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  1. bike variation ideas

    love them man, i prefer them a little more beat up looking myself and hope that is an option in the game but very nice.
  2. bike variation ideas

    i do hope there's a lot of customization but im worried this game wont focus on bikes customizations like most games don't. the main thing id ask for would be just to be able to change or remove fenders, change oil tank and to be able to change the exhausts, aswell as to have single seats aswell as the 2 seats most games seem to stick to. aswell as being able to change the colour of pretty much every part. can only hope they add that amount or more but unfortunately not many games have much focus on the bikes at all and we're left to deal with what we got when even being able to take parts off that aren't important could drastically change the look and feel of the bike.
  3. bike variation ideas

    i was more talking about gta's engine type and online, with the more graphical similarities than games like arma ect (atleast i hope the graphics are up to that standard but not something that'd bother me otherwise). i get there's other games and mods a lot more similar but those didn't seem relevant because of the photos i had posted.
  4. State of the game?

    the only thing about this is that im pretty sure its went up by about 10% since about june
  5. bike variation ideas

    and yet another bike from gta (zombie chopper)
  6. bike variation ideas

    here is another bike from gta (wolfsbane) apologies for using gta as a reference so much, gta v is one of the closest games to identity and asking for a thing in a game will probably be much easier for a developer to look at how another game did it compared to real life.
  7. bike variation ideas

    Over the past year or so I've been on this forum, I've seen so many people interested in bikes, biker culture ect that you see with a lot of games but sadly with a lot of games, developers don't seem to focus as much on the bike side (more seen focusing on fast expensive cars) that also have their appeal and maybe even the majority of people prefer those but I'm speaking for those of us who would much rather have a bike over a car in the game. I'm making this to try help show the developers that there are many people who would love more bike options in the game because I am worried that this game will leave those people behind and I'd like to have everyone show the types of bikes they would like to see instead of what people think we want (usually looking like cheap Japanese looking bikes that you see in real life) I genuinely think that the gta v biker dlc added some actual nice looking bikes compared to the ones in it before that can be made to look pretty bad ass and I'd love to see that standard in identity. so post your dream bikes, no matter what style! (gta v zombie bobber)
  8. Car Suggestions

    id love to see some bikes in this kind of bobber style (zombie bobber gta v)
  9. passport pack photos!

    Hello, I have been a member of this site for a while now but I haven't been active as of lack of details coming out. I asked a while ago if there would be a chance of some images of each pack. eg, the bike you get with the "biker" pack ect and the homes you will get. I can't see myself buying more than just the standard edition without being able to see what extra thing I could get. when I asked last I had a moderator say he could try see if it was possible but nothing came of it so im here asking again now after finding out the game is passed the initial development and is now focused on gameplay features meaning these things in the pack may be getting worked on soon if not already. if anyone else wants to see these before or even after purchasing then leave a comment as the more attention this gets the more chance of a good outcome. would personally love this bike to be added (mine in gta) as most bikes in games that are chopper/bobber styles seem to always look like the cheap made bikes you see in real life instead of something that looks like a decent bike.
  10. John Smith - profile character

    I plan on getting the "biker" pack when I have a clearer idea of release and I'd like to see what comes with the packs before deciding on either "biker" or "homeowner" and settle for a dirt biker before saving for a better bike. (this is just an outline for myself, edits will be made to fix any mistakes, add more detail and to write it a bit more correctly as this was quickly written and a little rushed so don't you if you think parts don't sound right) Quick little description of my character so far planned for the game. (will change depending on details added to the game) Name: John Smith (for now) Age: 32 Hair: black Eyes: brown Height: 6ft John Smith was born in Los Angeles in 1984 into a broken home. From an early age John was moved from town to town but spending most of his time growing up in LA on sunset strip surrounded by biker culture, gangs, drugs and it's fair share of strange individuals. Early on in life, only half way through high school John became involved with the gangs he grew up hearing about, selling drugs, robberies and murder that all caught the attention of the outlaws biker gang. The outlaws recruited John early on in life where he learned bike and car maintenance, he learned to tattoo and fight. Not long after joining he met a beautiful young woman who shall remain nameless, John told her everything he had done and she accepted him for who he was. A few years after they met John had made quite a reputation in the gang for carrying out the most unspeakable jobs for the gang, types of jobs that only he was fit to do due to the mental strain of these crimes which only deepened his drug habit. With this he had made a strong impact to rival gangs and with that a hit was made out to John. Downside being that the night the hit was taking place, Johns girlfriend had borrowed the car and was gunned down in place of John. After all this John went back to the Outlaws and wanted to know what was going to be done about this tragic loss. In reply he was told that nothing could be done to prevent an inevitable gang war. John would not accept this answer and told the Outlaws if they won't help then he'd find the person who did it himself. He did everything he could to find this man but with no luck. John spent months tracking down the people who did this. after months of searching, interrogating and even killing, He found him. He learned that the man snitched on his people and is now in witness protection all the way in (land of identity). After spending 2 years here, John found the man who did this to his family, I won't mention what he done but I'm sure you can use your imagination. He thought about going back to where he grew up but he has decided to stay in this town, start over and try leave the life of crime behind. John now spends his time focusing on tattooing, painting, hunting and playing music. Sadly he is not clean from drugs, maybe because of what happened to his family or all the things he's done for the Outlaws but he is looking to turn his life around if possible but the life of crime is just a step away.
  11. misacleneous sounds

    even new games like just cause 3 and things like that still have bad sounds at weird places
  12. Where are YOU gonna live?

    hoping to find a house out in the forest, like the house in the gameplay, away from everything and everyone for when i need that
  13. misacleneous sounds

    this is a topic which is for those small details that create a more immersive game experience, all those little thing that make a game more realistic. for example here are some sounds id like to be included: -the sound tires make when driving slow on concrete -the sound of an engine cooling down when you leave the car -a realistic horn sound instead of a horn that sounds like a bad sample like in games like just cause 3 -realistic footsteps that change depending on what your walking on or what shoes you have on these are small things that can be added to make a game that much better but as long as the sounds dont sound like a really bad sample such as a very monotone horn noise in that as soon as you press the horn it makes one constant noise instead of very quickly building to the noise definitely nitpicky things but its things that make a game that much better but what would the rest of the community like to see? or hear
  14. longevity of identity for rp'ers

    they said that its closer to 95% finished, the website isnt as accurate, (just my opinion) the 55% might be the overall game because its been going for over a year and due out next year so 55% kind of fits for the whole game, but there is a tweet saying town square is more like 95% and i cant wait haha
  15. Rate the above song

    10/10 just because of john cena