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  1. Okay thanks because french are not very good at speaking english
  2. Hi, I want to ask another question: Will we be able to own our own servers? I explain : for example in Gmod DarkRP many youtubers own and pay their own servers so that their community join them and I ask if there will be possible in Identity to get only french servers or only spanish servers for example.
  3. Okay thanks, and do you think that it there will be wood stools because my friend Stweak (above) loves wood stools because iron stools are not as nice as wood stools?
  4. So, with my friend we want to run two companies. I will run a transport company and I know that its gonna be possible. But my friend would like to run a manufacturing stool company (He is fan of stools) , so my question is: will there be the possibility to create stools? And if it's not planned can you plan to add this possibility? Bye, Fablay
  5. Sales

    no problem i understand
  6. will are there sales for Christmas?