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Found 1 result

  1. Identity Life Servers Hello, ladies and gentlemen My name is James, as you all know and I am excited for Identity to release. I know its a long while yet, but its better now to start than later. About Us We are a serious-hardcore white-listed community for IdentityRPG. We aim to give players the ability to role-play seriously while having fun with community rules being enforced as well with white-listed roles. Our main priority is to give the ability for players to give each other quality role-play and establish connections. We invite you to our website and you are welcome to apply at any time. We hope to hear from you soon! Thank you, James, Owner. IdentityLifeServers Community. Why Us? We will make you our priority, we want to make sure you are having a positive experience with the Identity Life Community and servers. Our staff have been trained to allow that positive experience and to treat everyone equally. If you do have a issue with anyone or a staff member, we will handle the situation appropriately and enforce the community rules and positive experience. Where are we? Confirmed -Europe Planned (Depending on demand for player slots and funding.) -USA (East/ West/ Midwest) -Australia -Canada White-list Application If you are interested in being white-listed please follow the link below, sign up and make a white-list application in the appropriate section. Read ALL Terms & Conditions/ rules & requirements before applying. ----------CLICK HERE---------- What can I do? We allow you to roleplay what you wish as-long as you respect the community rules. Government Careers -Police Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Firefighter Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Paramedic Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Government - Campaigns: CLICK HERE Civilian -Business Management - Advertisements: CLICK HERE -Trucker -Tow Truck Operator -And more! Criminal -Drug Dealer/Trafficker -Gang/Cartel Member -Bank heists -And more! Staff Opportunities Moderator Requirements & Rules: CLICK HERE Application: CLICK HERE Developer Application: CLICK HERE Information Website: CLICK HERE Teamspeak: Discord: Staff Team: CLICK HERE Staff Organisation Structure: TBD Community Rules: CLICK HERE Steam Group: CLICK HERE Server List: CLICK HERE