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Found 6 results

  1. APA - Promotional Post #1

    Welcome to APA's first Promotional Post, one of many to come. These will be posted on a monthly basis - constantly being updated on any new customers or employees we get. Here we advertise and promote all the businesses we are currently working for Supplier of skate and urban clothing, Supreme is at the center of urban skate culture. Originating from New York, founded in 1994, Supreme soon found itself at the center of New York's downtown culture. Made up of New York skaters and artists, Supreme is well known for its authenticity and style. VISIT SUPREME'S WEBSITE -> Skull & Bones Recordings give independent artists the opportunity to achieve what they want to achieve. Skull & Bones Recordings give artists a stage in which they can perform to people all over Identity through their radio station, so they can achieve their goals and propel themselves into fame and success. Skull & Bones Recordings also support their artists through dealing with their PR and Marketing concerns, and they also offer to deal with their concert schedules and recording processes VISIT SKULL & BONES RECORDINGS IDENTITY PAGE -> We are also proud to be working for the biggest company in Identity - Velocity Logistics! Velocity Logistic's aim to create a stable logistics core in Identity. Whether it be for domestic reasons, or for commercial reasons, Velocity Logistics are here to help. They offer a range of services such as heavy haulage, commercial delivery, removal services, logistics solutions and advice, domestic delivery and many more. Velocity Logistics is by far the best place to go for logistical needs. VISIT VELOCITY LOGISTICS IDENTITY PAGE -> LET US ADVERTISE FOR YOU, SO YOU CAN CONCENTRATE ON THE MORE IMPORTANT STUFF APA IS ALSO HIRING! JOBS ON OFFER INCLUDE; PROMOTER CUSTOMER SERVICE DELEGATOR DESIGNER APPLY NOW AND JOIN THE TEAM OF PASSIONATE PROMOTERS ->APPLY
  2. Do you want to be earning money through promotion and design? APA is the perfect place for anyone who is interested in marketing and design. Join a team of passionate promoters from all over the world where there is a strong team spirit and a lot of fun to be had. APA is your only chance to join something truly big and inspiring. Here at APA, we are passionate about success and marketing, at APA there is never a minute of boredom! OUR ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OWNER I ASSISTANT OWNER/S I PROMOTER / CUSTOMER SERVICE / DELEGATOR / DESIGNER At APA, we don't believe in a complex hierachy. At Anderson's, you opinion will always be heard and encouraged, and you will never be ignored. We at APA also believe that you've got to have a fine work/play balance, so work at APA will be committed but also very fun. JOB DESCRIPTIONS PROMOTER -> Advertises customer's businesses by advertising them on Identity forums and listing them on the weekly company advertisement post CUSTOMER SERVICE -> Replies to messages and reads quote applications - looks into the applied customer's business and creates a price from their using our specific specification for quoting a price DELEGATOR -> Helps the owner create deals with other companies, and so must be good at negotiating DESIGNER -> Designs customer's logos and banners for their businesses if they ask for it THE TEAM SO FAR APA is a new company, so our company is growing. But it is growing fast, so join up a be part of something new and exciting! OWNER = Blue_Foot ASSISTANT OWNER = Uthred SIGN UP NOW! VISIT OUR WEBSITE
  3. APA - Anderson Promotion Agencies

    Get your business off the ground today with APA We at APA help advertise your brand so you can concentrate on the more important stuff APA GETS YOUR BUSINESS FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP IN A MATTER OF WEEKS Of all the businesses in Identity, make yours stand out with the help of APA, as APA is the best route for a new business to take if they want to get their brand known to the players Identity and become a successful company We get in touch with media companies in cinema and radio to get your company advertised to player all over Identity, and we can even help you with your PR (public relations) if its fully or just partially. All you have to do is ask! GO WITH APA SO YOU ARE ABLE TO CONCENTRATE ON THE MORE IMPORTANT STUFF Our main aim at APA is to make our customer's life easier, we can take care of your brand while you concentrate on the more important stuff like designing your companies structure and employing workers to man your business Save lots of time by not having to worry about promotion and advertising, that way you can put more work into the other parts of your business. Put the advertising into our hands, a team of passionate and experienced promoters PUT YOUR BRAND IN THE TRUST OF EXPERT AND PASSIONATE DESIGNERS FOR NO EXTRA PRICE We at APA also have a team of innovative and passionate designers with a creative flare who design all of your logos and banners for you, and all you have to do is ask! For us no question is too big too ask, and no price is too small. For more information please visit our website, where you will be able to apply for our service, and get lost in our career opportunities page - where you will be able to apply for an exciting job at APA ------> W E B S I T E <-------
  4. Advertisement Ideas?

    I thought it would be fun to share ideas / mock-ups / textures / designs for in-world advertisements whether they are billboards, posters, taxi and bus signage, etc. Part of what I find charismatic about GTA 5 is that there are tons of detailed content like this that is often funny. Here is my first idea, it's a parody on the Hooter's franchise, i thought maybe Identity could have this crazy restaurant chain (even if it's never open or non-existant in game) where the wait staff is bottomless X ) . (The billboard structure was from Identity's Uncle Sam billboard posted previously) Feel free to add ideas to this thread.
  5. Hello! In this thread we will be recruiting some new employees into the Starlight Co. staff. To join you'll have to leave a reply, using a form below with the information, and then we will be getting back to you ASAP. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ We do have some slight requirements when it comes to joining Starlight, which I believe most of you will have no issues getting through. - You need basic knowledge regarding the advertising and marketing. - You need basic knowledge regarding how to operate in a company, and how to grow as a company. - Have a microphone, which will make it easier to communicate. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our available positions at this time are: President: Alphoni (max: 1) Vice President: - (max: 1) Chief Executive Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Operations Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Marketing Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Communications Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Designing Officer: - (max: 1) Recruiter: - (max: ∞) Designer: - (max: ∞) Secretery: - (max: 3) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now to the fun part! Here's the form you'll have to fill out in a reply in this thread. Good luck, and we'll get back to you ASAP!
  6. Atlas Corporation

    Atlas Corporation Founded in 1988 by Antonio Falcone, Atlas have one, single purpose: Help others. We are here to help other businesses prosper and make money, we help people feel safe at night, and we help make the world a better place. We do NOT stand idle beside while injustice is going on, we FIGHT it. Our goal is to bring businesses together, for veterans to help newcomers, while the newcomers bring new ideas. Atlas is not only corporation, but a social hub, an idea. With all businesses gathered in one place we can change what we want. As the largest corporation in Identity we have the power to make a difference, but stand powerless without the help from the people. So my question to You is: Will you stand on the side, or will you fight? Atlas areas of expertise Members For a small fee can any business can become an Atlas member. Atlas members get the business best protection, recruitment, accounting and advertisement free of charge. We also provide You with legal help in the unwanted situation. For an extra fee we also provide insurance as well as loans from Atlas Savings Bank, controlled and operated by Duantless Holdings, a dedicated member. We have well-trained, top of the line, men and women ready to help you. Sleep at night, knowing you and your lifes work are in safe hands. Contracts While our main focus are to improve and help our members, we can also be contracted both from businesses, private persons as well as the government. What we offer: Security: We can protect you/your business, as well as work with SWAT forces to take drug safehouses. Recruitment: Our talented recruiters can help your business get employees in a no-time. Advertisment: Your business will prosper in no-time. Investiagtions: As PIs or detectives, our intelligence agency will find anything you want. Atlas Security Atlas Security, or A-sec for short, is Atlas Corporations largest branch. These brave men and women are ready to protect you and your business at all cost. Branches in Atlas Security: Security: Security guards, they are well trained, and armed with non-lethal weapons and pistols. Atlas Tactical Task Force: Wearing SWAT like gear, and armed with heavy weapons these will be used in dangerous and high-threat situations. Using their skills and gear they are one of the most dangerous armed forces in Identity, stay out of their way. (Logo not yet finished) Atlas Intelligence Agency: Headed by an experienced director, these men will know about attacks and robberys before they happen. They can also track dangerous criminals. Atlas Commercial Branch Atlas commercial branch consist of accountants, recruiters, expert in PR and advertisments and other people here to help You. While not armed and geared up in expensive military class equipment, these men and women can help you just as much, and sometimes even more. Words from the Chairman I took over this great company from my father, and nothing makes me happier then to see it help other grow. When I heard about Roseport I understood that Atlas needs to be there, to make the businesses here prosper, and grow. To help the community, and to really make a difference. We can´t do this alone, and though Atlas have many employees it´s never enough. If you want a good paying job with lots of benefits while helping others, you should consider looking at our Job Listings page (link in comments) and sign up to Atlas now. If you´re a business owner, message your closest Atlas official to learn more about being an Atlas member. Thank you for your time, looking forward to see more of You. -Vincent Falcone CEO, Atlas Corporation