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  1. but they did give an estimated ETA of 2018 for all 3 modules and beta. sooo i mean if they 2 years behind schedule thats a fair estimate of 2020
  2. Dev blog?

    never seen a dev post any valuable information scattered around, and unless a user has information to back it up i wont just go on a limb and beleive anything i see posted on the forums unless its from an official member of the team, that's how news spread around with wrong information. and it was meant to be condescending , doesn't make it a whiny post.. it's meant to see where their objectives are , if its to grab a little more cash, or to keep up with the promises
  3. Dev blog?

    technically if it releases at any point after this post it matters as this could of been a reminder or tipping point to release it in the future, you don't know that. now if there's no dev blog for the remainder of this project, well i guess the post didn't matter. but we wont ever know that as its all random future events we have no control over or any idea what will happen. so the post in itself matters, the timing, well as long as its before the dev blog, it doesn't really matter if i did it today or last Friday, as they probably wouldn't see it until the Monday anyways. not sure what your grasping at straws on this for as it doesn't have anything to do with the actual topic of where is the dev blog.
  4. Dev blog?

    if this is bitching and moaning to you, boy i hope you dont go outside. they said there would be a dev blog a month to keep all the backers in the loop, all im doing is asking in a public format why that has not been upheld this month . you do you but i would like some answers, if thats triggers you feel free to move on than.
  5. Dev blog?

    Who said anything about it being a useless post? im only making a statement that when the post is made makes no difference, only the post itself does. maybe try not to read between the lines like theirs some sort of hidden message, there inst... try just reading the entire comment a couple times maybe it will make more sense to you? not sure.
  6. Dev blog?

    i mean, they actually had about 3 Fridays to release a dev blog, doesn't really matter if i where to make a post today, or 3 days ago it still doesn't make it pop up. and you may be ok with being left in the dark, but some of us aren't.
  7. Dev blog?

    Its an update to grab more cash, im talking a module update... kinda the thing everyone is wanting to know about and is actually waiting for,
  8. Dev blog?

    its been in the works for months.. yes since they promised a new website a long time ago. doesn't change the fact that the new website released days after a dev blog typically comes out, meaning money came before updates
  9. Dev blog?

    is there no dev blog this month letting us know whats going on ? i see they where able to push out a cash shop but arent able to spend a quick 20 minutes typing out something giving the people some info of what might be going on? quick to grab the cash , not so quick to update on what they doing with it
  10. Confusion in the shop

    even the 500 dollar pack is like, 100 bucks off
  11. Release the game

    Probable not until the game's full release which could be around early 2018. could be 2018 for full release... we dont even have a module in 2018 yet. they years behind schedule
  12. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    complaining does help. the devs either make an appearance due to it, a large amount of people request refunds forcing the devs hand, or its bad publicity meaning someone needs to release info. we havent even had a dev blog this month... so they deserve the bad publicity to try and force them to do something.
  13. Release the game

    Wouldnt this also be considered false information than? if they say 2016 but dont mean it.... also they have mentioned before they wanted full beta release in 2018. well shit we 4 months away from 2019 so they better hurry lol i like to back my statements with facts so here ya go, you can read what HairyGrenade says
  14. if Tplays, the dude who annoyed me purely for the fact he always seemed so blind due to the love of this game is complaining, theres a big issue
  15. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    hes got a point. you blindly support it so much and bash any form of topic that is against the game that you just look like a dick when supporting it