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Found 23 results

  1. Portugal Server NAME SERVER : [PT] Revolution Portugal RolePlay Olá a todos Portugueses presente neste Maravilhoso Game que será lançado brevemente de MMORPG e contando com isto eu estou a preparar um servidor Portugues e espero todo apoio da população Portuguesa neste Jogo e neste Servidor! !Atenção! Translation to English Fique à vontade para entrar no nosso Discord (LINK PERMANENTE) Também temos Steam Group! !Forum FUTURAMENTE!
  2. I want to know if the game will have the enough servers to serve the players without waiting in queue like other new games, and if there will be queue how long will it be?
  3. Hi, I want to ask another question: Will we be able to own our own servers? I explain : for example in Gmod DarkRP many youtubers own and pay their own servers so that their community join them and I ask if there will be possible in Identity to get only french servers or only spanish servers for example.
  4. Just wanted to ask, would there be server wipes every month or so to reset your character? Once your player has bought/earned everything, the game would have less of an objective. Also, if the servers did wipe, would you keep your package you earn when buying a passport? (This is my old account. New account: PabloMacadeli)
  5. Top of the morning to ya! I'm curious about everything regarding hosting a server on Identity. From the information I've gathered, I could be wrong here but if I remember correctly, if you want to host an Identity Server, it has to be hosted through Identity? How much will it cost to host a server and what kinds of configurations will be available for the server owner? If I remember correctly, mods/addons won't be available for the servers (at this time?). But what will we be able to configure? What difference will there be on Private servers and the official servers? What about private server donations? Will the owner of the server be able to give out money or some kind of "VIP" status to players? Will be there be different player ranks on servers? What can you guys tell me about hosting a private Identity Server? Kind regards
  6. Now I know how corrupt a server can be and I understand why devs want a system in a way so that admin cant abuse their powers. But I think they should allow admin having such permission on private server. Primarily because sometimes when people break rules and other players lose things for it, people breaking rules get banned but players never get their stuff back and then it comes to the server to compensate them also sometimes when server crashes admins will have to compensate the players for their loss and if there is no spawn money power for owners/admins they will have to give it from their own pocket? And sometimes when a private server wants to make unique things maybe as an open house event where winners get specific money then there I feel the admin will have to give it from their pocket, which also means they will have to work harder themselves first to be able to make people enjoy things. And if a community is corrupt people usually ignore it, people leave it. When I join a corrupt community/server and when I find it out, I leave it. The community dies if you become partial or corrupt. So I think giving the admins the power to do anything would be a big profit over the loss. If people do choose to do so, the community will itself die. But if you have the same power you can make a hell lot of difference for you community.
  7. Hello, I would like to know how Identity will work. Aves servers as on garry's mod with open to the public and others private but reachable with candidacy ?
  8. when identity is release can i open my own server?, there is a rules to open your own server ? , can you open your own server when your town square is release ?
  9. Hello I wondered if there will be a French servers on the game. This will allow the French community of the games to play what is rather important. Thank you very much
  10. This game seems fun and to have my own server to mess around on would be better, so I just wanted to ask how they will work. Some examples: Admin System, Slot amounts, etc.
  11. Server Info

    Hello Guys. I just want to ask few queries. How will identity online server setup? Hosting ... 1) Region :- EU,US,SEA,Ocenia 2) Country 3) Single Official Server. What will be capacity of a Server? Number of players in the server. Alpha, BETA progress will be save or we have to start it again when game released.
  12. Servers

    How many servers will they have when they take out the 1 module? Will 300 people fit or will there be fewer slots?
  13. Can you adjust the price of items and apartments, or the pay rate of jobs?
  14. 1. Will there be any areas under CCTV surveillance? So that if there was a murder/robbery in the surrounding area, the police could go back and look out for suspicious behaviour or build a rough time scale of people entering and leaving the area. I think that would be a really nice touch. 2. And on a quick note, would there be anyway to have let's say, two servers running side by side so maybe one take the a heavy load of the data and the other can take maybe things like, surveillance, police files, ect. sort of like a remote access server for misc files.
  15. Inactivity in Servers

    So I was hoping that there would be a server kick feature, for example if someone is afk for a long period of time maybe like 10+ minutes can they be kicked? That way the server can get rid of people who aren't playing so that others may take there spot. It would suck for your server to be full with a bunch of AFK people.
  16. Hi all, This confuses me: A player will be able to own a pice of land on that server and only that server. What does this mean? If I buy land on server one and server one becomes full on a certain day and I play server two, but my house is on server one. Does this mean that players are assigned servers and can only play on that server? If so what happens if your in a club and it is on server two, but I am on server one what happens then? Please help me!
  17. Dedicated servers?

    Hello, as a Project Lead of a Danish community, I was wondering: When the game is out, can we host our own server in Identity? So we can make our own Danish Identity community and server? Best Regards, Danish Outlaws, PL - Asoinyth
  18. Playing With Friends

    How would we go about making sure we are on the same server as our friends? Most of us plan on collabbing and being on the same servers for business partnerships and such, so how will this work? Will all the servers overlap each other and just act as hosting places but everyone will be able to see each other? Also this would be a good question for us CEOs. If our company only exists in our server, we wouldn't be making as much profit as if it was available to everyone in the game. @HairyGrenade, had a feeling you'll have an answer.
  19. If I were to play on an official server with a max population of 300 What kinda of ratio can I expect to see in regards to career diversity? To take it a step further, I am curious to know if there will be a hard cap on how many players of a certain career path can be on a server at any given time. You see, in my mind I am imagining getting on an official server as a transporter and being surrounded by cops and criminals. Or even worse, just a bunch of cops with nothing to do. I know Identity is early in development and I am not asking for an iron clad answer. I am just curious to know what will be done to maintain a rich and diverse role playing experience. I apologize if more questions follow after responses. I am fascinated by how this will all work out for our enjoyment.
  20. I'd like to start off by saying that this should be optional, and would be a good idea for people like me who use mainly PC and have friends who use the PS4 or Xbox one mainly. Identity shows the biggest promises and ambition I have ever seen in an MMORPG. If I could, I would back it up, but thats aside from the topic being discussed here. The point of this thread is to discuss wether we should allow optional cross - platform gameplay. It is as simple as it sounds; start up Identity, join the server, and voila, you are playing on a PC with PS4 and Xbox one users. This also implies that this must have a separate friends list to keep track of all you friends on other platforms. Now, I don't know the difficulty of implementing this, or if it is possible to use the same code on both PC and Console. Truth is, we barely know anything about what is to come of Identity. So that's it! Share your ideas in the comments, if this is possible, and make this Topic be noticed!
  21. Identity Life Servers Hello, ladies and gentlemen My name is James, as you all know and I am excited for Identity to release. I know its a long while yet, but its better now to start than later. About Us We are a serious-hardcore white-listed community for IdentityRPG. We aim to give players the ability to role-play seriously while having fun with community rules being enforced as well with white-listed roles. Our main priority is to give the ability for players to give each other quality role-play and establish connections. We invite you to our website and you are welcome to apply at any time. We hope to hear from you soon! Thank you, James, Owner. IdentityLifeServers Community. Why Us? We will make you our priority, we want to make sure you are having a positive experience with the Identity Life Community and servers. Our staff have been trained to allow that positive experience and to treat everyone equally. If you do have a issue with anyone or a staff member, we will handle the situation appropriately and enforce the community rules and positive experience. Where are we? Confirmed -Europe Planned (Depending on demand for player slots and funding.) -USA (East/ West/ Midwest) -Australia -Canada White-list Application If you are interested in being white-listed please follow the link below, sign up and make a white-list application in the appropriate section. Read ALL Terms & Conditions/ rules & requirements before applying. ----------CLICK HERE---------- What can I do? We allow you to roleplay what you wish as-long as you respect the community rules. Government Careers -Police Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Firefighter Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Paramedic Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Government - Campaigns: CLICK HERE Civilian -Business Management - Advertisements: CLICK HERE -Trucker -Tow Truck Operator -And more! Criminal -Drug Dealer/Trafficker -Gang/Cartel Member -Bank heists -And more! Staff Opportunities Moderator Requirements & Rules: CLICK HERE Application: CLICK HERE Developer Application: CLICK HERE Information Website: CLICK HERE Teamspeak: Discord: Staff Team: CLICK HERE Staff Organisation Structure: TBD Community Rules: CLICK HERE Steam Group: CLICK HERE Server List: CLICK HERE
  22. Hello!~ i was so unsure as to which thread to put this! so sorry if i put it in the wrong place Anyways, i was wondering.... What people with private servers would be able to do? How much control do they have over the server? Could we upload new clothing, cars, Design new houses/apartments? Could people make a whole new map, and city? how far could someone modify the entirety of the game? could we change the time zone.. like make it medievel or super futuristic/sci-fi... fantasy things ect.. i am hopeing some of these questions can be answered as i am interested in hosting a server depending on how much control is avalable?
  23. Embassies

    So this is something I found on another area of the forum, but thought it should be posted here. 1. What about having embassies? Since every server will have it's own government, you could have embassies for each on all the fficial servers. i.e., on Server 1 you can find the Server 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc embassies. This would add more jobs, as then as governor, you could appoint ambassdors to all the other servers. 2. With these embassies, you may think, what's the point in these embassies, this is where inter-server trading comes in. If you make something on Server 1, then people in the other Servers can purchase your item at the Server 1 Embassy in their own servers. 3. If not embassies, this could be a use for the airport, having it so that if you take your goods to the airport, people in other servers can then buy them at their own airports. Thanks to @Syym for posting the topic to give me this idea.