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Found 47 results

  1. Hi there, I would like to suggest a new class of corporation: Municipal Services Municipal Service Corporations are the organizations that keep the heart of our towns and cities beating. From waste collection to landscaping to snow removal to road maintenance to graffiti removal to operating public transit buses, there's a wide range of activities (government-generated jobs) that could be created for players to participate in to help upkeep the space, particularly in towns and cities. Areas that are better maintained or operated will present better and get higher ratings (meaning renewal of contracts and performance bonus payouts) while areas that are less maintained, neglected, or poorly operated (ie bus is always late, etc) will result in disincentives levied against the corp and reflect a less up-kept neighborhood. This could even be tied into careers (policing) and gangs, where areas that are less well maintained may have higher crime rates, need more police presence, etc while areas that are better maintained are the inverse. It can also be that depending on the performance of the corps at providing municipal services, neighborhoods that are slummy can be made nice and neighbourhoods that are nice, if neglected, can fall into a state of disrepair. This could affect property values in the area. Lots of spinoff's coming from this. The corp would specifically focus on providing a variety of municipal services and subcontract jobs to players or hire players in careers to run the corp and conduct the work (think; job to remove graffiti vs career as a transit professional) - given enough development, you could even involve municipal service companies in constructing infrastructure expansions (new bridges, roads, power plants, water treatment, dams, wind turbines etc) that help make a city or town more sustainable, which could in turn allow for further expansion. Perhaps they have to clear the land and lay municipal hookups (gas, hydro, electricity, etc) in order to open a new block of homes. In this ways, players involved with municipal service corps would quite literally help to develop the game (within the design direction and limits chosen by you the developer of course )
  2. All Store - Suggestion

    Hi, I tried the Town Square module, though it is buggy - it has a lot of bright future to the game overall. It's amazing what the indie devs could do with only so many people working on the game. I was browsing through the clothing store section, and I just thought it would've been easier if there is a way to filter the accessories and clothing by keywords (colours, types, etc) - maybe implement a search bar so it is easier to browse for more specific stuff. This applies to other "stores" as well such as the furniture that we can obtain from the hotel lobby.
  3. Hello DEV-Team, Hello Community! I just thought about Identity and how it will proceed in the further years. After a few days i just got an idea wich I have to share with you! ---NOTE: It is just an idea/suggestion. & sorry for my very bad english. I hate my english skills too. So here is the idea. Meanwhile you are developing several modules you could already start making the basic map on wich Ash Ville and the Countryside (etc...) will be located on. Having the basic modeled map with a few finished locations could allow you / and the players to make 'Fast-Travels' possible before publishing the whole map. The Pre-Beta Players would be able to Travel from the (limited but acessable) Town Square to several other (limited but acessable) points/locations on the map (For example the forest you showed us in a gameplay) wich are already done. The Players could then be able to see all the ready/finished/working locations on the map and in the Pre-Beta Game. ### You could then for example start adding a few Minigames somewhere on the island where players could then fast travel to using the full map in the menu without crossing the unfinished locations. I think this would help you to get faster to the goal you and the community wants to reach. AN EPIC MMORPG. Over and Out. Countrydragon. p.s. sorry for the bad grammar and vocabs... Im trying to improve my english skills over the next years.
  4. PLEASE make a option that makes low end PC’s able to run it decently! So it turns everything at the absolutely minimum, under every choice available!
  5. Why isn't this A Steam game?

    This should be released with Steam or something like that just to make it far simpler and maybe boost and promote popularity. No?
  6. Academy With Dorms

    I'd basically like to suggest a map area that will be an Academy like with spaces for lectures, etc and also have dorms to live in that area, that way the students attending to the academy could optionally live in the academy
  7. @Beach_Ball @Motown @Paratus Could we maybe get a Feedback Section on the forum? It be great if the community could have a proper place for us to give feedback. And it will provide a way to sort trough it all and for you to answer as well, now that the module is close at hand. It be nice if we could start more two way communication for this game. Also the community (speaking for my self at least) I think would appreciate that back and fourth. And it would provide a more hands on mentalety, promoting good constructve feedback. And will provide a more transparent and genuin atmosphere that i think we all want on here moving forward. Thank you for reading. ECorp
  8. Personal skills

    When i was out running today i thought it would be cool if there where skill level in the game. Like if you were out jogging or exercising that you could make you faster or stronger. just and idea -Johannes
  9. Hello How will this whole court system and jail time work. Is it: a) After a criminal got catched from the police, theyre driving him to a court room where he has to wait till a judge speaks out his sentence or the more better option imo.. b) After a criminal got catched from the police, theyre driving him to the police station, where he gets put in from there to his jail room and has to wait his time. The time should be based on the wanted level the criminal got catched at. The wantet level shouldnt go away even if he logs off, since irl the crime doesnt go away either, think of it like that. At best the crime level should be lowered by some levels after 1 week or longer. Also you could get up to 99 or infinity wanted levels, it shouldnt just be stuck at 6 like in gta? So the times would look like this: for each wanted level its 30 mins. So for 10 wanted levels the criminal should have to sit 300 mins in jail or 5 hours. Then the criminal levels should be given like 2 for speeding over the speed limit, 6-8 for light roberry, 10 for killing someone, 10-20 for heavy bank heists and the list goes on from there. But dont be afraid to put on long sentences. Its the players choice if they wanna be criminal and try to get money faster than the average hard working civilian but then he has to also pay the price IN TERMS OF SITTING IN JAIL. Please respect this opinion and try to implement as much as you can like this in the game. Believe me it will work out so good. best regards Sun Diego
  10. Identity Theft

    How about some identity theft, like players could put scanners on ATM's, or you could peep over at someone and get their PIN number while they're typing it in, or maybe just mugging someone and taking all their information, and then afterwards you could either use it for yourself, or sell it on the black market, which you would be able to access from the dark web on a PC.
  11. Money System Ideas

    Money System Ideas Concept Firstly I would like to explain my concepts then I will go into more detail for some additions to the money system (some may be in the game or they may be in planning, I don't know what they have planned.) What I was thinking of is different states of money such as Dirty money (Money obtained unlawfully) Clean money (Money obtained lawfully). I will now explain what systems could be added. Clean Money The use of Clean money would be to use to buy items for your person, house ext... And you would be able to deposit the money into a bank or the game equivalent and also inside your house. This type of money you could use anywhere and you would not have to do anything to it to use it at all places. Dirty Money The way you would get Dirty money is by robbing a bank or any other big place that would have a large amount of money. The way this money could come into play is if there is a bank robbery instead of the robbers being able to deposit the money into the bank and it would be safe. It would add an extra "cleaning" method you would have to do. This would involve a system of if you had $10,000 of dirty money you would have to pay 20% of the money you want to be cleaned. If you choose not to clean the money you would not be able to deposit the money into a bank but would have to store it in your house or yourself, So if the police found dirty money on you they could investigate where the money came from. Notes There could be a few other ways you could gain dirty money through "black market" trades with players (it would be up to the players if you want dirty money or clean) The police could have a system on their computers to check if the money you have is dirty money. Such as if you got pulled over by the police and you had $10,000 on you they would question you why you had that amount on you and if you don't have an explanation they could run the money through a computer and see if its dirty (involved in a robbery) or clean (legally obtained) This is my second suggestion check my first suggestion out here :
  12. Police & Criminal Features

    These suggestions I think would add immersion to the roleplay in-game. If any are already planned, I apologize! Traffic Stops 1. Ability to see and "smell" items in a vehicle. 2. Ability to give citations, impound a vehicle, and give verbal/written warnings. Felony Stop 1. Ability to put hands up. 2. Ability to throw keys out of the window. 3. Ability to show waistband for weapons. Searching 1. Add a cool searching system where you actually look for items instead of a mechanic doing it for you. This can lead to things not been seen and stuff. This goes for people, vehicle, and property searching. Patrol 1. Many areas to patrol and escape. 2. Places to have realistic response times (a few minutes or more). Case Law & Procedures 1. To base mechanics for police from real life procedures used by real life departments. 2. To base police mechanics from case law and other laws like searching a person, arresting, etc. 3. Make the academy a big challenging to pass. This is to filter people who are there to mess around and who actually want to be a police officer. Force 1. Ability to drag people. 2. Ability to remove people from a vehicle and put them in a vehicle (must open the door first then remove/add)) 3. Ability to cuff/uncuff people. Other officer can add his cuffs and then other cuffs are removed to transfer someone in cuffs. 4. Ability to fight and tackle. Can be a fist fight, baton fight, etc. 5. Add peperspray (can spread to other people and yourself depending on the weather). 6. Animation for upholstering gun. Ability to put hand on holster to remove faster. Have any of your own suggestions? Comment them below!
  13. (Link to zoom into the picture) Due to my post flagging up for some reason, I have had to submit the text as images. This has unfortunately resulted in a drastic loss of image quality. I have read the FAQ's and am still unsure of how extensive clothing design will be so here is my suggestion.
  14. Radio Features

    So I don't know how in depth the radio dj system is planned to go, but I had a few suggestions to help make it feel really authentic. Microphones Stations should have 4-8 mics in them so a DJ could have multiple people on the show with him, including fellow hosts or special guests. Phone The station should also have a phone line with like, 10 lines, so people can call into the station and be put on the air, or request things of the host. This could also be used for contests and giveaways made to promote businesses. Multiple Stations It would be nice if there were multiple stations so people could change channels and fine the one they want to listen to. This also gives a lot of players the ability to be a personality. For instance, one station has a lot of personalities that like to log in at a certain time and go on air, that's fine, get hired at ANOTHER station so you can compete with those people.
  15. Hello I was wondering if it will be possible to "Blacklist" a company? Let me explain it be nice to be able to blacklist a company from your stores\ company. If lets say am running a successful company e.g.: aquering and selling fish, or a carpentry\ furniture store. I have stores setup with my company and a new competitor arrives on the market. It be nice to be able to blacklist the company so they can't sell and\ or buy fish from my store fronts? Giving the ability to combat competitors with something else then bullets? Of course i understand and want there to be NPC that will accept anyones goods but nice to be able to do this for your own company.
  16. I noticed that in the information about the player, we will be able to see the name of the character in private servers in two ways, if the server allows or if the server does not allow and hide the names, they will only be seen if the player does an emote action , type a length. Okay, but if by chance a player forces another player to make an emote (which I understand as a length for example a handshake), to know the real name of this player and to know if they are lying about his name? So if the player does not emote emotes a mistrust inside the game, because surely he would know the real name of this player if he did the emote, in this way I think that the immersion factor in reality would not be total, nobody would know my name for I simply shake your hand for example, I know certain things will not be the same as reality, but I'm just giving you suggestions that may or may not be interesting. My suggestion would be that players would only know the true names of the players if they entered groups, style gangs or group of friends etc. depending on what it would be, this is another suggestion that I will give next. Thus increasing immersion in Roleplay, of course police officers, firefighters may require the identity of the player or simply pick up if the player is arrested. About groups. My suggestion on groups would be as follows: Groups of gangs: This group can be named by the gang boss and each player can receive a hierarchy, for example: Boss or captain etc., sub-chief, lieutenant, soldier, capanga (this would be before soldier) and associated (before henchman), of course all fully editable names. The same would follow for group of friends, but in this would not be taking into account the positions of head and etc. All members could "introduce new friends" without problems. Or not, because I also think that having a group that would put the name of the character of a different color on top of his head would be out of the reality and would interfere in the immersion of the game. When only wearing a type of clothing or a color would solve the problem perhaps, for example wearing a black suit with a red handkerchief in the pocket would already help, to differentiate types the hierarchies can be as follows: an effective member or a simpler clothing type a red outfit or hat if you are a beginner. These are all just suggestions I'm giving that could help in the immersion of the game. I think the issue of emote would disrupt the RP, of course not in the matter of the emote itself, but because it reveals its name, I think that for a better immersion in the RP the names should be left unseen, and only policemen and firefighter would have the right to see the identities of the players, so the reality would be greater. Well, like I said, it's just an idea. And excuse my English.
  17. My dad and I had an idea for this game, what if there was some sort of pilot job where there is a control tower with real people, planes with real pilots and real passengers wanting to travel to different places in the map, but not wanting to drive a far distance. We imagined a control tower with real people playing the game giving information to the pilots of the plane. Passengers would buy a ticket for a certain price (depends on the distance) and the pilot and co-pilot would take them there. We also thought about the idea of when you get to approximately 30,000 feet in the air, there is a button you can click that makes the plane go maybe 3-4 times faster. Maybe different airlines, too, not sure. What do you think?
  18. So, with my friend we want to run two companies. I will run a transport company and I know that its gonna be possible. But my friend would like to run a manufacturing stool company (He is fan of stools) , so my question is: will there be the possibility to create stools? And if it's not planned can you plan to add this possibility? Bye, Fablay
  19. I believe it would be cool if you could have like an internet connection on your in-game computer and have some premade websites from the creators like social media, the official games website and more. It would also be cool if players could make and code their own websites that other people could visit. Also if you could make or register your company on some website. Does anyone else think this would be a cool idea?
  20. Hello! If the developers could add the job astronaut, that would be pretty good. You can go into earths orbit to an space station and to study space or visit the moon. I think that would be the best Job ingame!
  21. Hello! I had an Idea for the game! It would be really good if there were Catacombs ingame which you can enter through the sewers and go exploring. It is not the best idea I know but I think that this would be awesome. You might can also use them for escaping cops or something.
  22. Is there going to be voice chat? similar to Gmod?
  23. Trucking

    Laws: Must take a thirty minute break after eight hours of driving (in-game hours) Other service laws here Max weight limit is 80,000 pounds. Realistic driving laws and speed limit Vehicles Vehicles based off real life brands including Peterbuilt, Kenworth, Volvo, Freightliner, Mack, etc. Different types of semi truck like heavy haul, luxury, etc World: Truck stops and fuel stations. Different stations at stations like fuel and gas with different qualities. Realistic economy like $0.30 a mile. Company driver: New trucker driver that works for a company. They get paid less but don't worry about maintenance costs and sometimes fuel. Taxes are auto deducted from paycheck. Owner operator: Experience truck driver that works alone. Get paid more and have to maintain truck at own cost. It is a business so taxes are done differently. Have more to add? Comment it down below!
  24. Casino's

    I think it would be cool to have a casino to gamble away our life savings with like slots, cards, etc, and etc just a way in the community to play and interact the dealers should be npc's or people either way
  25. Hello! So, I'm a passionate gamer and i have been playing games all my life. I have taken a large interest into the workings of games and such have gotten into modding (ethically. Aint standing for no cheaters here!) and hosting. So I guess my question is: Are players going to be able to host their own dedicated servers? And on top of that if there is, will they be able to run custom code on the servers for example admin mods etc? I have plenty of suggestions and questions on this topic! Hmu with a comment