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  1. Hello From Canada!

    Hey Ranger
  2. Hello from Wales!

    Hello from Queens,New York Kyle
  3. Loving it

    Hey TurkeyMaster
  4. Hello From New Yawk!

    see you in the Town Square soon...I hope lol
  5. Hello From New Yawk!

    that's awesome bro! cant wait to get in game and cause some trouble wit ya!
  6. Hello From New Yawk!

    don't forget the hookers on every corner
  7. Hello From New Yawk!

    Amen Homie!!! Light'em up!
  8. Hello From New Yawk!

    why am i not surprised that people are arguing in the post from the New Yawk guy?? FMl right?! lol
  9. Hello From New Yawk!

    Holy Shit!! whats up bro? i didnt know you had anything to do with this game! im so Fn amped to get in and start stackin some $$$
  10. Hello From New Yawk!

    the one and only is this the same HairyGrenade from FS??
  11. Hello From New Yawk!

    Is everyone as Hype as me about identity?! Im sure you all are.. Just wanted to say Hello and let you all know that i cant wait to get in the Town Square and get to know everyone. I wonder who will be my Future Partner in Crime? Hmmmmm..