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  1. In real life I would never want to do that but I mean its a video game it wont ruin your entire REAL life just your game life. Addiction is a brutal thing in real life cause you care about the person or the person cares about you but in a video game it can't attach you like the real world can.
  2. I know but they could benefit off of the tax revenue coming in to help the city and things cause each drug has a buff and debuff so people would be in demand of something like meth so why not have a lab out back then sell your own product and still benefit the government. See where im coming from?
  3. I know that but I was just wondering if it was possible to legalize heroin and run like a shop that sells legal drugs.
  4. Can you legalize any drug or just weed?
  5. Ok so were all mad

    It kinda sounds like you are walking on gum and the reflections aren't great plus not much to do which is understandable
  6. Very disappointed, how about you guys?

    Its just that the menu music is way too upbeat that isn't what I was expecting and they said there would be many customization options there isn't not really what I was expecting.
  7. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    Wheres it at?
  8. Bounty Hunting

    I know they want there to be a difference between cops, medics, and civilians. The thing im wondering is if there will be bounty hunters for a civilian job or would it be kinda like an underground thing where you kidnap the person then turn them into the police.
  9. Mansions

    I wonder will there be mansions in the game and if so what would be the price on one?
  10. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    I don't see why people have to complain. I know 30$ might seem like a lot of money to some people. The thing is if this game at the slimmest chance is a scam because it isn't then you only lose 30$ if you donated more but want to complain that's a you problem and no one wants to hear it. For the active ones on the forum we see this stuff a lot if not every time we attempt to browse the forums. Can people like this stop posting stuff and get a forum suspension? Cause i'm sick of these posts its obnoxious.
  11. University? Can you go to college and get a degree?
  12. This Is What People Were Talking About

    I't now new to the "Alpha gaming trend". It just makes me mad because everyone begs for a video then after they didn't want to make it they did.
  13. At the beginning everyone was begging for a sign of development either the Town Square be released or a gameplay video and almost everybody wouldn't shut up about it. Now they released a video and everyone is trashing it. You need to be thankful that they listen you their community and quit complaining because they try as hard as they can on these things. This is what they were scared about taking about it being too early for a gameplay video or Town Square.
  14. I want to be a mechanic or some meth head that lives off the land in the woods in an RV and when people get near scream at them and chase them with a machete
  15. Hunger and/or Thirst System

    Just letting everyone know a buff is something good and a debuff/nerf is something bad