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  1. worth it?

    What was your first?
  2. People need to understand

    People like the op are in denial they still think the project is still going ahead.
  3. Lack of communication from developers

    Yea i was thinking about that after what happened to RAW so these guys are also breaking the rules as well.
  4. Im giving it till the end of june or july

    Its the end of July does that mean the op will retire from this forum, cos i don't blame them if they do.
  5. Like a conumer watchdog or cyber crime unit or something.
  6. Posts getting locked

    I know i posted a video about a youtuber psisyn's review on the game (a negative one) and it got deleted.25K views
  7. hi, people I got a tv problem, i got a wall mounted tv but it won't go on the wall it just stays red (as in won't place here) and only goes purple (can place objects) in certain odd places (like corner walls). Have I done something wrong?
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1010460/CivilContract/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/913780/NEW_LIFE/
  9. Cant place curved tv on top of cabinets
  10. Ok so were all mad

    Did u not watch the video? U say features "are" implimentent not will be implimented. In the housing video released well over a year ago we were promied things for Town Square that arnt in the final version of town square.
  11. Ok so were all mad

    Ok so were all mad i seen the video of housing compared to ehat we got. I seen this video below and i just have yo ask why isnt anyone foing anything like taking a complaint to some type of video game watchdog or consumer board. They clearly lied to us isnt that illegal.
  12. Apartment not staying modified

    yea we all own apartment 410.
  13. Remember this video

    What happened between this and now????????
  14. That streamed real world internet radio? I seemed to remember the first time i saw the apartment customisation video a few years ago them saying that.
  15. Yea dont place tables and chairs so close together that Playable characters get stuck trying to sit down. See the tables and chairs in the library and in the cafe part of the hotel to see what i mean.