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Found 2 results

  1. Personal skills

    When i was out running today i thought it would be cool if there where skill level in the game. Like if you were out jogging or exercising that you could make you faster or stronger. just and idea -Johannes
  2. University of Caesar

    The University of Caesar Location: Turtle Beach, Identity Island Careers For Improvement: Police, Business, Medicine, Fashion, Teaching, Law, Sports, Music, etc. (Skills can be applied into any self-made career) Pro: Attending The University of Caesar grants players the chance to quickly increase there game careers and granting them with more career capability. College will only last a total of 4 weeks! Con: Attending The University of Caesar is not cheap, each course will cost a player $1000. A players must go through 4 courses to graduate. This cost only pays for tuition. An additional $50 per week for dorm. STAFF: ALL POSITIONS OPEN Chancellor - Head of the University Vice-Chancellor - Head of University in place of the Chancellor when absent Director: Leader of one program. POLICE, DOCTORS, MUSIC, THEATRE, BUINESS, PASTOR, OR ELECTED OFFICIAL. Professor - Teacher of the program Founder: Mr. Lucious Lee Times (Not part of staff) Majors Offered: (Several majors help multiple careers, we just want to have the choice of your liking.) POLICE Computer Engineering, Food and Beverage Chemistry , Forensics (Chemical), Research Methods , Research & Analysis, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Child and Adolescent Psychology , Clinical Psychology , Cognitive Science , Counseling, Pre-Law MUSIC Conducting, Music Literature, Orchestra, Percussion Instruments, Piano , Strings , Voice , Wind Instruments THEATRE Acting , Directing , Film studies , Lighting , Playwriting , Sound , Stage Management , Theatre History DOCTOR OR MEDICINE WORKER Botany , Cell and Molecular Biology , Environmental Science , Organismal Biology , Zoology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Bioenergy, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry , Food and Beverage Chemistry , Forensics (Chemical) , Instrumental Analysis , Natural Products Chemistry , Protein Chemistry , Quantum Chemistry , Research Methods , Research & Analysis, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology, Exercise Science , Nutrition , Research Methods , Research & Analysis, Neurosciene, Child and Adolescent Psychology , Clinical Psychology , Cognitive Science, Pre-Med / Pre-Health (Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Sciences) PASTOR American Religious History , Christian Doctrine (Historic and Contemporary) , Christian Ethics , Christian Ministry , Doctrine of God , Doctrine of the Trinity , Feminist Theology , History of Biblical Interpretation , Medical Ethics, Moral decision-making , Popular Theology , Postmodern Theologies , Process Theology BUSINESS Business (Business Scholars Program), Accounting , Banking , Finance , Investments , Management , Sales & Marketing , Marketing , Organizational Management/Business Communication , Financial Panics , Poverty and Discrimination , International Economics , Environmental Economics , Banking and Finance , International Business , Gender and Economics , Economics and Water Resources ELECTED OFFICIALS American Politics , International Relations , Political Economy , Political History , Political Institutions , Political Theory , Political Thought , Public Policy, Globalization , Crime and Corrections , Social Change and Social Movements FAQ'S: That's what I envision! Yes, the way I see it the students must finish a course once they start it. However, they don't need to finish all four.