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  1. Aquarium

    I've only seen aquariums mentioned briefly in one other post by the user "Dog". I mentioned this idea in Lee's stream and he and a few others thought it would be cool. I'm an aquarium fanatic so having aquarium options as well as your choice of fish and aquascaping would be a huge enjoyment for me and seems like it would add more customization to the apartments. This would be a separate little customizable space that players can make very unique. It would also be cool if the fish could have very simplistic AI so that it isn't just a loop of the same behavior over and over, they may go into a feeding frenzy and/or have random schooling patterns, that sort of thing. Of course you would want to keep them realistic in design though, for instance you wouldn't make a 6" Zebra Danio or make a Kuhli Loach swim slowly in the mid level of the aquarium and be aggressive to other fish or have a saltwater fish in with freshwater fish, etc. etc. I would be happy to help with those details and include images if needed.
  2. Google to Identity

    Well since it's "I"dentity I suggest "Goggle" get it? I = Eye, Eye-Goggle? Eh? It creates it's own puns, like if you're drunk and you want to find a song on your phone to play to that cute girl at the end of the bar with the adam's apple you might use Goggle's music service called "Ear Goggles" (get it? ear goggles = beer goggles) okay, I'm done X)
  3. Advertisement Ideas?

    I thought it would be fun to share ideas / mock-ups / textures / designs for in-world advertisements whether they are billboards, posters, taxi and bus signage, etc. Part of what I find charismatic about GTA 5 is that there are tons of detailed content like this that is often funny. Here is my first idea, it's a parody on the Hooter's franchise, i thought maybe Identity could have this crazy restaurant chain (even if it's never open or non-existant in game) where the wait staff is bottomless X ) . (The billboard structure was from Identity's Uncle Sam billboard posted previously) Feel free to add ideas to this thread.
  4. Bob Ross INC: Promoter of Fine Art (Job Listings)

    I've been thinking of starting my own business as an artist character but signing on as an artist for a company/broker may be a better option for me. I'm a very skilled artist, my type of art is not the type that is finished in a single setting, in fact a normal piece generally takes at least a week to perfect. I'd be interested in producing non-client driven art for sale but am open to commission type ideas. Samples of my artwork can be found at or Warning: Adult Content!
  5. Advertising Agency

    I wonder if i could get some dev / admin response here, I have an idea for my business which involves buying delivery truck and taxi ad space as well as billboards.on buildings and roadways. This is something I would like to estimate into pre-release payment so that I can prepare pre-release content. I've been a professional graphic artist for the last 15+ years of my life and have also produced content for award winning digital environments so i have the skill to produce the textures all i need is admin approval for my initial advertising to sell ad space to in-game virtual clients.
  6. Advertising Agency

    I would like to be the owner / creator of my own advertising company and have control over 3 or more city billboards to display attractive advertising for character shops / services, is this a possibility?
  7. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Do you mean like a regular video game? Neverwinter Nights was (is?) a D&D game if it's still a thing. If you mean the actual tabletop RPG D&D? Hmmmmm, not sure.
  8. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Well, it really isn't hard to find people that still play, your nearest hobby store might know of some groups. I started at an early age, my uncle use to train special forces how to survive in hostile areas which made him cool to me as a kid to begin with but when he came home on breaks he would run a D&D game and that made him even cooler and gave me an early love of games.
  9. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Do you mean time for the players or for the programmers? Everything takes loads of time for the programmers, and it wouldn't be a good game if it didn't I'm sure. If you mean for the players.....well I would hope so, spending time on your character seems like a very important thing to me....maybe I'm the only one but I grew up chucking dice in tabletop RPGs that actually had story and detail so I learned to love unique and interesting character design that fits what you like. To run around as a clone or even a partial clone in an otherwise great game (as this is promising to be) is just....wrong. It would be like having a 5-star chef prepare a fantastic meal for you but at the last moment before serving it allowing a horse to defecate on it. This is all just my opinion of course.
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I'm assuming (in a hopeful way) that these models are just examples of what's possible through a robust in-game character creator.
  11. When?

    Seems logical.
  12. When?

    I don't think I need to elaborate, when is the first module ready? It's been forever.
  13. Some questions

  14. Some questions

    You'd be surprised, I know a lot of girls that draw adult artwork actually. LOL
  15. Some questions

    But, but, but.......I neeeed it.