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  1. Pricing

    why not make money free instead? 1 million $ for free?
  2. 🎄 Christmas event/update 🎅

    we should celebrate the emu's victory in the war against australia in december 1932 joke a christmas event sounds great!
  3. 22.49€ on steam

    without the hat? but it's 100% worth the other 8 bucks! even ign would buy the founder's pack just because of a hat that costs around one third of the price! sarcasm
  4. 22.49€ on steam

    when you buy it on steam for 22,49€... what do you get exactly? the founder's pack for less money?
  5. TV news system

    stream it on twitch. anyone will be able to watch any twitchstream ingame
  6. Hi, i like this project.

    he is real if he can‘t count to 3
  7. there click one of the blue

    the german tanks are on their way
  8. This is getting silly

  9. This is getting silly

    you won’t get anything for free
  10. Do not forget us

    well, then i will h4ck the game to add translations *takes out his watch dogs smartphone*
  11. Do not forget us

    if the modules support modding i will try creating a translation, at least if the devs allow that
  12. This is getting silly

    the reason most people complain is most probably because they want everything for free.
  13. The Technocratic Party

    those were edeka‘s cheap ones