life insurance!~ so when i die my next account is covered for!~
  4. hey now no need to trash talk the ideea!~ if this guy wants to buy a new account every time he dies, i will happily be the bitch behind the gun shooting him. besides that the more he dies the more money identity gets. if he wants he could just be the target practise for everyone who goes to the shooting range, and then identity gets a solid income from this one guy!~ noah!~ buy as many accounts as you want!~ dont listen to the haters!~ Go ham on your moms credit card and help fund the game!~ your deaths will be forever remembered as it may help to fund a new lamp for our houses in identity!~
  5. hair/clothing physics

    yeah there can be alot of weird issues with any forms of physics but if its don properly and they have the right settings it can look really nice!~ personlly i dont like physics on the body like boobs and butts bounceing around like a niki minaj video. but i do like clothing and hair physics. Especially when its in a scene that has abit of wind. creates more of an atmosphere. And the Dead or alive games are so fun!~ ive played them since the ps1 version and eve back then they had hair and clothing physics. (and boob) lol!~ ooh!? must of missed that part, interesting to know!~ hopefully we will see more insight to what they plan to do with it!~
  6. hair/clothing physics

    welll.. Boob physics is what you remembered from dead or Alive? LoL!! boob physics are so over rated and silly tbh they are too over the top in games. boobs dont move like a plate of jello. they got a bit more weight in them.
  7. hair/clothing physics

    hey i dunno how much of this is an idea/suggestion and wasn't sure where else to post it but here goes!~ i was wondering if you (the devs) had any thoughts about hair/cloth physics for subtle movement in clothing or long hairstyles. Recently nvidia Apex cloth is a thing for Ue4 in one of the newer patch updates they had set up a newer way to add apex cloth, where now you easily can set it up withing Ue4. i heard it isn't super taxing on PC's depending on how you do it. and I've noticed a few indi games of late have had it in there, Another method of cloth physics is adding extra bones in the clothing and having uh joint physics which again is not very taxing, the bone method is probably a lot less taxing on fps then Apex cloth. But yeah id be interested to know if you had thought about it at all or not? i guess a good example would be a game like dead or alive where their hair flows about all magical and stuff. and clothing items like open jackets move around too.
  8. well i just thought of something that might help with them happy go lucky Killers could do lol!~ i know like... fight clubs will be a thing but one interesting thing we could do is an arena type fighting were bunch of people get thrown into a Arena, find weapons.. and like fight each other to the 'death' the way it could be done is like a game inside of identity... as in like your character wont physically die but yeah might be done in a virtual VR game within Identity.. kind of like an arcade, and last man standing might Win money? i dunno it was a random fleeting idea i thought of..
  9. This game isn't a scam right?

    You can play Identity on your Phone if you really wanted to, Its just a Forum!~ <3
  10. Is anybody online right now?

    I cant Sleep Bored as Fuuuuuuu. so yeah :I
  11. Town Square Screenshots! [UPDATED APRIL 2017]

    <3 haha you funny. And Kale have you done 3d game development before? or do you just sit there tugging away at your pc playing games?
  12. Miki slowly opens awakens, Grunting alittle before placing her hand on her fore head.. she slowly sits up looking around the room. 'uh.. uh shit what happened..' she mumbles looking around the room.. she sees DJ roswell passed out on the couch across from her. her eyes open wide. 'Oh shit i think.. i remeber something from last night!~ that man passed out' she says pointing at roswell. 'he.. i remeber him, he was with the girl! the one in the pantry, i remeber.. he took her back into one of the bedrooms, and they uh.. ya know.. but i dont know what happened after it..'' She looks around at everyone in the room who is awake, she squints at Moira.. 'you! ' she shouts, before standing up and getting up in her face. 'you were..' she stops.. 'you were vomiting in the toilet half the night, i remeber because i held your hair back for you, and i think not to long after that, its when i past out in the bathroom.. i dont.. i' she stops again... 'thats all i remeber.. but i remeber seeing the dead girl Alive at one point, And that Alien loving hippy has something to do with her death'
  13. Miki takes A sip of the Drink Max gave her, She Looks over noticing a girl awaken.... she looks up at the girl, before taking another Sip of max's drink, 'Well, there is a dead body in the pantry... not sure who or how they died..' she says quietly, as she looks the girl up and down. she hears an familiar voice.. 'uh what.. oh acid?' she says quietly, lifting up one of the viles from the coffee table.. 'This, we cant work out what it is, So far no one knows what happened last night.' her eyes glance to the girl and the guy, 'Do you both remeber anything from last night?' someone... someone has been killed, there body is..'' suddenly a loud Crash is heard from the Another Room... Her eyes glance over to the kitchen seeing a man bust through bumping into the kitchen counter.. miki stand up looking over at the man who drukenly freaks out over the dead body she parts her lips looking at him, then eyes trailing over everyone else in the room 'I.. i dont know what to say... does anyone remeber anything..' she suddenly feels abit Faint, the room begain to spin.. 'i.. i...' she falls to the ground smaking her face on the coffee table as she falls...
  14. Miki weaves her way over to the max, Stepping over a few passed out people. her eye's glance at the coffee table, she noticed needles lying around, and unnamed Viles of what looks to be some liquid drugs of some sort... 'Drugged huh? i think we may have all been on something last night... the question is what?' she picks up one of the Viles sitting on the coffee table and takes a closer look, it was a dark blue coloured liquid in the vile.. 'what do you think this might be?' she says lifting it up towards max, as if to hand it to him.