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Found 29 results

  1. So i have not seen any posts on Federal Units so thought i'd post. I need you guys opinion weather this will work or not? because until the developers make some uniform or even making unmarked cars we cant do much. Just thought it will be a good idea especially when it comes to riots and so on even thought there is police already and probably swat to do that, but the idea of having a separate division would be amazing. Give your thoughts?
  2. Will you be able to role play politically? For example, maybe a central government will have control over: Which firearms enforcers may use Vehicle speed regulation Taxation, anti-monopoly and minimal wage laws for companies and people who take the politician career path can campaign for their opinions to perhaps change the minds of other politicians when it's time to vote on an subject. Being able to do these kind of stuff in an RP game would be a dream coming true for me. I guess that could be made and completely player driven but the implementation of features which helps make this happen would probably be nessesarry
  3. Hello Identity Citizens, we at ECorp are announcing our move to Identity. As some may know ECorp is a international conglomerate that has its hands in a bit of everything. If you are a driver, trucker, farmer, carpenter a military man or a mercenary, or in dire circumstance even someone of a tough-er variety, Sooner or later you will be hired by ECorp, this is a venture like no other and we are hiering. At ECorp we expect its employees to strive for perfection and in return your returns are bigger. We at ECorp always honor our deals, and will be know for fast efficient and reliable services. We are a cut-throat firm and will be a as known in the rest of the world as a friend to be envied and a enemy to be feard. The priority at the end of the day is always the bottom line. Everyone needs to be paid, and a ECorp employee expect to be paid good money for there services. Not everyone can make it as a ECorp employee and if you are one of the Elites in your field am sure our paths will cross. We at ECorp are looking forward to this venture, so as soon as our passport is sorted out we will be packing our headquarters and getting ready for the move. Mission Statement * Fun, egaiging and imersive gameplay for everyone. * We stay in character but we do not make a stage play. (unless you want to.) * The bottom line we are a company and everyone need to make money and have fun doing so. Warm greetings from ECorp. Your company, your friend, your future. No statement in this thread can at any time construed as ECorp ever would have anything to do with any illegal action. There can be no legal grounds for suspicion or guilt for this sole purpose. Anything read between the lines is the sole views perceived, even if they are true. - ECorp Legal Firm - Hope you like the Introduction and that we will be seeing etch other in-game. We have been looking forward to try Identity for years, and have high hopes for it. Thanks for reading send "us" a PM if you want to make ECorp.
  4. I had a question. what if I wanted to be a criminal? would I be able todo other criminal things apart from robbing to make money? lets say making & selling narcotics? (and having police raids) And what if I wanted to EXCHANGE my narcotic resources for other non-narcotic resources for (lets say) a $1,000 clothes, or a low end car to another online player. And what other entrepreneur opportunity's would there be???

    Sorry, this company has been S H U T D O W N
  6. specialty jobs

    id like to see some kind of construction or ship building in dry docks ive spoken to some others who would like to see it as well maybe a way to do it is say its done in stages like u bring the materials then npcs or something start working and 10 mins later that stage is done like if it was for framing after the 10 mins the frame would render in or something house construction could be used the same way rendered in stages or something this is just and idea and suggestion up to this lovely team what to do with it there could be preset designs but could be customized like say paint materials etc heres a shortened version of stages of ship building would be abit similar to construction of houses too 01 Design & Production planning 02 arrival of steel 03 Primer coating & Cutting of steel 04 Processing of steel & Sub assembly 05 Block assembly 06 Outfitting for blocks & Block joint on the dock 07 Sea Trial 08 Naming and delivery ceremony
  7. Careers we need

    There should be jobs in the educational area. We should be able to be a principal, a teacher, or a school nurse. The children could be AI characters as for any other job that requires multiple people!!!! There should be jobs in the law enforcement area such as: Police officer, Detective, FBI agents to take down "super criminals", DEA agents, Probation officers, jail officers, judges, random unpaid jury appearances, and social workers if children exist There should be basic government jobs so new laws can build into the game, like real life, and laws can be removed as well. like: president, vice president, voters, political parties, and the cabinet branches of the government. We should be able to become farmers, grocery store/ furniture ect. owners, factory owners, truck drivers, or someone who makes money by selling things at a flea market. There should be jobs in the medical field like: Peramedics, surgeons, doctors, dentists, and nurses. or other jobs like taxi driver, school bus driver, bus driver, burger flipper, cash register attendant. ect.
  8. Gangs/Jobs Logos [FREE!]

    Logos Hello guys I'm nir4speed and I'm creating free logos for anyone! Requirements You have to credit me for my work in your group I am only doing 1 logo per person Do not ask for ridiculously detailed logos (I'll choose whether to make it detailed or not based on your design decisions) Examples:
  9. Career parths

    Will there be different career paths you can choose from? for example you start as a criminal but as you level up you can choose a more specific job like robber, hacker or killer
  10. Hey will there be any form of music making as a career? or will there be a job for the radio? thanks!
  11. I have a few questions: 1. Can the cops be dirty? In what ways // to what extent? 2. Can only players with "Criminal" career track be in a gang or cartel? 2a. Can we employ lawyers, doctors, etc? 2b. What about co-working with business owners? Or can criminals own ~legal~ businesses? 3. Do we have to be criminals or unaffiliated with a career to do crimes? To what extent?
  12. Hi I have a question about the Karaoke you've talked about, and about the future possibility of an "entertainment industry" in the game. I am a performer, and have my own stream, which I don't know if you'll be incorporating into this environment, but I can also play directly and sing into VOIP. I'm very interested in the Karaoke part of the game, and probably would spend a lot of time there singing. However it would be nice to see some sort of Entertainment Industry in the game as well. Possibly a venue built with scheduled artists, possibly ticket sales, or some form of way to earn game money in the industry??
  13. Cosa Nostra

    Cosa Nostra is not a organisation of criminals, we are Mafiosi, entrepreneurs in violence, specialists who have developed what today would be called the most sophisticated business model in the market place. We are searching people to join our family. Of course there will be ranks and each brother will be paid off based of the ranks they have and the job they do. Everyone will be treated equal and traitors will be punished. We will focus on drug trafficking, smuggling, robbery, weapons trafficking. To join the Cosa Nostra you must be: - loyal - active - older than 15 We are also ready to strike up friendships with other clans. "Tutti colpevoli, nessuno colpevole, as the Italian saying has it : If everyone is guilty, no one is guilty."
  14. Business and Art Careers

    Hey guys! I would like to know more about how careers work, mainly business and art careers. Is there any development for business careers such as stockbroker, trader, CEO and store owners. I also want to know more about the art careers. I know painting through a canvas was unveiled in the Identity player housing videos. But can you can build an art store and have your own art studio like Andy Warhol. Also, can you purchase a studio or your own small office. Thanks!
  15. Construction

    Hey all this is my first post, i'm not really sure how to go about this but i was thinking maybe like a construction career with a minigame or something like that in certain designated areas and only have so many sites and such maybe to develop a new city or something like that
  16. University of Caesar

    The University of Caesar Location: Turtle Beach, Identity Island Careers For Improvement: Police, Business, Medicine, Fashion, Teaching, Law, Sports, Music, etc. (Skills can be applied into any self-made career) Pro: Attending The University of Caesar grants players the chance to quickly increase there game careers and granting them with more career capability. College will only last a total of 4 weeks! Con: Attending The University of Caesar is not cheap, each course will cost a player $1000. A players must go through 4 courses to graduate. This cost only pays for tuition. An additional $50 per week for dorm. STAFF: ALL POSITIONS OPEN Chancellor - Head of the University Vice-Chancellor - Head of University in place of the Chancellor when absent Director: Leader of one program. POLICE, DOCTORS, MUSIC, THEATRE, BUINESS, PASTOR, OR ELECTED OFFICIAL. Professor - Teacher of the program Founder: Mr. Lucious Lee Times (Not part of staff) Majors Offered: (Several majors help multiple careers, we just want to have the choice of your liking.) POLICE Computer Engineering, Food and Beverage Chemistry , Forensics (Chemical), Research Methods , Research & Analysis, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Child and Adolescent Psychology , Clinical Psychology , Cognitive Science , Counseling, Pre-Law MUSIC Conducting, Music Literature, Orchestra, Percussion Instruments, Piano , Strings , Voice , Wind Instruments THEATRE Acting , Directing , Film studies , Lighting , Playwriting , Sound , Stage Management , Theatre History DOCTOR OR MEDICINE WORKER Botany , Cell and Molecular Biology , Environmental Science , Organismal Biology , Zoology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Bioenergy, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry , Food and Beverage Chemistry , Forensics (Chemical) , Instrumental Analysis , Natural Products Chemistry , Protein Chemistry , Quantum Chemistry , Research Methods , Research & Analysis, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology, Exercise Science , Nutrition , Research Methods , Research & Analysis, Neurosciene, Child and Adolescent Psychology , Clinical Psychology , Cognitive Science, Pre-Med / Pre-Health (Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Sciences) PASTOR American Religious History , Christian Doctrine (Historic and Contemporary) , Christian Ethics , Christian Ministry , Doctrine of God , Doctrine of the Trinity , Feminist Theology , History of Biblical Interpretation , Medical Ethics, Moral decision-making , Popular Theology , Postmodern Theologies , Process Theology BUSINESS Business (Business Scholars Program), Accounting , Banking , Finance , Investments , Management , Sales & Marketing , Marketing , Organizational Management/Business Communication , Financial Panics , Poverty and Discrimination , International Economics , Environmental Economics , Banking and Finance , International Business , Gender and Economics , Economics and Water Resources ELECTED OFFICIALS American Politics , International Relations , Political Economy , Political History , Political Institutions , Political Theory , Political Thought , Public Policy, Globalization , Crime and Corrections , Social Change and Social Movements FAQ'S: That's what I envision! Yes, the way I see it the students must finish a course once they start it. However, they don't need to finish all four.
  17. Heyy Identians! It just occured to me that there may or may not be celebrities/singers in the game. I was just wondering if anyone had any further information on this. Here's a basic question, "Will it be possible to pursue a career as a singer/musician? Will you be able to record songs and submit them to Identity's live radio stations?"
  18. Just wondering if anyone knows if there will be any careers that revolve around science like a SCIENTIST or something like that?
  19. VOTE FOR Mr.X

    Hi Friends! Im Mr.X and im running for Governor of this fine town. Iv worked several years for my cousin GOLDIE WILSON's campaign for Hill Valley from 1985-2016. I also helped finance a small Paranormal investigation company called GHOSTBUSTERS with Dr. Ray Stantz, and private funding for time travel/exploration science with Dr. Emett Brown. I want low taxes for all, a city free of crime and homelessness, and a fair city that is big on jobs for women and minorities. Progress Is my middle name, that is my promise to you So vote for me! the peoples choice we are always accepting sponsors and those who would like to participate in our campaign
  20. Will careers like "Transportation" "Retail" "Medical" and "Agriculture" have their own tabs like "Police" "Crime" and "Politics" do? The "Other" careers section appears to be very clustered with many of the same ideas, but people don't seem to know it because there are other career ideas constantly overlapping the forum very quickly. Having new tabs for careers that are already confirmed to be in game can help reduce the same questions being asked if people go to the specific tabs they already want to know more about. Since even when using the "search" bar you may get more information you aren't interested in "ideas & suggestions" may not be very informative to the reader but it is more than likely to pop up.
  21. How would musicians work?

    So with the category of musicians I'm assuming not just vocals but also instruments like brass woodwinds etc but how would someone play them and in a band nonetheless. Like maybe it could be keyboard keys but I don't see that working very well either.
  22. LAWYERS?

    Will there be any lawyers and case hearings or anything like that where we have a jury etc.. will this play a role in identity?
  23. Multiple Careers (Crime & Business)

    I may have misunderstood things, but will there be a way to have multiple careers at once? For example, if I wanted to have a crime organization, but be able to own other businesses as well such as a mining company, would that be possible? It seems as thought there is a linear path, career-wise. Like I said before, I may have misunderstood things or looked over something but if not, I believe that this would be a great inclusion to the game.
  24. If I were to play on an official server with a max population of 300 What kinda of ratio can I expect to see in regards to career diversity? To take it a step further, I am curious to know if there will be a hard cap on how many players of a certain career path can be on a server at any given time. You see, in my mind I am imagining getting on an official server as a transporter and being surrounded by cops and criminals. Or even worse, just a bunch of cops with nothing to do. I know Identity is early in development and I am not asking for an iron clad answer. I am just curious to know what will be done to maintain a rich and diverse role playing experience. I apologize if more questions follow after responses. I am fascinated by how this will all work out for our enjoyment.
  25. I don't know if something like this is in the works, but there should be some kind of competitive racing motorsport league(s). If it isn't feasable, then a simple underground one will work fine, but I think if this game stays true and adds content continuously this can really add another popular area of gameplay. I also do not really know how far in depth this game will go. Maybe to go along with this and other careers there can be a news/television career that can do interviews, report news, commentate on sports and events, etc. It would be nice to have multiple player based news or TV stations. Note: These should probably be a in the not-so-near future so a stable base game can be made and fit enough typical audiences to have a large playerbase before specific careers like these are added. I could list more but I'll refrain. tl;dr: A professional racing career area, and a news/television career area to be made way later on in the dev cycle, if additional things like this will be added