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  1. Zomaka Bildo Age 27 Status: Online First day at the MC club! Posted on 10/19/2018 at 5:25 PM I am really excited to meet my new brothers! Hopefully they are feeling the same.
  2. Facial tracking

    When i was watching videos on youtube, i noticed that their is something called face tracking or face recognition, basically you have to have a camera, and any expression you do in the real life infront of the camera will get into the game making it similar to what you did with your face, making the game more realistic. i want to know will this be in identity in the near future or it's not a priority? Here is a video to explain how it works and how does it look like.
  3. Analysis about the age of users

    I have been interested in a life simulation games since i was 11, and identity is a dream coming true to me. i am 17 now btw
  4. Developer blog.

    There is a chance that it might be coming today!
  5. Developer blog.

    I don't think this is possible, they always upload a developer blog every month!
  6. Developer blog.

    From what i know his contract has ended, and he wanted to take a break, so he didn't sign it till now.
  7. Developer blog.

    Any idea when the next developer blog is coming? cause the month is about to end, and did @Beach_Ball came back to the community?
  8. I don't think u get it, what i meant that is the non negative people will get it in weeks, which means not even months. Anyways have a nice day/night
  9. Linking Steam to account not working?

    Contact @Beach_Ball he might help you.
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Why is there no more pictures?? Why did they stop posting?
  11. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    Finally! Someone saying something nice in this forum.
  12. R u Kiddin us??

    Why is this forum still alive? "Weird"
  13. Possible Problem with Identity Emails?

    They might be waiting for the release of the town square, then they gonna email us cuz @Paratussaid their is only 20k keys and they are making more. "Not sure about what i just said btw"